3Q’s of Effective Parenting

I am again back with some amazing tips and tricks on how to become an effective parent. It is time to reveal the 3Q’s of effective parenting that will help you to be a great parent. You might have read some of my previous blogs on parenting. If not then do give them a read. You and your child share a special bond and trust me you have to make this bond stronger. Isn’t it? These tips will definitely help you.

So let us discuss the 3Q’s that will help you in parenting. 

  • Quick-Witted

Being quick-witted helps to analyze your child’s behaviour and how they are going to behave in a particular situation. Spending more time with help you to make quick-witted and knowing their action. You have to be prepared for shaping up their nature or interest. Believe in them and praise their efforts for developing the mindset. This will help them in developing their mind. Remember don’t overprotect them and set them free.

  • Quiet

Heated Arguments are not only worse for you but also for your kids too. Teach your child not to be stubborn, and how to be calm after the argument. Make them learn how to stay calm in tough situations. Yelling on your kids will not work, remember they are watching you and they learn from you. So, be their role model and handle them patiently.

  • Quirky

Help your child to understand the emotional changes. Being too strict and serious in front of your kids can change your bond with them. Show them that they can share anything with you, help them, play with them, teach them, and be a part of their discussion. Underestimating them will demotivate them. Be friends with them. Kids are always in search of friends and trust me you can be their best friend.

So here is all about the Alphabet Q. The above-mentioned effective parenting tips have helped many people. So now it is your turn to create a stronger bond with your child.

Make sure that you connect with your child emotionally and mentally. If you haven’t read my previous blogs with #BlogChatterAtoZ then gives them a read. Still, have doubts? Don’t worry just drop a comment below!

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