Selfie -a  new way to bond with people

          I am a Sab TV lover and there comes a show “jijaji chat par hai”. If you haven’t seen then you must see. 90% of time you will see the leading girls taking selfies in the show, as they are shown as most selfie addict girls in town. From mornings selfies to eating selfie to brushing selfie to good night selfies. Though it’s a show I feel the era of smartphones have made every one a selfie crazy 😜. From a rickshaw selfie to cycle selfie or be it an Airport selfie to sky diving selfie. If a person is having a smart phone, 90% of his gallery will be of selfie. Though you can search on history of selfie and do some research, for me selfie existed when I heard about chimpanzee taking a selfie which became viral. In 2010 i had a Sony C10i and we used to click pictures using rear camera but one day i broke my rear camera and what was left was front camera with 2 mp which used to be very hazy, but cudn’t help as I had no guts to ask my husband to give me new phone. But these led me click only selfies which i used to hate as it wasnt clear and we all friends cudn’t fit in one pics too. But in 2018 I have two smart phone and one iPhone especially taken to click best selfies.
Time teaches you everything (pun intended).
Now comings to selfies, me and my family are biggest and  craziest selfie clickers. There is no one occasion where we havent click selfies. In fact sometimes my whole function get covered with selfies in gallery and not a single picture clicked using rear camera.
Let me tell you that I have 20 plus kind of selfies clicked in phone.
 But now let me tell you the best selfie of mine which are always closer to my life and always have been my favorite.
Here comes the first selfie, which is taken in mid air and wishing my husband happy valentines day. And using  Facebook live with selfie camera I wished him from air and he was down getting scared about my craziness. (PS- my glider at back was laughing at my madness). This is very close to my ♥ as  me n mu husband feel deep sense of love.

A ‘Blue Globe’ resting in my living hall was my de-stressor. Whenever I felt sad or low, I spun the globe rapidly and took myself to the Arctic Ocean and sat in silence near an ice-block, waiting for someone to take me back to my land. At times, I used to jump into the Niagara Falls to escape my sorrows. I grew up solving puzzles and playing with world maps and this made me realize my love for travel that included larger than life adventures so that I can overcome my fear. This took me on a journey to soak in the radical beauty of the world. So now, let me tell you why I love this world so much and why I chose to #SayYesToTheWorld. A World traveller don’t follow itinerary but follows only maps. I love the world not only as I travel to world but I feel that nature has imbibed a unique feature in me that I can’t be a couch potatoes.

