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Globe Trotting with kids #travelwithkids #blogchatterA2Z

Globe Trotting means to travel throughout the world, especially, frequently or regularly. To travel throughout the world or to go on the world tour is everyone’s dream even it’s my dream to go on a world tour. I just love to travel and what if I get a chance to explore the World? I will definitely love it since one of my biggest dreams will be fulfilled.

globe trotting As a kid, while looking at the globe and moving it with my finger I always dream of the traveling whole world. Today being a travel blogger and a mom of a six years daughter I feel, this is the perfect time for me to fulfill my dream and I wish to go on a world tour with my entire family. Dreaming of going Globe Trotting with family especially with kid requires a lot to take care of. One should be financially strong, along with this there should be few aspects which need to be considered while involving in Globe Trotting.

  1. One should keep complete knowledge of the place or a country you are visiting.
  2. Every country you travel have different currency and with the different value. You should have proper knowledge of it.
  3. Rules and regulations of different countries differ, you should keep note of it.
  4. Documents of your identity, passport and citizenship proof should be kept safe.
  5. Precautions should be taken regarding the health of your loved ones who are traveling with you.

Not everyone gets a chance of Globe Trotting because at every phase of life a person has a lot of responsibilities which keeps on growing with age. Sometimes time can be an issue or sometimes finance can be a point to be considered. Even if I have enough time but not have enough money for a world tour and vice versa, there will be no sense. Globe Trotting can be possible for a person if he is in the business of traveling or any job which gives you opportunities to travel different places.

globe trotting

globe trottingI wish once when I will become well settled and financially strong, I will surely plan about Globe Trotting. While planning for Globe-Trotting you will not only get a chance to explore different places and meet new people but will also get a chance to know about traditions, cultures, climate and food of different countries. According to my opinion going on Globe Trotting with your kids will be a quite daunting task, since you yourself are visiting those places for the first time so have no knowledge about the climate there, availabilities of basic necessary things, etc.  But if my kid is grown up and have interest in travel, I think I will surely take her with me, even she will get a chance to explore new places and gain new knowledge from it.

globe trottingSo, it will be great if you go on a World tour with your life partner or with your close friend or relative, because when you travel at any place with whom you are travelling matters a lot and when the companion you are travelling with is your loved one your journey will be more fruitful and memorable.


globePs: I am participating in the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and hence today ’s letter is G and my today’s topic is Globe Trotting with kids.

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