Does first month of pregnancy decide the fate of your child ?

Hearing those sweet toy bells is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world for a mother. There have been a lot of myths, speculations, and precautions that go around amongst the mothers. They say, “you bring a new life into this world.” Well, yes! I agree with it. However, there are a lot of things, which each woman goes through. There are certain unique traits seen in every month, which is different from every woman. Since I was no different I myself went through certain issues in my pregnancy. As everyone might not be aware that I am expecting my second child. Yes, so I would like to take this opportunity to tell my readers about it. I will be sharing each and everything that I went through starting from when I was the first month pregnant until the ninth.  So if you are a mom ,or expecting or trying to conceive, read it carefully till end.

This will be my pregnancy dairies – sharing my first-hand experience on every month. So here we go!

first month of pregnancyThe Announcement!

We had planned our second child for the sole purpose to provide our first child a sibling. This was the whole and sole purpose of hands down and nothing else. So, the announcement came to us and we were definitely happy about it.

Signs and Symptoms during the First Month of Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was a chirpy one. Sometimes I had cravings to eat something so on and so forth. However, when I came to know I was second time pregnant, I was prepared for what might and might not happen. But my dear friends, you can never predict this. Every pregnancy is different. You are not aware of what might happen, how your body would react to it, and what would happen with you. However, you must not be reckless, I know being in that situation and saying that is hard, but you can always prepare yourself.

I have read articles before and even read articles in the first month of pregnancy. They did not much help me in my case. The reason was I wasn’t able to find anyone who wrote what I was feeling. However, if anyone goes through the same situation, I want them to help with my experience. Following were the signs and symptoms that I saw in the first month of pregnancy:

Apart from this, I was at ease that I did not suffer from vomiting. Whereas, some women might. Having said that there are also certain things that one must take care of, which I will be sharing with you all in the latter part of the blog.

There was something I wasn’t happy about

I vividly remember that when the news for my first child came to me, I was very happy. I felt happy within. There were new kicks about each and everything that I used to feel. Small joys brought me great pleasure. Eventually, when I was told that we are expecting our second child, the feeling wasn’t the same. Henceforth this happened with me at the beginning of the first month of pregnancy itself.

I did not feel excited or enthusiastic about it. Definitely, I want this child, all I am trying to say is that my body wasn’t telling me the same. During the first month itself, I became cranky. I wasn’t feeling joyous or excited. I did not want to write or do any creative thinking. I wasn’t able to. Initially, I thought that it might be because the first child was a completely new thing for me and me stepping into motherhood. This might have some kind of psychological reasons.

The doctor said I was completely fine and there are different signs and symptoms in each pregnancy. There are different events each woman goes through. It has nothing to do with the first or second child or with me per se. I was relieved on that part after hearing her words. However, little I knew this was just the beginning.

I never saw this coming

Apart from feeling cranky, bored, and lazy, there was something I never knew that bumped on me. While I had just gulped the lazy symptom, I came across another issue. I had started seeing spots during my first month itself.

So this was one thing that irked me, and I became restless to know what was wrong? I was fine with everything but this, why? I obviously took an appointment with my gynecologist and asked her all my questions.

I was told that this spotting was because of the placenta previa. I was worried about it since I thought that all this happened because I wasn’t much care during the first month. However, the doctor cleared it very vividly about the same.

To all those who don’t what placenta previa is:

Placenta Previa isn’t that common when it comes to woman, however, I would like to share this with my readers. One of the major reasons I would want to do that is I became very reckless when I saw all this happening to me. I had no one to let me know that this wasn’t a thing to worry about. There are several women who go through the conditions but do not know what to do. Of course, a doctor is an ultimate help, but I believe sharing my experience will help you. And as far as I believe once you know how and what to do through an experienced person you are much careful.

So, coming back to Placenta Previa, it is not “the most” common thing. Every 1 in 200 women suffers from this. However, this commonly happens until the third trimester. And I suffered through it in the first month of my pregnancy only. It is most common for women who have has:

  • More than one child
  • A caesarian
  • Surgery on the uterus
  • Twins or triplets

The exact cause of Placenta Previa is yet unknown, however, in my case, I suffered from the spotting because the mouth of my uterus was downwards.

Where did I go wrong? Precautions to be taken during the first month of pregnancy:

As accepted, I did not take care of myself as I should have in the first month of pregnancy. One of the major reasons was the happiness within, which I was not able to feel. Secondly, there are certain things every woman should take care of. Despite your pregnancy case is different.

The following are some of them which I feel according to my experience:

  1. Do not take bumpy rides – no rickshaw rides.
  2. Travel less, especially nowhere alone or far land
  3. Give your body rest
  4. Dancing and heavy activities must be avoided

The above-mentioned points, I believed were a myth and being an enthusiast on that end, I did not take care of it. However, let me clarify that my spotting wasn’t because of the rides or travel or dancing, it was due to the placenta previa.

My carelessness was seen since I traveled a lot during my pregnancy and my first month itself. Along with it, it was during the Navratri season when I came to know that I was pregnant. One of the major things that added to my carelessness was dancing.

Definitely, you all must be thinking every doctor’s advice to keep on doing some activities, however, my Indian readers must be well-aware of the difference between a Navratri dance and a usual activity. Once you are dancing with hundreds and thousands of others you tend to make a mistake. I would say, I did that too.

Eventually, until my fourth and fifth month of pregnancy, I have coped up with a lot of things. But this was my first month of pregnancy experience. These were the things I went through. So, having shared that, I will come up with my #PregnancyDiaries for the second month super soon. Please let me know your thoughts on same.