  1. Swimming alongside colorful corals, eels and fishes in the turquoise blue water at Pattaya’s Coral Island, Thailand for the first time, and feeding the latter while their fins strike a musical chord with the water calmed me from within. Those innocent aquatic creatures living deep inside the water made me realize the beauty of God’s creation.coral island deep sea walking
  2. Tandem Paragliding at Nirvana Adventures in Kamshet, Pune made me fall in love with the world all over again. Looking at the world from a bird’s eye view made me realize how beautiful the world is. With the fear of heights in me gone forever, I realized how lighter I can be while flying in the air. It made me understand that the world is here to teach me at every step.
    Tandem paragliding
    Paragliding at Nirvana
  3. Banana Ride at Goa taught me an important lesson about life; you don’t know how to swim but are being pushed into taking the ride because you are wearing a life jacket. You come out safely with mixed emotions as you cry and smile at the same time and comprehend that if there’s someone to push you then there’s someone to save you too! I now know exactly why I love the world and why I #SayYesToTheWorld. banana ride at alibaug
  4. Travelling in a desert on a sunny day in the summer, and realizing that you are running out of water can teach you the best lessons in life. However, suddenly finding a small hut selling chilled lemonade can bring a big relief and you can’t help but thank God for saving your life. But I prefer to say that I love the world; for there always exist some people to help you out.
    a hut in middle of dessert
  5. Soaking in the chilliness of the white marbles of Taj Mahal; one of the Seven Wonders of the World, while lazing in a shade makes you feel at home. A DSLR cannot appreciate the beauty of the Taj Mahal instead one can only appreciate the beauty of the Taj Mahal using the lens of the mind and the soul.
  6. I #SayYesToTheWorld because I can feel the splash of ocean water on my face every second whenever I do jet skiing in Goa and realize how happy a droplet of water can make me feel.
    water sports at goa
    splash of water and expression of excitement and fear
  7. A sunset I saw at one of the beaches in Kerala brought out the child in me who’s ready to grow up by correcting the mistakes.
    sunset at pallikare beach
    sunset teaches you that dark and happiness is part of life
  8. Travelling helped me make so many good friends that words alone cannot describe the love and warmth it holds.friends at goa
  9. The world is full of illusion and those illusions can make you wonder what if you were in a similar situation where I was in the Trick Eye museum in Singapore?Trick Eye Museum
  10. Sometimes you want to be like a monkey jumping from one tree to the another in search of fruits. I #SayYesToTheWorld because I feel like being a monkey after completing the longest Zipline in Wayanad Vythiri. zipline at kerala
  11. Life is full of ups and downs and the positive side is that there is always a finish line. And the relief of overcoming your fear is an other worldly experience. I overcame this fear at the Universal Studios in Singapore when I decided to board the most dangerous roller coaster ride. Initially I was skeptical whether I would be able to make it or not but the support and strength I got from my husband helped me overpower my fear.
  12. When I wanted to see the world with flower’s beautiful eyes, I went into the depths of the Garden by the bay and found that every flower has some thing to say to me, which is why I #SayYesToTheWorld.
  13. Every journey gives you a new experience and new experience gives you a new vision to see the world. I learnt this when I took a trip to Kerala. I always thought Kerala is what I see in Google but when I actually went in the interiors and explored the culture, the religion and the originality of the people, I realized one thing – What you see is not always the truth. That is why I #SayYesToTheWorld.  My travel inspiration has been always my love for exploration with open minded.
  14. I was always a simple and studious girl who didn’t know the badass world until I experienced the nightlife in the beautiful beaches in the smallest state of India – Goa. The people there were tension-free, stress-free who enjoyed life to the fullest as if there was no tomorrow. Sometimes you like that attitude of carelessness and want to tell your body, mind and the soul that everything is alright; just love yourself. In those moments I #SayYesToTheWorld. night life of goa
  15. When I went for a bungee jumping ride, I had the belief that life is full of surprises and shock; sometimes you go up in the sky and sometimes you fall back to the ground in horror. However, there finally comes a time when your life stabilizes and that’s when I #SayYesToTheWorld. bunjee jumping
  16. In our small world there are important people whom we know as our family. When I went for river rafting, it occurred to me that in order to keep our life balanced and the strength intact every member of our family needs to work hard. If a member fails, the whole family drowns in the river. That is the day I realized the world is really beautiful who teaches us so much from the very moments of life.
  17. There was a time when my world was dark but beach side peace and beauty taught me that time flows without ever stopping. On the same lines I realized that dark times will someday pass and that is when I #SayYesToTheWorld. Watching these fishermen working day and night tells me “girl get up and go “get ur own happiness from the world because the world loves you. fisher man working at beach
  18. When I tasted South Indian, North Indian, Thai, Singaporean, Arabic, and other cuisines I understood that my tongue has many papillae to savor many cuisines. Similarly my tongue has many words and I have to use it wisely because only then will it keep my taste intact otherwise everything will be tasteless.
  19. I love the world because I see many living animals who too loves us unconditionally wherever you go , be the birds or penguins or be the camouflage grasshopper. Even animals and birds says yes to world , how can I deny. Ostrich to Lion and camel to dog everyone is present because of some purpose, and that’s why I love the world.
  20. The most important thing why I love the world is because I get to travel with my family and cherish so many moments that will last forever. My daughter who is an avid traveler has already chosen her career as traveler at age of 5. She is the best reason why I love the world .Lets open up our mind and soul and explore the different arenas of life to discover ourselves as well as the world. I am thankful to lufthansa for making me realise why i #Sayyestotheworld.  Watch the video here
How to get the best water purifier for home?
      Water is renewable source of energy, only if you save for future life. Water is life.  In fact water is that precious diamond which we can’t  afford to loose at any cost.  Water is we and we are water, I am not wrong in saying  this, as our human body consist of up to 60% of water.  It is must for everyone to live on Earth. Water plays a very important role in everybody’s life, right from opening eyes to closing eyes. We start our day in the morning  with water till going to the bed, you need water. But do you know the potable water is different from regular water. Potable water is the drinking water, anything else is used for other purposes like cleaning and washing.  We just can’t compromise with purity of water for drinking. What you need is the pure water and Best water purifier for home in India .
       The question here arises is whether the water people drink in urban area, coming directly from tap without purifying it, is it safe….?  Some people think that water in any form or from any place is always pure and is safe to use and drink but in my opinion it is not true because to live a healthy life it is very essential to drink pure water since water is one of necessity for our body. On a planet like Earth where Global warming is increasing with a jet speed and in the big cities with over populated people,  creating  pollution which is directly affecting potability of water especially for drinking. Major Concern is about the purity of both surface and groundwater. This is a growing issue because as the population grows, it becomes more important to understand how to manage the use of water and to drink and get pure water. What if people misuse water and makes more impure water, we wont have potable water. Because of its impurity and contamination , a day will come when people on Earth will have scarcity of water.
        There is no planet like Earth which is both rocky and having flowing water. Without water, we cannot even dream of life. Although our planet  has wide lakes , vast oceans and rivers but the amount of freshwater is about a small fraction. Since we all know clean drinking water is a necessity to make sure hygiene because there is rapid growth of number of ailments and diseases due to impure drinking water.  You cannot all the time rely on mineral water so here is the need of Best Water Purifier for home in India . Yes it is true, knowing the advantages of purifiers majority of people are using water purifiers in cities but rural areas stay as it is, because people are not aware of the different purifiers available in the market and its importance. Even if people are aware of the purifiers still it becomes a challenging task to choose which one is the Best Water Purifier in India. Finding the best water purifier for home in India is half a battle won to stay healthy and fit.
         When you as a consumer think of purchasing a water purifier the first question arises is what kind of purifier?  Is it RO, UV or UF?  Then they decide on storage capacity?  or Which technology is the best one? And many more question like this to select best water purifier for home in India. Livpure a brand making Best Water Purifier in India provides solutions to every question raised by the customer and provides  perfect solution with the best product and service. Since It contributes in providing clean and pure water with a diverse set of water purifiers having different types of water purifying techniques. Their main products consists of RO and UV water purifiers which provides purified water which is not only free from bacteria, viruses and germs but is also free from dissolved chemicals. Livpure provides a range of water purifiers for home as well as commercial use in India.
RO water purifier
          RO or reverse Osmosis water purifier uses RO membranes to purify water. It is one of the most popular water purifier in India. In this type of technology water get filtered under pressure through a semipermeable membrane to remove heavy metals like arsenic, fluorides, mercury and other dissolved impure salts. RO water purifiers are mostly used in houses and companies. Since it involves high cost in maintenance and wastes a lot of water during purification process people mostly opt for other purifiers of Livpure.  But Ro purifiers are best in places like Gujarat and Rajasthan which have more hard water.
UV water Purifier-
          The search of majority of people to find a Best Water Purifier in India ends here.  UV purifiers use ultraviolet purification technique to clean water. It uses UV radiations to kill germs, bacteria and viruses and make drinking water free from viruses causing water-borne disease like cholera, typhoid and dysentery. Unlike, RO water purifiers, they do not remove dissolved salts from water which are important for our body as well do not make water acidic in nature.
Livpure Glitz UV Water Purifier
 Commercial water purifier
           Livpure also provides commercial RO water purifiers  for office use.  For commercial purpose Livpure gives a 5 stage purification including activated carbon and Ro technology with a purification capacity of 50 litres every hour.
Livpure i25 Commercial RO Water Purifier
UF water purifier
          UF water purifier uses Ultrafiltration membrane to purify water. As compared to RO purifier membrane UF purifier membrane has slightly larger pores. These purifiers clean the water containing bacteria and germs from the rainy and muddy water. UF water purifiers are manually cleaned by flushing all blocked germs thus making it last for longer time and involves low maintenance.  One of the is Gravity water purifier.
Gravity Water Purifier
             In the list of the best water purifier in India even this purifier is best fitted. These water purifiers do not use electricity for purification, they use activated carbon technology.  Most cost effective and is the best option to select in urban areas where there is shortage of electricity.
Livpure Brahma Gravity Water Purifier
Disclaimer:  The article written above is to make people aware about water purifiers in India. In no way i am promoting this as the only water purifier. The water purifier depends on you, which is best suited for you according to place you stay or the water quality which comes. Many a times the purifier selection is based on the level of purification needed, storage tanks  capacity and amount of impure water what you recieve.


