Glass Painting With Kids

If you have lost the count of the lockdown days, then we both are in the same boat. Because being at home and being productive simultaneously is an achievement in itself, isn’t it? That’s why my series about fun activities to do with kids during the quarantine period will surely help you to make the best out of quarantine time. Don’t just read the blog, I encourage all my readers to try out these activities with your kids and let’s turn their day into a creative one.

glass painting with kidsSo, in this series of fun activities to do with your kids during the Quarantine period, I am going to add a new alphabet that starts from G and i.e., Glass Painting with Kids. Trust me, when I say that glass and paints combine then they make a great piece of artwork. Now, you can help your kids to create something that they will really feel artistic about themselves.  

Why Glass Painting With Kids?

Glass Painting isn’t really different from the other painting process but the idea to paint on the surface on the glass makes it a plus factor. And, it is always a good idea to try something different, something which your children haven’t tried out before. 

Material Required for the Glass Painting With Kids

For Glass Painting with Kids, you need a glass jar (or glass crockery) with a clean surface, permanent markers (or duct tape) to mark the outline, glass paint, and brushes. 

How to make “Glass Painting With Kids” 

It might seem a very easy process to paint on a glass surface but it is also advisable to let your kids perform glass painting under adult supervision. Firstly, squeaky clean the glass surface and make sure it is free from oil and dust. Then let it dry as there should be no traces of any water droplets. Now use the marker to draw a random pattern of the glass jars. You can also use duct tape as it will make the process a little easier for your kids and give a more defined look. 

After making the boundaries, fill the pattern with different glass paints and let it dry for 3-4 hours. You can also use it as a lantern by filling the bottom of the jar with sand and then placing a tea candle inside it. 

Key Learnings 

From the Glass Painting Activity with Kids, here’re the few learnings that I have decoded:

  • It’s a great and fun way to explore some different gift ideas with kids. 
  • It enhances their creative skills and encourages their artistic side to show up. 

My Overall Experience

Angel never tried glass painting before and she was fascinated when the tea candle was reflecting different colors from the glass jar. Now, she has her own handmade glass painted jar and a lantern. 

So, try out this activity with your kids too and don’t forget to share the experience in the comment section below. If possible, you can also share the pictures of your glass painting that you have made with your kids and tag me, @sneha_261013 on Instagram. 

blogchatterAnd stay tuned for the next activity from the alphabet, ‘H’! Can you guess it?

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10 Most popular and fun hobbies for every women

Everyone of us must have experienced this situation at least once in our life when we are extremely bored and clearly don’t know what to do. Majority of us waste that precious free time watching television, refreshing our social media accounts or choose the best and easiest option of giving up everything and sleeping.
Most of us don’t know that what we do in our free time can actually have a very big impact on our life and help us in improving our performance in the professional world as well. We have made this process easy for you by listing down some cool and fun stuff that you can do when you have a lot of spare time. Below are some amazing hobby ideas for women. So the next time when you are lying down and thinking of something to do, consider these life changing habits that will cost you absolutely nothing but will add tons of value to your life.

Become a designer

Yes, that’s true. You can become a designer in your free time and the best part is you don’t need a fashion designing course for that. There are a lot of DIY Clothing hacks videos on the youtube that you can try or make your own clothing hacks. This is one of the best hobby ideas for women which will give you a whole new wardrobe without spending a lot on new clothes by reusing your old and boring clothes in a new way.

Pen down your thoughts

Everyone has a creative side. You might not know what hidden gem you have inside you.If you are a person with a lot of spare time and can do wonders with your words then this hobby is for you. You can start your own blog where you can pen down your random thoughts or you can write a novel or maybe some short stories or even poetry. Writing helps in relieving stress and also enhances creativity, imagination and focus. Today blogging is best way to start your journey for Mompreneurship.

Learn a new language

Learning is a life long process and knowledge is never ending. So it is better to learn something new instead of sitting idle and wasting your valuable free time. You can always learn a new foreign language. Having knowledge of other foreign languages helps you in your personal as well as professional life and another plus point here is that learning a new language is so engaging that it helps you to recover from stress and also maintains your mental health.

Show your photography skills

Yes, we know you are a great photographer but you’re just hiding your talent. Do not limit yourself to your selfies. Go outside explore the world and start capturing each and every beautiful moment. Photography has a number of options; wildlife, nature, food and what not. This hobby of yours will give you a lot of beautiful and sweet memories. So, grab your DSLR or your phone and get on thejourney for capturing the perfect moment. Photography is the best hobby ideas for women as it is mostly not time bounded .

Try food styling

You love cooking. Right?Lets do something more than just cooking and serving. You have a hidden chef inside you. So next time when you get extremely bored try something with food styling. Decorate your food with colors, designs and patterns. Yes you heard that right you can show your creative side to decorate cakes, cookies, salads etc. and the best part is that these colors, designs and patterns are delicious as well. Food styling is inborn hobby ideas for women in some  cases, like my mom she never serves food without decorating it. She believes that food is eaten by eyes first and then nose and then mouth. And people who dont use 5 senses while eating are not eating consciously.

Play with colors

Bring out the child in you and play with colors. Painting as a hobby can give you a lot of self satisfaction and help in bringing out your feelings on a paper soaked in different colors. In your free time you can paint your heart out or maybe join a painting class to excel in this field. You can also create amazing art pieces to decorate your house or make some extra cash by selling them! Painting is also destressing in some cases where women can express their feelings thru their far the most destressing hobby ideas for women.

Bring out the musician in you

We all love music, Music brings out your expression and helps in connecting with yourself. If we talk about the best hobby ideas for women then learning a musical instrument can make a good use of your free time. And who knows? You might be the next Hendrix!

Make your own garden

Once in your life you must have dreamt of having your garden with lots of flowers, fruits and trees. But due to shortage of space it seems impossible. Gardening is the hobby which helps us to connect with nature and the good news for you is that you can have a small garden in you flat or apartment. All of us have heard about terrace gardening. Whenever you have ample of free time give it your small terrace garden and in return it will give you flowers and fruits which will add to the beauty of your home. My mom does this as she feels satisfied when she gets fruits and vegetables from her own plants. And she flaunts her plants and grown fruits on her watssapp group.

Volunteering and helping others

This hobby idea for women is well suited for people who always want to give something to others. You can volunteer in different organisations which work towards providing helping hands to the needy. There are a number of options, if you’re in love with animals you can join an aninal shelter as a volunteer or you can helpin raising funds for charity or you can also help by donating food, clothes an orphanage or an old age home.

Start collecting

Collecting is the best hobby idea for women that can grow you into a more observant and disciplined person. It is a fun task to collect things of same type. First of all you have to decide what you want to start collecting. There a huge number of options available for people who are interested in collecting antiques. You can make your own library by collecting different books or you can make a stamp book full of different stamps or you can collect pebbles, precious stones, art works and a lot of other things. Pick anything of your choice and start collecting and flaunt your collection in front of your family and friends.

Not only this, there are a number of other hobbies which can help you connect with yourself and will help you make efficient use of your precious free time. Go down in the comment section, tell us what is your favorite hobby and what you find the most interesting in the above list to try out next time when you are free or if you have any other hobby ideas for women.