Origami With Kids?

Who doesn’t love Origami? Or let me ask you a better question, who doesn’t try to make different objects with papers. We all have tried making different things by folding pieces of paper into something really interesting, isn’t it? Tell me in the comment section what all objects that you have made while using papers.

So, in this series of amazing atoZ Blogging Challenge with BlogChatterA2Z my topic is fun activities to do with your kids during the quarantine period. And, today I have chosen O for Origami with Kids. I know it’s a common activity and everyone has tried at least once. But, if it is common, it doesn’t mean that it’s boring. 

My daughter loves making different animals and birds with paper. And, if you have forgotten about doing this origamic with your kids, then it is the right time to try it out!

Why Origami With Kids?

Be it kids, or even adults, everyone loves the fact behind transforming a simple sheet of paper into different objects and the process of doing origami can be a little confusing but everything comes easy then what’s the point of trying it out with your kids, right?

Material Required for the Origami With Kids

For doing origami with kids, you need coloured glossy papers (you can use newspaper and paint them later), pair of scissors, glue (if required).

How to make Origami With Kids” 

Angel and I made a lot of different objects with coloured papers and it can be really difficult explaining the steps by just writing down. I am sharing some of the best origami videos on YouTube that I love and took inspiration from those videos.

If you need a complete video on how I created different origami objects with my daughter, then let me know in the comment section and I would love to make a video for you!

Key Learnings 

It’s such an engaging activity and I am sure your kids will love. You can create a lot of objects because you don’t need a lot of materials and it is always as fun as when you tried it the first time. It is also a great exercise for your kid’s brain as they need to learn the steps to create the same object again.

My Overall Experience

We made a lot of different origami from newspapers as well. And, she created tons of origami artwork. 

So, try out this activity with your kids too and don’t forget to share the experience in the comment section below. If possible, you can also share the pictures of your origami paper art that you have made with your kids and tag me, @sneha_261013 on Instagram. 

BlogchatterAnd stay tuned for the next activity from the alphabet, P’! Can you guess it?

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