How it Started?

“Blogging had never been a career option for me. It began as a passionate hobby. I loved writing and sharing my travel journeys, my love for food, and giving lifestyle advice. I started blogging during a period when no one thought it could be a chosen profession. However, for me, it never meant to be something I took lightly. I was very passionate about my writing, learning new things about the platform, exploring new ideas and everything that could help me grow.”

How it’s going on?

Today, content creation has become an industry of its own. Brands, organizations, and startups are hiring professionals for the dedicated designation. When I look back, I see my growth as a mark of achievement of all the struggles I went through – approaching brands, learning new ways of creating content. The lessons I have learned – I committed mistakes, I learned from them. The journey has not been a smooth ride. If there were slides, there were speed breakers as well. I am very privileged and thankful that I had my husband as pillar support standing on my side. Having said this, the fear of failure never stopped me. Since I started it as a passion project, I was always excited to create new content, never raced for numbers. Even today, where brands look for eye-catching numbers, my clientele returns to me for my work. The quirky ideas and my professionalism. I like to go a step ahead with my clients to give the best output. It is what makes me content, satisfies me. And is one of the reasons my clientele not just increases but they also come back. I feel proud of myself that despite the competition I am now one of the top mom bloggers of the country. That does speak about a lot, correct? At least it does to me.

Furthermore, speaking about the blogging journey, this scene has changed completely. And I, being a pioneer in the industry, have witnessed that change. When very few brands a very few bloggers were available in the market, today, every 5th person is an influencer – creating content, striving towards success, and adding to the ever-increasing competition. People are starting their blogging journey today. They are creating content some amazing and high-quality content. They get viral as well as build a fanbase stronger than ever. I get inspired by people like Jessica Bishop. They push me hard to think more creatively and bring out unique content daily. I have taken every opportunity that came my way. Right from travel blogging to lifestyle content creation. In addition to it, when my daughter was born, people say your career halts when you give birth to a child. Well, I created an opportunity out of it. I loved sharing my journey, my experiences of parenting with my audience. And luckily, it was much appreciated by my audience. So, instead of holding myself back, I stood to race ahead. Life gives me so many reasons to stop but I chose not to.

Honestly, I have never thought of the monetary benefits of Influencer Marketing– yes, it is a perk and there is no harm in charging for one’s hard work. But the zenith to go ahead every time with every opportunity is because of my passion for my work. There are a lot of lessons I have learned since day 1. I stepped into the blogging world and learning until today as I write this. I strive to keep on learning and keep on progressing for better growth and my loving and supporting audience.


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