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Get the Wholesome Nutrients with This SuperFood: Spirulina By Prolgae

In today’s lifestyle, taking care of physical and mental health is becoming essential, isn’t it? Most of the people are following the trend of forbidding animal-related food products and transforming into a vegetarian or vegan to achieve a healthy lifestyle. But, the biggest concern is the source of protein for vegans. Are vegans able to get the total nutrients (mainly protein) from lentils, soybeans and other green leafy vegetables? Being Microbiologist  I can give you best option as a super food.

If you are following me for a long time, you might know that I am a vegetarian. Avoiding meat, chicken and other non-vegetarian items are solely based on my personal preference. Though, a lot of people around me always list me a plethora of benefits of eating chicken. And if I tell them that I am a complete vegetarian, then they would ask me, “How do you able to complete your protein intake?”

So, if you are sailing in the same boat too, then I have the best solution to all your nutrient problems. Introducing one of the superfoods or can be baptized as the ‘Food of the Future’ i.e., Spirulina.

Now, you must be wondering, “what is Spirulina?”. Don’t worry I will be explaining you everything in detail. So, stay till the end.

All About Spirulina by Prolgae

The blue-green algae produced by the non-toxic bacteria is known as Spirulina. It is considered as the best source of protein (around 55-70%) and vitamin B12. The Indian company, Prolgae sells the Spirulina in the form of nibs or crunches. Rather than protein and vitamin B12, this sun-dried Spirulina is filled with minerals, fibres, amino acids to provide you the highest advantages. I have worked for lot of times on Algae production at lab levels.

Health Benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina has innumerous benefits and it is impossible to list each of them. No, I am not even exaggerating. But to cut short, here are some of the main benefits that I am listing down.

Ultimate source of important nutrients: As I have explained earlier, this superfood will fulfill your daily protein intake and other nutrients requirement without consumption of any dairy products. It contains higher levels of phytonutrients and calcium, fibres, minerals, and iron. It is the best option to achieve a balanced diet.

Helps in digestion : Spirulina is rich in fibre. So the digestive enzymes can easily break down the Spirulina which helps to aid any digestion related problems. 

Combats Cardiovascular diseases: Spirulina has the power to lower LDL (Bad Cholesterol) and serves to boost the level of HDL (Bad Cholesterol) which supports the health of the heart. It helps to reduce the overall oxidative stress.

Improves Immunity: It helps to immune the body from viral attacks and serves as a hindrance in the multiplication of viruses. It can also ease the allergic symptoms.
Great for Detoxification: Due to the presence of phytonutrients and other vitamins & minerals, it aids to eliminate toxins from the body and promotes healthy skin.

Helps to magnify Metabolism: Vitamin B12 in Spirulina supports to boost the metabolism of the body which means you tend to burn more calories than you used to.

How to Intake Spirulina

The apt dosage to consume Spirulina is in between 5 grams to 7 grams. You can sprinkle Spirulina over your meals or mix in your morning drinks.

Is Spirulina is okay to consume for me?

As per the Dietary Supplements Information Expert Committee of the US, Spirulina has no traces of health risk if consumed in moderate amount.

So, in short, it is healthy to consume Spirulina but you need to check with a physician if you are not feeling well after the dosage of the product.

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My Experience with Spirulina By Prolgae

It’s been a month since I started adding Spirulina in my regular diet. To be honest, I haven’t remarked about any drastic improvements in my body. Despite not altering any skincare routine, I can feel my skin is glowing now. Now, I don’t have to worry about my protein consumption because prolgae helps to keep me sorted with their product, Spirulina.

Generally, I consume Spirulina in the morning by mixing it with the green vegetable juice which is a post-workout meal. I can feel that I can work out harder in the gym which is helping me to burn more calories.

So, my overall experience with Spirulina is the most beneficial. I have been enjoying the benefits and I might be checking out some visible results soon.

If you want to try it out or want to complete your daily protein intake with other nutrients, then you should consider Spirulina at least once. You can buy it from or by clicking it here.

Please share your views and opinions of Spirulina with me by writing down in the comments below. Let me know if you want to hear any more benefits or updates about the product. I would be happy to help you.