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3B’s of  Effective Parenting

We are back again with our A to Z blogging challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z. It truly gives me immense pleasure to participate in such challenges. I have been participating for the past 4 years and still not tired to go ahead with it. We have already started up with 3A’s of effective parenting, if you haven’t read it till then make sure to give it a read. Every parent should learn about effective parenting, so here we will start with 3B’s which makes you an effective parent.

You might be guessing that what are the 3B’s make you an effective parent. Aren’t you? No worries! I am here to guide you in everything about effective parenting.

Be Available

The first B tells you about being available for the kids. Our kids notice when we are and when we are not present around them. Be available for your kids not only when they need it, but also when they want to spend some ‘me’ time with you. Remember your kids are always in search of you. Play with them, spend some time, teach good habits, etc. Let your kids know that you are in their vicinity. Being available at the times when they need makes your relationship stronger.

Be Patient

Being impatient with your child can damage your relationship. It actually takes a lot of time to be patient with your kid. Yelling on your kids can worsen your relationship with them. Remember to make them understand calmly and patiently will help you to gain their confidence. This is one of the key lessons of effective parenting. Try to create a good bond with your kids. Don’t Yell! Be patient with your words and actions with your kids.

Believe in Yourself

Sometimes, parents are really scared whether they are handling their kids in a good way or not. Are they good parents? Trust me every parent has such doubts. Believe in yourself, and trust your abilities to be a good parent. Doubting your parenting abilities never makes you an effective parent.

So these are the 3B’s which make you an effective parent. Did you find this blog as a great guide for new parents? If yes, then please share with people who are becoming new parents.

3B’s of  Effective Parenting

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