Three O’s of Effective Parenting

The ability to interact and engage with your child is part of an effective parenting lesson. Parenting is always about learning, it is never about being perfect. We have discussed a lot about how to become an effective parent. We started with A and now I am going to reveal three O’s of effective parenting. These tips are really helpful to raise your child.

You might have read my previous blogs, and I hope those were fruitful for you. So, today let us discuss the three O’s of effective parenting.


There are many reasons to encourage optimism in your child, whether it is about physical or mental well-being. Notice your child how he thinks? Make them learn about challenges. Optimism can create better relationships. Pay more attention to the positive things and make your child learn about them. Encourage your child to try something new every day. Be the child’s best role model. Make them learn about the challenges of life and how to face them.

Open-Minded and Open Hearted

Open Hearted and Open-Minded parents make a good relation with your child. Parents are typically more involved in supporting their children. Show them how much you love them and ask them about their problems. Be supportive and make them understand that you are with them. Let your child learn about sharing and caring. These good etiquettes will create a strong bond.   


Every parent wants their child to learn about organizing their things and life as well. Raising an organized child can be tough. You can help them in many ways like you can help them how to utilize the free time, help them in making their study schedule, a designated time for playing and give them a task to organize their room. You can teach them many things, remember don’t yell at them. Things will take time but they will learn soon.

So here is how these three O’s will help you to be a good parent. Are you trying these tips? Well! I hope these are helping you in raising your child. Make sure to follow these tips for effective parenting. If you have any doubts then you are free to ask us in the comment section!

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Parenting Tips

I hope the effective parenting tips are helping you grow in your parenting journey. Have you ever spent time thinking about how you are doing as a parent? Don’t worry these tips will surely help you out. I have started with the alphabet A and now we have come a long way with the Alphabet. #BlogChatterAtoZ Challenge helped me to share my personal tips with you.

So, today we will be discussing 3N’s of Effective Parenting. Are you ready? If you have missed any of my blog on parenting tips then don’t forget to give it a read!

3N’s of Effective Parenting


Be aware of the stages when your child starts developing insecurities, some are born with low self-esteem as compared to others. You have to help them with physical and emotional needs. Encourage them to express their feelings, enhance knowledge and make them learn about mutual respect and truth. Love them unconditionally, remember don’t compare them with others, and accept them for who they are. Do not expect your child to be perfect. Make them learn about happiness, in this way you can help your child.


Noticing them doesn’t mean keeping track of them every time. You just have to be sure that you are acknowledging them for their good deeds and teaching them the difference between right and wrong. When you notice your child doing something helpful and nice, appreciate them for that. It is a great way to reinforce good behaviour. The positive attention will make them feel confident and will try to share things with you.


You are definitely not alone when you talk about giving nutrition to your child. Just because your child refuses the food, don’t give up. Make them understand the nutritional value of the food and how does the nutritious food will help them grow better. Innovation attracts kids, innovate your food, try experimenting it. Never turn their mealtime into a battle of wills. Respect their appetite and make them stick to the routine. Be patient with new food that you’ll be making them eat.

So, that’s all! We have finally ended the 3N’s of effective parenting. I hope this helped you in raising your child. If you love my tips then stay tuned with me for more such blogs. If you have any doubts then don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section.

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3M’s of Effective Parenting

I am here again with some interesting tips to learn together about good parenting. Have you checked my previous blogs where I have covered a lot about being good parents? So, today I will be revealing the next Alphabet of the #BlogChatterAtoZ Challenge. Are you ready to learn the three 3M’s of effective parenting?

Good parenting helps foster honesty, self-control, cooperation, cheerfulness, etc. So if you are trying to be a good parent then this blog is for you! Let’s start learning:

  1.   Meditate with them

Your kids might get tired and children of all ages need moments where they can take out some time to relax. You can definitely give them this opportunity. Meditation is the best chance that helps them to work more effectively. Meditate with them and make them understand how it works. Try a light discussion of various things that will make them happy. Teach them how meditation can help them in their learning. This will help you to create a strong bond.

