what do you call a human who is showering utter love, who believes love is a sheer example of giving? For most of us the person would be a best friend, girlfriend or a boyfriend but for me, I call her my mom. Every day, waking up to a beautiful person beside me is a thing that fascinates me the most about being a child of God. I hardly have any words to define her beauty, charm, and charisma. Every time I look up to the sky I get a push, I feel blessed to have a Savior holding me, guiding and leading me to the path of happiness. Right from being nothing but a fetus she has given me the best protective cocoon to live in! The most beautiful and everlasting creature God has designed on earth is undoubtedly a mother.

With My Mother
My Lovely Mother

I wouldn’t always say ” I love you, mom!” to her but deep inside the core, every minute, every second, every heartbeat is gifted to her. I am so very grateful to have her as my mom.

She always rocks, molding herself as a kid to play around, chastising us when needed severely, I must say she’s a concoction of love, bliss, beauty, anger but no hatred.

I do not look up to stars and believe in my destiny, I have my mom, she is a lucky charm, above all. When we go shopping I never look at the mirror because a mother always picks up the best for her child. Once she compliments me, the games over, nothing else matters. I get tears rolling down my cheeks even at the thought of not being with her, it definitely haunts me the most.

She brings out the best in me. Since birth the only person in the entire world who knows me to the fullest and completes me is MUMMA. I’M YOUR GIRL, MUMMA. Your smile that wide grin you get on your face when your children look contented is all I want. I would never let your shine fade away. My soul is devoted to the greatest. For me, the person greater than god is my mom. I praise and dedicate every inch of my soul and body to her. Elderly people had rightly said,MAA KE CHARNO ME SWARG BASTA HAI!”. Touching her feet I realize I have a next to god person who cares for me 24*7 till eternity.

Words fall short to describe the pain and cheerfulness she goes through just to make the best possible household. She’s a kind of women who carries herself in a mesmerizing way, she looks after everyone’s needs and wants and masks her own wishes to let us grow. How could I even not think about the sacrifices she’s made to build a house into a home and a better place to live-in, in the vast lands? I give her full credits for whatever I am today and will be, she is the one who has carved me when I was just a mud ball, indeed shapeless! Making sure to get up early even before everyone wakes up and cooking delicious and mouth-watering meals for us is a true sign of unconditional love. Being by my side when the world was against me, ensuring me about my career choices, my decisions and moreover having faith in me more than I do is the thing I will chase till death kisses me and beyond.

I can now conclude, forever is not a lie, instead, it is a truth that keeps the thread equally balanced between life and death. My mom has a heart of deep abyss love and faith which will last as long as the sun shines and stars twinkle.


Snehalata Jain, Mother, Lifestyle blogger, Traveler, Foodie and has a knack of parental advice. She loves to travel with her family and especially her daughter angel so that she can teach her kid the real life experience. A Micro Biologist and lecturer by profession, a full time mother and blogger by choice. She is a social media pro since 2012 handling over 100 profiles till now. Stepping to blog was her decision when she realized that whatever you do or experience, documentation makes it authentic. She loves photography and traveling and creating unique recipes which are healthy and tasty. She writes what she experience during her trips. About Blogsikka : It was just a quick decision to make my lifestyle blog , while searching for blog name. I wanted a name which is not related to specific things as my life is so dynamic that I can’t stick to one thing. I love travelling and eat delicacies from around the world. My love doesn’t stop here , infact I love to cook delicious thing which I see during my trips and replicate at home. Blogsikka is all about my own experiences of life and i write whatever i experience. And my backbone support is my husband DILKHUSH SHAH who is chartered accountant by profession and a hard core traveler by passion. He is the reason behind my all trips. DO FOLLOW MY BLOG : and my all social media tabs


  1. Priyanka Lodha Reply

    Yes mom is the most beautiful gift in the world especially for girls ….

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