Tiny Tots and their Toys

If you’re a mother of an active kid/child who loves to play, we know how cute he/she looks when he plays with his little toys. But what after he’s done playing? The entire house becomes a treasure hunt location for you, while you’re trying to find toys that are all over the place.

Messy Toys  for child
Well, I can’t handle it now!

This habit of scattering of toys eventually leads to an unorganized child. You need to teach him the ethics of playing and post-playing activities.

So where do you start?

Firstly, teach them not to scatter toys in the first place. Try giving them a specific location where they can put their toys after playing. Every time the kid throws a toy away, tell him to bring it back and play with it in the given area.
You could also make him/her learn while stacking the toys. All you have to do is bring him a narrow pocket to store all his toys. And make it a habit of storing all the toys inside, scattering free. Simultaneously, teach him to put the less used toys in the back, and the more frequently used ones in the front. This will teach him order and priority.

Arranged Toys
My Good Girl Angel!

Never give a kid many new toys at once.

Try giving him a new toy every week, so that he/she learns to play with it first and then moves onto the next one. This way he/she will know the value of each toy and will be surprised every week for a new toy.
It’s a casual approach for parents for bringing toys for their children, always try and bring some toys that help develop their brain and body. You could get them toys that help develop their motor neurons. Motor neurons are the cells in our body which help transfer charge from one body part to another, helping the cells to coordinate with muscles and the brain.

Kids Love Toys
Now she’s happy πŸ˜‰

One of the best ways to give your kid new toys every week is by joining a toy library in your city. This is the modern day good parent option that a majority of city parents follow. The library gives your kid a new toy to play every week and replaces it with the old one. They also carry out a lot of research in giving toys to your child, that in-turn saves you the hassle of selection of new toys.

It is always THE BEST option to DONATE the toys that your kid doesn’t like to play.

There are thousands of children that never get to play with toys in their entire childhood. Donating old toys will teach your child the joy of giving and probably you’ll make someone’s day, win-win.


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