A Peregrination means a long journey or pilgrimage, especially which is made on foot. This term is mainly used for a journey which is for an extended period of time or is of great distance. A Pilgrim is a wanderer with a purpose. Pilgrim can be to a place but it can also be for a thing. Some also go on a pilgrimage for peace.

People of almost all religion and caste go for Pilgrimage to their own God. People go on Pilgrimage in search of moral or spiritual significance. Indian Pilgrimage is as old as Indian Civilization. There is the number of Pilgrimage places in India. Hindus call the sacred places as tirthas and the action of going on a Pilgrimage to Tirth-yatra.

The number of places for Pilgrimage in India is:

Ajmer Sharif
Chardham (Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri)
Jain Pilgrimage
Varanasi and many more

In India, there are a lot of people who still peregrinate from one place to another, some because of compulsion and some because of old faith and beliefs. It is believed in ancient time, people used to peregrinate for several days to reach their destination, since there were no vehicles or any way of messaging to your relatives. But, today the scenario is completely different you will hardly find anyone going walking for long distances.

Yes, it is true even today the practice of Peregination is followed by people but in situations like in riots, in any kind of hartal or for fulfilling wishes. Even today where science has developed so many many people still go walking to many religious places.

Schools, colleges and even Parents should motivate youngsters to have a habit of walking. They should be taught to prefer walking instead of the vehicle for a short distance. Seminars and get together should be kept to explain them about the importance of walking in life and its benefit. When asked to go on Pilgrimage to the youngsters living few majorities will say no because they have no idea of what Pilgrimage is and for what reason people go for Pilgrimage?. So, it is the responsibility of we as a Parents to make our kids know about Pilgrimage.

Children’s today if are asked to travel by foot even to the shortest distance, will not be ready to go. Today in such a busy life people are just not interested in wasting time to walk and reach their destination, they prefer to reach with the easiest and the quickest route. With the inventions of modern amenities and fastest route of transport, people have left the choice of peregrinated ignoring all its benefits.

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