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One of the fondest memory of my childhood was waving a big goodbye everything I see an aeroplane flying in the sky. Such was the craze of flying which is still continued. I love traveling through flights whether it is for domestic travel or international one. Since air travel is the fastest means of transport, I prefer flights when I’m Flying with kids. Though it is expensive to travel through flights every time but looking at the time-saving feature, my family travel more via flights.

flying with kidsIf you are a traveler, you should plan your holiday budget accordingly. Internationally we don’t have options, other than using flight as the mode of transportation. But in India, we can travel thru buses, trains etc. Despite being the most expensive means of transport, people prefer Flying with kids via aeroplanes as this itself is kind of fun for kids. I remember angel at 2 years flying with me to Goa, started talking to the air hostess and asking her “aunty when will aeroplane fly “and everyone surrounding us started laughing.

Flying with kids can make good friends too. The best example is when we went to Singapore, we had the similar family like us with one kid, and angel and that girl became so close that I had to make friendship with her mom and now we are so close friends.

flying with kidsflying with kids

Flying with kids or otherwise also has a lot of benefits

1. It is the most convenient means of transport as compared to car, train or bus since it takes the minimum time to reach your destination.

2. When a person is in an emergency, flying through aeroplane is the best option.

3. Flying also helps you save your time and helps to reach your destination in the minimum time.

4. It also improves your standard of living unless and until you are capable of flying.

5. It is also very efficient means of transport since it can transport a large group of individuals or luggage in the shortest of time.

6. Flying has made the world a smaller and more accessible place.

7. Also, if your kids plan their future in air Industry, it provides a very high employment industry.

8. Always reach 1hour before if you are Flying with kids so as to get settled properly.

9. Airports have so many recreational activities for kids which you can use and make your kid learn more, one more example of parenting while traveling.

10.  Always make sure you don’t overfeed your kid while boarding a plane. And teach the safety-related things in the plane.

flying with kids

flying with kidsAs I said flying has a lot of benefits with it, but when it comes to flying with your kids, some proper precautions are needed to be taken.

1. While traveling through flights you should not leave your kid alone.

2. Should carry all the legal documents of kids too along with you.

3. Should carry their favorite snacks, toys and games with you.

4. They will get a chance to experience new things.

5. If you are aware that your kid has a motion sickness, then be prepared with V bag /plastic bag.

6. Make sure that kid learn to sit for travel journey hours and doesn’t create havoc on the plane otherwise it doesn’t go well with some people.

Flying with kids

Ps: I am participating in the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and hence today ’s letter is F and my today’s topic is Flying with kids.

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