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Nail Polish Marble Art with Kids

Don’t think that we are running out of ideas! In fact, this activity isn’t limited to painting your own or your kid’s nails with nail polish. Well, it’s more than that. And, I am pretty sure that you and your kids are going to love it when you try out Nail Polish Marble Art with Kids. 

Recently, I have been watching a lot of crafty videos, and I have found a video where people are transforming the color of different things with nail paint marble art. And, to be honest, I found them really satisfying to my eyes. So, I knew I had to try out this with my kids. 

Nail Polish Marble Art With KidsIf you are reading it for the first time, then I want to tell you that I am have participated in AtoZ blogging challenge with #BlogChatterA2Z and doing alphabetical series of fun activities to do with your kids during the quarantine period. And, for today’s alphabet, I have selected N for Nail Polish Art with Kids. 

Why Nail Polish Marble Art With Kids?

Nail Polish Marble Art videos look so satisfying and while doing nail polish art activity with kids, it was just like a dream come true. If you want to beautify or give a new look to your articles then why not try nail polish art. 

If you are a beginner, then I would suggest you try it with old things for trial purposes rather than going with newer materials at your home. 

Material Required for the Nail Polish Marble Art With Kids

For Nail Polish marble Art with Kid, you need a bunch of different colored nail paints and any object that you want to paint it with nail polish art, a glass bowl, lukewarm water, skewer (or toothpick)

How to make “ Nail Polish Marble Art With Kids” 

For making our nail polish marble art successful, we have referred to this sole video

 on YouTube and it is pretty easy to do and seems like an achievable task with your kids when they are getting bored at home. 

If you need my version of the video on Nail Polish Marble art, then let me know in the comment section, and I would be happy to make it for you. 

Key Learnings 

  • I would prefer to make such artworks of ceramic materials and avoid crockeries as nail paints have chemicals. You can use pen stands or even a photo frame or your mobile cover to spice it up nail paint marble art with your kids. 

My Overall Experience

As I have told you it was so satisfying while performing this activity with your kids. And, even if you made a mistake you can undo it with a nail paint remover. 

So, try out this activity with your kids too and don’t forget to share the experience in the comment section below. If possible, you can also share the pictures of your nail polish art that you have made with your kids and tag me, @sneha_261013 on Instagram. 

#blogchatterA2ZAnd stay tuned for the next activity from the alphabet, ‘O’! Can you guess it?

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