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Cheering for Puneri Paltan: Maratha Kabaddi Team #BhaariPaltan


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Just like the Indian Kabaddi Team is a great pride for India, Puneri Paltan holds head high for Maharashtra. It’s a kabaddi team in the Pro Kabaddi League from 2014, which tends to represent, Maharashtrian city, Pune. 

To be honest, I have never gained any interest in sports. But, as a child, I have always loved playing kabaddi with my friends in school. As I grew up, my interest was kind of faded away. But, whenever I watch the Pro Kabaddi League, it makes me cheer up for my favourite team, Puneri Paltan

If you ask me, what’s the best thing about Puneri Paltan, I would say that they have fought the toughest battle with great team support and gave their opponents a tough time during the game. The Pro Kabaddi League has immensely gained popularity over the past few years. Kabaddi was one of the most underrated games in India, but due to the PKL, it has helped boost the viewership of the game. 

The success of the Puneri Paltan is the equal efforts of the coaches, mentors, trainers and of course the team players as well. Over the past few years, they have played around 112 matches and successfully won 45 matches, which is considered to be a tremendous score in the Pro Kabaddi League. The strategic attacks in the game make them stand out from the other teams. The top performers of the Paltan’s are considered to be Pawan Kuman Kadian and Girish Maruti Ernak with the 23 Raid Points and 18 Tackle Points respectively. 

The most talented captain of the team is Nitin Tomar and he is one of the great players among his team members and also known as ‘UP ka Bahubali’. Not only his achievements in the Pro Kabaddi League is outstanding, but also he represented Indian Kabaddi Team at the Kabaddi World Cup in October 2016 and managed to win the match with other team players. 

My favourite players from the team have to be Amit Kumar, Darshan Kadian, Deepak Yadav, and Sagar B Krishna. Their gameplay is completely a treat for the eyes. 

Tell us your favourite team players from the Pro Kabaddi League in the comment section below!

As the exciting tournament is all set to kick-off, let’s have a look at the upcoming schedules for the Puneri Paltan team. So, that you can mark your calendar or set up your reminder to cheer up pride of the Maratha. 

Calendar of matches

DateTeam Vs Team
14th September, SaturdayPuneri Paltan VS Gujarat FortuneGiant
15th September, SundayPuneri Paltan VS Patna Pirates
18th September, WednesdayPuneri Paltan VS Tamil Thalaivas
20th September, FridayPuneri Paltan VS Bengaluru Bulls


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