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Enhance Your Kid’s Learning Experience with Lipa Land


Education plays a pivotal role in every person’s life. Over a couple of decades, education industry has transformed a lot. With the advent of the digital world, it has boosted the education sector. We all know, there are plenty of apps which claims to be the best educational app for kids. Here is one app that I would recommend to my fellow parents to download: Lipa Land. Especially the latest version of it. I love the story part of it. It has Audio-books, picture books, story books too.  The Old version was paid but this version comes free for  months. Download the latest version from HereLipaland updated version

There was a time when I used to get really baffled whenever my daughter, Angel played games on my phone. I have already limited her screen time, but I prefer in that screen time, she should learn something rather than just playing mindless games.

Then, I heard a lot of positive reviews about this new app, Lipa Land. After downloading it from the play store, I was really impressed by the thoughtful idea behind the app. It was a great application for these new buds and busy parents. It has games, fun activities, DIYs, audio-books, relaxation sounds, picture books, stories and much more.

A Fun Way to Keep your Kids Learning even After School

When I found LipaLand, it was a blessing in disguise for me. For those who have no idea about Lipa Land, then let me give you a brief about this application.

Lipa Land is an educational app for toddlers. It helps to create an engaging and playful experience for them. It beautifully harmonizes the digital and real world. This app is suitable for 3 to 6 year old. It has a mixed variety of games, fun activities and bedtime stories – A perfect all-in-one app!

The app is divided mainly into four sections which include games, activities, stories, and relaxation. Every category has new things to explore for the kids. So, let’s check what all these categories have for our children.

  • Games

Lipa Land consists of a variety of kid-friendly games on their app. They make sure that you or your kids, don’t need to download any other app, especially for games. And, they have the filters to choose based on easy, medium and difficult levels.

  • Activities

Lipa Land has divided the activity section into the subcategories which are names as the Play, Talk and DIY. These activities help to develop social and mental skills of a child. In fact, they get to know about various things like what to do before crossing a road, what to do if you get lost in a shopping mall and many more. These activities train their brain and make them ready for any troublesome situations.

  • Stories

The subcategories of Stories are Books, Audio-books and Picture Books. From universe to wizard world, they have books on almost every topic which entice children. List of audio-books available on the app, let your child read or listen to their favorite book from the menu.

  • Relaxation

It is really difficult to sing a new lullaby every night before bed for your kids. But Lipa Land solves this problem too. There are numerous sound effects, relaxation audios and more, which will be put your baby to a good night of sleep.lipa land

What Makes Lipa Land Stand Out?


To be honest, before using Lipa Land, I used various other apps as well. I can totally see what makes Lipa Land stand out from others. Here I have compiled a few reasons:

  • Lipa Land is an all-in-one educational app for kids. Now, I don’t need to download different applications for activities, games, and stories.
  • A lot of advertisements on the apps makes me feel irritated. But, Lipa Land is completely free from Ads. Don’t believe me? Then you check it out yourself here!
  • Lipa Land is KID SAFE certified which means it is completely safe for kids to access the app on their own.
  • Beautifully illustrated stories help grab the attention of the toddlers. So, that they can enjoy the graphics while learning other things.


Best way to Incorporate learning into their leisure time


Now that you have read all about Lipa Land, I want to share my personal experience with this application.

As you know, I am a Mommy blogger. Writing blogs, updating my website and posting regular updates on Instagram can be no less than a herculean task. My husband and I try to give our maximum attention to Angel. But with Lipa Land, things have got easier than before. In the restricted screen time, I let her use the app. And the best part is that the app lets me track the stories or games that my daughter has played. Isn’t that interesting?

I always wanted my daughter to be an avid reader because reading helps to develop skills which makes you a better individual. And the unlimited access to storybooks on Lipa Land has helped to invoke reading habit in her. It makes me so happy when she keeps on discussing the new stories she liked and the new things she learned on Lipa Land. Currently, she is reading “The Asteroid Code” under the universe section in audio books.

It would be completely unfair to not to mention about the progress she has made after using Lipa Land. Initially, you won’t be able to identify the changes in your child’s social and mental skills. But, gradually it will become visible. Her confidence has improved too!

I am glad that I found Lipa Land and my daughter have been using this application for a while. If you are looking to bring fun learning in your kids’ life with the addition of beautifully portrayed illustrations, then I suggest that you must give it a try. You can download the application by clicking here and get 3 MONTHS FREE access!

Also, don’t forget to share your experience with Lipa Land in the comment section. I really want to know how it is helping your child’s performance.

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