driving with kids #travelwithkids


Driving with kids #travelwithkids #blogchatterA2Z

Driving is passion for so many but Driving with kids can be daunting at times. If you are driving with family or someone with you, it’s easy to manage but if you and your kiddo driving together, you must teach your kids some ethics when momma is driving.

I taught angel to keep quiet till we reach our destination.

Always ask her to seat in a car chair or wear a belt if in front.

Never allow kids to open windows unnecessary.

Always keep a small dustbin in a car so that your kids learn not to throw any garbage plastics outside the car.

Driving our own car and travelling with family is our weekend routine. Otherwise our car is used only for work purposes. The car has been one of most popular and most important mode of transport today. Every family dreams of having their own car and today I see more cars in one family. Travelling to holiday destination makes your journey very convenient and memorable and if you are accompanied by your entire family then the level of your joy and happiness increases because car is my second home. Driving with Kids needs proper planning as you child can do anything unexpectedly. I and my husband make sure that we are doubly sure before we are driving with kids.

Driving with Kids in your own car helps you to avoid travelling in crowded public transport; you feel free in your own car, listening to music of your choice and can stay away from the harmful pollution of the traffic. In any season driving with kids is only comfortable when you have your own car. Like any public transport you don’t have to worry about getting late or about getting a seat to sit. You can travel with your own comfort and ease. On the way to your destination, you can even explore and enjoy new places. Driving with kids to clean and straight highway to hill station is always our first priority when it comes to weekend. But till now my best experience while Driving with kids was to longest drive in beach at muzhappilangad beach.


Driving with kids is a challenging task because it becomes a tough job for kids to sit and stay stable for long travel hours. But if you take precautions and proper care, the situation is not that difficult. Below are the following points to keep in mind while driving with kids:

  1. You should carry snacks and the food loved by your kids while travelling.
  2. You should carry their handy games, toys and other means of sports with you while travelling.
  3. You should make sure you take a short break on your long journey, to avoid your kids getting bored and also for your rest and safety.
  4. If your child loves to read, you can also carry novels, books with you.
  5. While driving through your own car with kids, they get a chance to gain knowledge of different places and also the route.
  6. Kids will also feel more confident, independent and will also be capable of fighting their fears.
  7. Always teach your kids use of navigation and map reading with North, south-east, and west directions.Blogchattera2zPs: I am participating in #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and hence today’s  letter is D and my today’s topic is Driving with kids