Throw yourself into unknown territories, and experience the unexplored part of the earth. Gone are the days when we used to plan holidays and enjoy the same old itineraries, experienced by many. After 12 days of Kerala holidays, where we explored the unexplored part of it, which was the lifetime experience for my family.

Being a hardcore traveler, I was looking for another exploration, and luckily the mail popped from IndiBlogger, they are in collaboration with SterlingHolidays organized Indimeet, at ITC grand central Mumbai on 7th December 2017.

Sterling Bloggers Meet

About Sterling Holidays

Sterling Holidays was previously called as Sterling Resorts. It was a Holiday lifestyle company and was assimilated in the year 1986 in Chennai, India and established its first Resort. It was named as Lake View Kodaikanal. It explored at a very rapid speed and by the year 1988, it had 11 Resorts.

In 2010, Sterling Resorts changed their name to Sterling Holidays, because they felt their Resorts, products and Services are Ultimate and Delivers a wonderful Holiday Experiences. It has collaborated with RCI(Resort Condominium International). It is able to provide facilities in more than 100 countries across the world including India.

The indimeet organized by Indiblogger in collaboration with Sterling Holidays started with a warm welcome from IndiBlogger 

Team indiblogger
Team indiblogger

Mr. Peshwa Acharya from Sterling Holidays (chief marketing officer) started his presentation with a light mood and introducing himself as a hardcore traveler.

