lost discoverer


Always wanted to be a discoverer, 17-year-old boy left the home…. Sailing thru the equator line of earth, he had no knowledge of earth shape or its mapology. What he had was only a passion to discover something. He sailed for uncountable miles…starving for days.. Until he gets something to eat . He reached a sceduled spot in deep-sea… Found an island mountain with a green lawn flourishing like an Amazon … So went to check back side of mountain and discovered a Palace where only snakes lived… He kept his small boat and reached to top to find out for human presence … He could only found snakes entangled in each other. Snake Palace floor was made from human skeleton…
Next moment… He was in sky talking to many souls …we all were passionate like you… But world never came to know about us as discoverer of this Palace.
Word count 149
This article is written for #FridayFotoFiction This is my contribution to #FridayFotoFiction by Tina and Mayuri