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Skill Development Books for Your Kids

Parenting is one of those lessons that life teaches you in varied ways. Once you become a parent it isn’t only a responsibility but life’s way to teach you beautiful lessons, hard way or harder lesson in a beautiful way. From learning to hold your newborn with utmost care to teach them to walk, speak, and learn – life teaches you all. However, there is a lot of time when parents like me and you seek help from books, digital articles, and even word of mouth. In a similar manner to make your little one learns some efficient skills, there are several skill development books available for the kids of every age. Today kids hate plain white and black plain books. They want more activity oriented books to read.

I never knew there could be books specifically made for kids of all ages wherein according to the age there are skills of art and crafts to writing, and sentence formation that could be taught to kids. I remember when I was a child, my parents used to make me hear moral stories, fables, and sometimes poems in order to impart upon our knowledge. I never thought that I would be confessing, and it will be this soon when I would say “Our time didn’t have the exposure our kids get.” I hope a lot of parents reading this would agree.

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Coming back to the topic of developing skills in kids there are science experiments, Vedic mathematics, thinking power, and a lot more. I have been an ardent reader of online articles and books on parenting, I have read a lot about parenting and that how important it is to develop skills in our kids right from the tender age of 5. Kids are quick learners during that age. We all have been there, the A-B-C learned at the age of 3-4 is by heart even today, so are the nursery rhymes and not the periodic table, right?


Sometimes reading books to them soothes them, they start to visualize too. However, when once you begin to teach them the visualization, learning the power and thought power starts to develop in a better direction. How you can develop skills in your kids with books is to let them read and ask questions.

There are books from A-B-C, finding colors, learning through fun activities that entice them and they too are enthusiastic to learn in this way.


Just like any curious parent, there are several questions going on in your head, just like it happened to me. Researching and looking for my answer and through my experiences, I found that kids love to run their minds on finding things, something they would get in the end and with their hard work. Treasure hunt, colors, pictures are a few things they easily learn and also this helps then in identifying and developing skills too.

There are storybooks too, for the kids who are of the age of 3 to 6 where reading big words is a task, you can always read them stories, which makes them learn morals and develop visualization like the traditional way.


The following are the skill development books, which I would suggest that would really help boost your child’s skills.


This box has mini-books which as activities like vegetables sorting, food bingo, and others perfect for kids age 4 to 6 years.!!GSN_Smart_Shopping_All_Products!!&gclid=Cj0KCQiAiZPvBRDZARIsAORkq7csuUApUpLT_YiYmdSmGg9tjDMBbiJlaRo_1Xbl60b9pWtsbpuNWRcaAojLEALw_wcB


Kids of age group 8 to 10 years- will learn how to solve problems. Once the word problem occurs, we adults consider it to be some household and office chores, but when it comes to the kids solving problems related to music, dance, and math are something they love.



When it comes to learning new things, general knowledge will be the first thing that any parent would want their child to be quick. Knowing about the country the firsts of every category, all these are easily available in this book.!!GSN_Smart_Shopping_All_Products!!&gclid=Cj0KCQiAiZPvBRDZARIsAORkq7eS80XbzYv0uPJq5ztaIBFdgzvyFLjeHMhQR0x0hOTSGab8dzAzPhMaAqTTEALw_wcB


We all have been there, listening to grandma’s stories and being excited for it every time we visit her, or rather during the nights. Sudha Murthy’s books are exactly what you need.

Developing skills in kids is all that you can endeavor in your kid and not force. Each child has its own talent and skills, one might interest in learning math while the other in a treasure hunt.