  1.   Motivate them

Let your children know that you understand them. Tell them how great they are doing in their studies. The sense of connection that a parent can make with their child is priceless. Praise your kids when they make some efforts. Inspire them, encourage them with the expression and their opinions, talk about what they feel, and appreciate them in their decision making. Dismiss their self-doubts and fear that they have. Accept them the way they are, this will help you and your kid to make a stronger bond.

  1.   Mentor

Spend quality time with them and get to know what they think and how you can help them. This will benefit you in better interaction with your child. Be firm, but friendly your child needs support at this age. Discuss their problems, help them in solving their problems. Your child will feel more comfortable and confident. The relationship will be based on mutual trust.


So here we have discussed the 3M’s that will help you in effective parenting. Apply these learning parts in your daily routine with your child. Do let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or experience to share.

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3K’s of an Effective Parenting

What traits do a good parent have? Are there any certain criteria? Well, there are no standards but a parent needs to adopt effective learning to be an effective parent. So here I am back again with my parenting guide. We have discussed a lot about effective parenting. Today we’ll be discussing the BlogChatterAtoZ Challenge.

Let’s discuss Alphabet K. The 3K’s to be good parents. There is no definition of a good parent but there is learning. So, let’s start.


The first word is kindhearted. Kind-Heartedness and empathy can be a good start that can be cultivated. You can perform the act of kindness with your children. Shower your love and attention to them, tell them how important they are to you. It is very important for a kid to feel that they are being loved and their parents trust them. You can take them with you to the park or anyplace when a child meets other children they share love and kindness. This teaches them about being kind-hearted.

Kiss and Hug Them

Make them feel special, the physical touch between a child and parent strengthens the connection that you share with them. This will also encourage them to overcome their fear and they will feel more confident. Show them your affection and teach them about physical growth. Thus, it is important that you hug and touch your kid often. It gives them stimulation to the brain. Hugging makes them happier.

Bestow Knowledge

As a parent, you are the first and most influential teacher of your child. Your child trusts you whether it comes to knowledge or any other thing. You can play interactive games with your kids, involve them in your healthy discussion, this will help them to boost their minds. Make them understand why knowledge is important and it will help.

So, these were the 3K’s that one should follow to be a good parent. Stay tuned with me for more tips on effective parenting. I will be sharing more tips with BlogChatterAtoZ Challenge, so don’t miss any of them. For any doubts and queries, you can drop a comment below.

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3J’s of an Effective Parenting

Raising kids was never easy and here I will be sharing my experience with my kids. This will help you to know how effective parenting actually helps you and your kid to create a firmer bond. We have covered a lot in the #BlogChatterAtoZ Challenge. Well if you are new here then do check my latest tips on effective parenting.

No one goes into parenting knowing how to handle your kids exactly. But you are searching how to be a good parent so let us discuss the 3J’s of an effective parenting.

Justify Your Actions

Kids start developing their senses at an early age. As a parent, your words and behaviour can affect your kid’s self-esteem more. Teach your kids what is wrong and right very calmly. Help them in understanding the difference between the actions. Calmly and firmly it is your duty as a parent to explain the consequences. Your children will learn ethical values and behaviour by watching your actions. You need to justify everything you do to.


For every parent, the achievement of their kid’s matters, and trust me your kids wait for your expression. Make sure to express your happiness towards your child’s achievement. It doesn’t matter whether they have excelled in studies or sports. Just appreciate them for their efforts. They actually want to see you happy. So your appreciation will help them to be confident and they will try to excel in every field. Show them how satisfied you are with their achievements and it is important to celebrate even the smallest victories.


Sometimes it is difficult to make your kid understand whether you are justified with your actions or words. It becomes challenging to make them understand what is fair, what is right, and what is wrong. The relationship of parent and child lays the foundation for a child’s personality, life choices, and overall behaviour. So you have to take care of every step. Making them understand about your action can be tough but you should teach them how your decision can help them in future.

