Developing Good Habits



Top 8 Quintessential Good Habits for Kids and Ways to Develop Them


From practicing how to write ABC to educating how to behave, parents have taught us everything. That’s why they are contemplated to be the creator of the environments and diverse experiences, where we, as a child, tend to absorb different things. Parents are the greatest teachers that the children will ever have. So, before imbuing with good habits in kids try to readjust them beforehand, as children are a large reflection of their parents. They will learn what they see. Adoption of good manners in kids will help them to cultivate a good character within themselves. I can truly connect with different parents on how they grapple with kids while teaching some healthy habits. But, I have found a way out for the growth of excellent habits in your kids. So, here is the list of good habits that every child should have. So, get ready to learn how to develop these habits in your kids.  To know More about good habits for kids Read Further.


  1. Guide them to be polite to adults or everyone around them.


Saying thank you and you’re welcome won’t cause any harm but it truly reveals the way you have raised your kids. Displaying utter respect to the elder people and younger siblings is a sign of practiced civility. Personally I have taught Angel to always speak golden words like sorry ,thank-you, and welcome.


How to develop it:


Ask your child to drop a” thank you” or “welcome” note once they are content with the service of anyone. Teach them to assist people who enter your home by asking, “Would like to have a glass of water?” or “May I take your bags off?”. Tell them to open the doors for their peers, elders, parents or any stranger who needs assistance.


  1. b) Promote a habit of physical exercise and eating healthy food items.


You will never want your child to be a couch potato. Well, no one does. So, you need to tell them to embrace healthy habits of consuming green vegetables and associating in any physical games or exercise for at least an hour daily.  But if you have heavy weight kid and still active, don’t worry they look cuter. Don’t make them feel ashamed of their body, says you look cute but you need to be more fitter by avoiding junk.

How to develop it:


Here’s how you can develop healthy habits in your kids. Experiment with healthy recipes for your kids which provide wholesome nutrients to their body. Never encourage them to skip breakfast or hogging on junk food. Schedule a regular exercise or a fun sport with the family.

  1. c) Prop up the habit of reading books or even studying the labels of any food packets.

Reading is deemed to be one of the best habits in kids. It has the endowment to enlighten your kids at an early stage. And, reading the product’s information will benefit them to know the used ingredients, date of manufacture or even date of expiry, which we often neglect at grocery stores. Right?

How to develop it:

Gift them a bunch of books according to their interest and ask them questions which makes them inquisitive about browsing new books. Such questions like, “What do you like about the book?” or “Which is your favorite character from the story?” Also, try to tell them your own evaluations which will help to evolve the communication between the family members. Take your child to shop for groceries and ask them to read the labels and check out the other ingredients as well. 

  1. d) Let them know the significance behind “Sharing is Caring”

Throughout our childhood, our parents are teaching us the greatness of sharing. So, it is imperative to tell the new generation as well. This might sound a little cliche but trust me it will be absolutely appreciated in the future.

How to develop it:


Incite them to share their most prized possession with their siblings or a group of friends. The prized possession can be a new set of colorful sketch pens or their favorite food item. It will help them to be kind and generous.

  1. e) Refrain them to use digital screens for longer durations of hours.


Be it video games or internet games, these screens are not only harming their eyes but also abstaining them to go out and relish the game with their friends. I know, it is really difficult to tame kids to stay away from them. Their eyes are glued with the screen for consecutive hours. Well, I am in the same boat too. But, I have found this solution.

How to develop it:

Keep them out of reach of mobile phone or videos games from them or you can also schedule a fixed number of hours to play with it. You can also play offline games at home with your kids and suggest your family to partake in the game too.

  1. f) Make a rule to have lunch and dinner with the family at the dining table.

Most of the kids prefer to watch TV or indulge in some unnecessary activities while having their meals.  Well, it is not an acceptable habit but the best part is that you can improve it at the initial level.

How to develop it:

Set up the lunch and dinner on the dining table. Try to bring some interesting conversation on the table. This will help to make a great family bond and also exhibit good manners in kids.

  1. g) Telling them the importance of personal and oral hygiene to your munchkins

Your child might not fancy brushing up their teeth early in the morning. But trust me changing to a cute little toothbrush or a toothpaste might not help to make a huge impact, just like shown in the mundane advertisement. Don’t fret, I am here to help you out.

How to develop it:

Tell them the importance of oral hygiene and how it can influence their teeth if it is not done properly. Ask them to take the shower every other day. Prompt them to wash their hands before and after every meal.

  1. h) Direct them to focus on their mental health and engage in mental fitness activities.

It is the last point and the most overlooked one too. Just like a body, the mind demands to be treated with healthy things like love, care, and other positive emotions.

How to develop it:

It is essential that you and your child should trust each other. Ask them about their day or the activities they have performed in school. Try to address your child’s issues positively as well as practically.

Parents are the role model of a child’s life. So, a parent is wholly responsible for all the good and bad deeds performed by their child. If you want your child to foster these good habits, then it is necessary to start with yourself. Never force them to follow anything blindly. Try to give them facts, educate them about the pros and cons and moreover listen to their side of the story as well. Inspire them to be the best of the version of themselves.