How to help an overstimulated Mom

Have you felt holding yourself up even if there is no such situation? Do you find yourself controlling your anger even if there is no such to be angry about something? Then my dear friends, you might be overstimulated. In simple words, it is like having 50 random tabs open inside your brain, which turn out to be overwhelming and frustrating at the same time. This feeling feels irritating and also might lead to a severe mental breakdown.

Being a content creator, one whose work revolved around her kids – a parenting blogger, I go through such scenes a little too often. Overtime I have found ways to relax myself and get over this feeling. We all are talking about mental health and how people should be vocal about it. However, there are many times when the mental health of parents are being talked about. So, here are some creative ways to sneak some time for yourself from your schedule. So, this blog will solely speak about exploring a few ways to cope with the topic of “feeling overstimulated as a mom”.

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6 ways to Cope up the feeling of Overstimulation Mom

Identify your warning signs and triggers of Overstimulated Mom

Everyone has it – there is always a sign or a trigger that will stimulate that feeling. It might appear coming out of nowhere, the feeling of irritation seems to be absolutely useless, but there is always a thing that must have triggered you. It could be a non-stop conversation/interaction with your kids. It could be loud noises, or sounds the kids make while eating or anything as random as it could get.

Try meditation – for Overstimulated Mom

meditation- Ways to Cope up the feeling of Overstimulation as a Mom

The most talked about remedy for mental peace, healing mental health – meditation. It is a little time taking as you need to relax yourself and focus on just one thing but it is very effective. There are miracles that you can sense in yourself once you start meditating. You are relaxed, peaceful, mindful, and less full of brain.

Use humor

There is already a lot of drama that might be going on in your life. And dramas have not been helpful for anyone in anyways. So, when it comes to relaxing, use some humor for help. Watch comedy content, content that makes you smile, laugh and live a little rather than use your brains on difficult topics.

Streamline decision-making

Being a mother, a lot of times, possesses the aura to take decisions which are smartly measured. Well, this feeling can lead to overstimulation. Therefore, sometimes just balance and stop fighting between the pros and cons for taking a decision.

Establish a routine

Remember the time we used to make a timetable for ourselves? We did not follow it much often but whenever we did a lot of the work was done. The day used to be a productive one when we followed a schedule. Well, it is time to establish a routine, not always you are making content, and not always you are there to relax. So, balance is the key.

Take a step back

This is the most important way which I take when things are falling from my hand. There are times when how much I try, there are sometimes things that are left to do, there are situations that go out of my hand – this is the time when I take a step back. Just sit back and relax. Take a deep breath and let things flow within you. No need to stress on everything.

So, these were my tried and tested methods that I like to follow to overcome the overstimulation – for my mental peace. I hope these bring joy and relaxation in your life as well.


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