These are 3J’s that will help you to be an effective parent. Stay tuned with me for more tips and tricks on effective parenting with #BlogChatterAtoZ. For any doubts, you can drop a comment below.

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3H of an Effective Parenting

We are again back with our super challenge with #BlogChatterA2Z. Have you read my previous tips on effective parenting? We have discussed a lot about how to be an effective parent. No wonder now you can easily guess what we are going to start with today! The alphabet that will be covered in today’s Blog is ‘H’. Do you know what are the three H’s of effective parenting?

Let’s discuss how these 3H’s can make you a good parent who helps you and your kids create a stronger bond.


The first H that I would be taking is being helpful. Being a supportive and helpful parent means having a good bond with your child. But sometimes you have to be present, involved, and helpful in their activities. Start helping them with their school problem whether it is math problems or any other problem of life. You have to be supportive towards them, help them wherever they are stuck. This will help you to create a stronger bond with your child.


Parents usually expect good things from their children. You should respect their capabilities and always their instincts. You need to make them understand the hopes you are having with them, how much you trust them. You can recall your times where you have succeeded, which will help them to motivate and start believing in their abilities. As a parent, you might have various other things that might help you to grow stronger.

Be Happy

Giving your kids a happy and healthy childhood is your responsibility. Also, teach to be happy and it should not be associated with any materialistic things. Explain the importance of being happy in life as an achievement in itself. Moreover, try to be happy with your child’s smallest achievements or biggest victories.

These 3H’s will help you to be an effective parent. Stay tuned with us for more such parenting tips that will help you in effective parenting.

Don’t forget to share your views by commenting below. It will make me happy if I am able to help you in your parenting journey!

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3G’s of an Effective Parenting

We are back again with our effective parenting tips by #BlogChatterA2Z.

In the previous blog, I have shared a lot of tips to become an effective parent. I hope you have started applying these tips and please share if it showing any positive response from your child in the comments. It’s time to start the blog with another alphabet i.e., G.

Let’s discuss how these 3G’s will help you and your kids to make a stronger bond.


The first G that parents should follow is giving guidance to their kids. Implementing the positive and discipline tips from early childhood for the better behaviour in kids to guide. A good parent is someone who strives to make a good decision for their children. You should know how to guide them, providing good guidance, encouraging them with appropriate discipline. Allow them to make mistakes and then guide them. Ask your child where he needs help. Make daily routines, including healthy eating and sleeping habits. Encourage them to be a part of different activities. Help them wherever needed. The guidance you will give now to your children will be better for their future.


Kids learn a lot by seeing their parents. Show them what does it means to be grateful. Teach them about the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation and kindness towards others. Gratitude is when you express your positive aspect towards others. Show them how important it is. Make them learn about the gratitude towards their parent. You can volunteer them for a great task, appreciate them for their good efforts, etc. This will make them understand human behaviour. Gratitude in your child will be the first step towards discipline.


Generosity starts with thinking and how others feel. Children are naturally egotistical, but parents can cultivate empathy by helping their children. You can mold generosity in many ways like by being generous to those in need, make them learn about hospitality or the art of practice giving. These things will definitely help you to raise your child better. Let them see how generous are you and trust me they will follow the same.

These 3G’s will make help you in effective parenting. Stay tuned with me for the next Alphabet with me in this A to Z challenge with #BlogChatterA2Z.

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3F’s of Effective Parenting

We are here again with the A to Z challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z. You might have gone through the previous article that we have covered on effective parenting. So, now it is the time to reveal about the alphabet F that will help you to be an effective parent. I know you all are super excited to know about the 3F’s, so you don’t have to wait much to learn about the 3F’s of effective parenting.


Let’s discuss the important parenting F’s that makes you a good parent.


It is about being firm with your decision for your child. We all want the best for our kids. Isn’t it? What about accurate parenting? Firm parenting creates an essence of balance. Parenting helps your child to learn about containment and limits. Parents have to make a reasonable and predictable way to understand how far the limits can be stretched and when the limits are strictly enforced.