Sterling Holidays CMO
Mr. Peshwa Acharya from Sterling Holidays (Chief Marketing Officer)

He said after traveling a lot, he himself wanted a change in holidays, and this is how the concept of #HolidayDifferently came to his mind and the whole transformation started to change the look of sterling holidays.


sterling holiday banner

By the establishment of Sterling Holidays people found new and unique ways of Holidaying but today with the new name, new logo and with all exotic flavors Sterling Holidays have come up with distinguishable and fresher one.

the transformation
Presentation was given by Mr. Peshwa Acharya (Sterling Holidays Chief Marketing Officer)

Overview of Presentation

sterling resorts view
Sterling Resorts views

Sterling Holidays provides you with a wide range of National as well International Holiday Packages with unexplored and rare visited places so that you can enjoy the new experience and have hassle-free Holidays with Family and Friends.

Sterling discovery
Sterling is a world of discovery

It offers the best prices on all their Services, whether you buy a complete tour Package or take an Individual Service. Sterling Holidays is counted amongst the most prominent leisure tour operators in India.

sterling holidays discoveries
A world of discovery awaits you

Sterling Holidays has 29 exquisite Resorts, in spectacular destinations across India. Their resorts are world class. They have been crafted after giving lots of thoughts, which not only gives the best stay experience, but also the best view from each room. All sterling resorts have Spa’s, Ayurvedic massage centers, swimming pools, bars and game zone for kids.

Experience is the new way to holiday
Experience is the new need

Holidays in past were all about common itineraries including normal menu and a tiring traveling experience but the Sterling Holidays has come up as a Rising Star for all the Travel lovers to eradicate their travel related problems and provide the best services in completely new form.

sterling holiday presentation
Some Slides from Presentation

Basically, sterling holidays are the pioneer in the holiday package system. But now they are giving a fresh look to their packages. They are catering to each individual feeling and giving a unique experience to everyone.

presentation slide

Sterling Holidays Resort Services for Customer

Initially, their focus was on safe, clean, hygienic holidays, but today they have upgraded themselves where along with this, every moment of your vacation is an immersive experience.

They are not only targeting tourists who go by itineraries but also looking to grab the attention of traveler who wants to try something new.

I feel travelers are best storytellers and they want everyone to be the storyteller of the experiences they give you in form of Vacations. Totally Transformation is in making now with sterling holidays where they are creating happiness for you while you are on vacations.

People who want to experience a joyful Holiday and wants to explore new destinations with breathtaking and inspiring experience should go for Sterling Holidays.

The Holiday destinations they provide are completely unique with stunning views and unexplored places. Their mission is to deliver luxurious service Resorts so that travelers can have a lavish stay with memorable memories.

They currently have 31 properties spread across India. Out of which 17 are owned by them and rest are on lease. They are focusing on expanding their properties in scenic areas and regular destinations places. They have a huge land bank of their own and may develop it to expand as a Resort.

New Look for Sterling Holidays

Sterling Holidays has come up with completely new and fresh look with a new identity. Sterling holidays not only revamped their logo but also the colors of the logo. The new logo is made up of small beads in increasing sizes and three different colors.

new look of sterling holidays
Logo design of Sterling Holiday

The color yellow symbolizes sunny happiness, warmth, and friendship, the color. Royal Purple tells about the rich experiences and discoveries and the color Warm Red represents the desire and passion of People who love to travel.

The graphics depict the elements of nature surrounding the resorts and the joy of a relaxing vacation. The logo is in the form of Pinwheel, signifies People, Experiences, and Places as the three Brand Pillars.

When the logo is put together it gives a beautiful essence and a message of being Vibrant, Delightful, Energetic and Contemporary.

Along with logo now they also have a new mascot called Raja Rex who is a discovery mascot so that the holiday gets an entirely different look.

presentation clip

They are the first-holiday company who has door to door travel insurance, which is equal to 100% insurance for customers.

holiday insurance slide

Plus Each resort celebrates some special days which comes under 100 days of Joy.

sterling holidays offer

Sterling holidays most visited resorts are Dindi, OOTY, Darjeeling, and sterling Corbett. These resorts are totally immersive and peaceful places which will take you close to nature.

view from presentation

Tagline of Sterling Holidays

 ”In Whatever We Do, We Seek To Leave The Customer So Satisfied That He Feels That It Is Not Just A Holiday, But The World Is Itself Truly Wonderful”.

Whether a person is thinking to be a member or to just have a holiday trip, Sterling provides everything at reasonable prices and in a Typical Sterling Way.

Sterling Holidays aims to deliver fun-filled, Comfortable and affordable Holidays to each and every client.

And with the energetic pose, the indimeet ended with a lot of learning and sharing which one can see from this pic.

team sterling holiday