Another essential key for effective parenting is to be “Fair”. Teach your children about the concept of “Fairness”. Helping them understand being fair is an important part of growing up and practising empathy. How to treat people equally? Make them learn about being fair and unfair. This will help your kid to understand the concept of fairness, equality, and intense emotions. Make them learn about being fair with everyone, teach them about being honest, and not to discriminate.


Being friends with your kids will not only help them to trust you but you will be the first person they will reach out to whenever they are feeling happy or sad. Also, teach your kids to be good friends with people around them. Being too strict and bossy around your children will not help them to open up.

Never try too hard to be their friends give them their own space. Let them take their own decision. Obviously, you need to be there by their side. But let them breathe and let them grow their wings so that they can fly high.

These three F’s of effective parenting will help you be a good parent. Stay tuned for the next Alphabet with me in the A to Z challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z.

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3E’s of Effective Parenting

We are again back with our super A to Z challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z series. We have already completed the four alphabets in our series. This blog is all about 3E’s which makes you an effective parent that every parent should learn. So let us discuss.


The first E tells you about embracing your kid. Embrace your child for who they are. You have to tell them how unique they are. Your bossy attitude may hurt them sometimes. Allow your child to make their decisions and embrace their individuality. Tell them they have their own individuality. This helps them to be confident and motivated. And, it will help you to create an extraordinary bond with your kid.

Because if you believe in them, then they will put their faith in themselves. Pinpointing to their insecurities will make them underconfident.


Empower your kid means giving your children choices, listen to them, respect their decisions and encourage your child to follow their interests. If you are teaching something to your child then guide them in a manner that encourages their abilities and potential for positive growth. Sometimes they want us to empower them with our words. It will make your bond stronger with your child. Empower your kids with positive thoughts and vibes.

Give them the comfort of our words and positive actions towards them will motivate them to be their best versions of themselves.


Kids are responsible to find what motivates them. In order to encourage them, celebrate their accomplishments, praise them for their efforts but be careful.  If you will encourage them then, they will express their opinion with you, talk about their feelings and choices. Acknowledge them in different ways sometimes by your actions or words. Remember to support your child for the good actions but teach them for their wrong behaviors.

Never forget these 3E’s in your parenting journey. Embracing, empowering, and encouraging your child will give them hope that they can move mountains and do the best because you trust them.

Make sure to leave your comments if you like this blog and I will be coming up with the next alphabet which will guide you to be an effective parent.

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3D’s of Effective Parenting

I am here to share the 3D’s of effective parenting. I hope you have gone through my previous blogs. There are many parents who are confused about being a good parent but you don’t have to worry about it. I have mastered the technique of effective parenting with my kids.  In this  A to Z challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z, I will be starting with the letter D. I hope this A to Z parenting challenge helps you to understand what are the do’s and dont’s of being an effective parent.

We are here with a short guide of the A to Z challenge on effective parenting. So here are 3D’s of effective parenting which you must teach your kids so that they can become great human being.


Do you know learning self-discipline has more power to face challenges as compared to those who are not being taught about being self-disciplined? Teaching your kids the difference between what is good and what is bad, makes them understand how it affects life. Discipline helps your kid to be confident and always keeps them motivated.


Determination is important in everyone’s life and what matters is to make your child understand learn about it, determination towards the goal. How can they work on it? You just have to appreciate their effort, remind them what they want to achieve. Allow them to make their choices and decisions but don’t forget to correct them when they are wrong. You can even add self-determination activities to their curriculum.


A child’s learning plays an important part and a devoted parent can bring a lot out of them. Don’t you think? Educate your child that where they should dedicate their efforts. How they are utilizing their efforts and where they should not? Trust me this is the right age and time to make them learn what is good for them and what is bad? There is a thin line of difference that has changed the future and to be an effective parent you should make them learn about it.

So here are the 3D’s which you must teach your kids to be an effective parent. Stay tuned for the next Alphabet with me in the A to Z challenge with #BlogChatterA2Z.