Food to Eat During Pregnancy

People are always heard saying that pregnancy is an experience, which completes a woman. Entering motherhood is one of the most beautiful feelings. Then after a woman has conceived the child and it is growing in her womb the reality check happens. However, what is told latter is the most important part. Undoubtedly, becoming a mother is an emotion one cannot explain in mere words. Bringing a soul into life is nothing less than magic. I am expecting my second child and I am sharing my experiences of each month in my pregnancy diaries. I have been given a list of food to eat during pregnancy, especially the first and second trimester.

food to eat during pregnancy

There are a lot of things that revolve around pregnancy. One of the major advises given by doctors, relatives, and everyone around you is that you must take care of yourself and eat healthily. As said my diet in the first month was very abrupt and inaccurate, if you may call so. I did not feel like eating anything. There were fewer cravings to eat food than to not eat. In addition to it, there are a lot of changes my body and routine is going through. One of them being the diet. My diet has taken a toll on me already. From the first month until now.

Nevertheless, I knew I have to take care of the child growing in me more than anything else. A woman needs to maintain a healthy diet, especially during the first and second trimester. The body goes through so many, it needs extra calories of around 350 to 500, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients.hormonal changes.

Below are some of the important tips and tricks I would like to share with you, which I have learned throughout my journey until now.

Increase the intake of the following eateries during pregnancy
  1. Dairy Products: These are the best products to consume in your pregnancy. To fill your calcium and protein needs, dairy products are a must-have during pregnancy. Especially yoghurt – which is the best option if you do not like consuming milk. Lactose intolerant people can also tolerate yoghurt.
  2. Legumes: Legumes consists of peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans, and peanuts. They have a huge amount of iron, fibre, folate, protein and provides you with all that you need to eat during pregnancy. It would come to you as a shocker, but there are a lot of pregnant women who are unable to consume the nominal amount of folate in their diet.
  3. Fresh fruits: My doctor always says Eat fruit as much as you can and if you can take fruit as it is, it’s much better as juicing it sometimes changes its natural fibres. The juice is good only in case you are not able to eat. Fruits directly eaten fills your tummy and your digestion system starts working in proper mode creating more enzymes to digest your food. Coconut water is a must in case of dehydration and mineral deficiency. Everyone says you should not eat papaya or pineapple. But eating two to three pieces sometimes won’t harm you. Do not eat in first trimester these two fruits, later you can ea if you wish in small quantities. I do eat papayas n pineapple as mix fruit salad. I get muscle sprain attack in the night, that’s due to less calcium, so I make sure that I take my daily calcium tablets daily. Try to eat more pomegranate as much as you can as healthy munching. Healthy breakfast and hot breakfast is always good. In case you feel your fetus is moving less and you are missing it. Give a sugar boost to urself and see your baby kicking faster.
How to manage your food habits during pregnancy

There is no rocket science to understand that you need to eat healthy and clean when you are expecting a baby. Especially during the first trimester, you need to eat fibrous food. Food that is rich in calcium, iron, and protein. It will be nice if you eat home-cooked food and ensure that you maintain a balanced diet.

If it seems to be time-consuming for you, you can always freeze large portions of dishes during the weekend. Having said that fresh food is always preferred, but to save time or your energy there are various healthy diet options available. If I buy freshly frozen eatables, I make sure to check the ingredients and thereafter make my purchase.

Additionally, you can always freeze vegetables. You can chop the vegetables and freeze them over the weekend. This can then be used now and then in your routine diet.

Drink lots of Water apart from the fluids during pregnancy:
This is one such thing, which either you are pregnant or not being told about it. However, undoubtedly, water is one thing that needs to go in you in a huge amount. Water must be drunk until you quench your thirst.

Foods that you need to avoid during pregnancy

Keeping it simple and raw, since a lot of times a lot has been said that you need to avoid and so and so dish. However, we tend to make mistake their and eat them. Therefore, the following are the food items which must be avoided:

  • Raw Meat
  • Raw Eggs
  • Fish – swordfish, shark, tilefish
  • Unpasteurized dairy products
  • Soft cheese
  • Ready to eat food items
  • Alcohol

Being vegetarian, we lack in protein content in food hence I majorly rely on sprouts. But people who eat Non-vegetarian food, must take a protein-rich diet.

Myths that go around about the eating habits in pregnancy

There are certain myths that I have come across during my pregnancy:

Food Craving: About food cravings, initially people used to say that it is such that a woman has a sudden craving or eating ice cream. It must not always be the case, sometimes the body lets you know that it needs such an item because it requires the nutrients available in it. Not the particular food item. I don’t have any craving, I only crave for food be it Normal meal like Dal chawal or Roti sabzi. I just want to eat something, so I keep many healthy munchin with me. Though sometimes I like to eat pickles or odewa but that’s only when my taste buds are dead.

Morning Sickness: A lot of times it happens that when I woke up, I felt morning sickness and thought if I would not eat anything it will be alright. However, I was wrong. Our body needs food to gain energy and so does the baby that is growing in you.

You are eating for two: A very cliché saying that goes around are “you have to eat for two lives”. This certainly does not mean that you need to eat twice as you were initially consuming. You need to increase your calorie intake of around 200 calories or above. And especially in your first trimester, you are not eating for two people.

Key Takeaway of what to eat during pregnancy

You must work with your doctor, to know and list down an eating plan for yourself during pregnancy. Each trimester might come up as a different one, you must be craving for something in one and not feel like eating in another. You need to gain weight, but how much is what your doctor will be able to decide and let you know better.

Most of the time our baby’s organ development will occur during the first and second trimester. Therefore, it is important that you are as healthy and kept as much you can be during any crucial time of this stage.


  1. Yes for sure we need to consult our doctors but most importantly we have to listen to our body. Eating for two has been misinterpreted for years. It’s time to correct that.

  2. the need for a balanced healthy diet increases during pregnancy. An informative post for all expecting parents. Staying away frm junk is also a must.

  3. I agree healthy diet is very important for healthy pregnancy and along with what to eat, it is equally important yo know what not to eat? i am glad that you had included this too, in this post. will help a lot to pregnant women. and ya, discuss with your doctors is equally important.

  4. Sarah Shaikh Reply

    Healthy and balanced diet is truly important during pregnancy.Avoiding junk food is the best option too.You have covered these points so will be definitely helpful for the upcoming new parents to be.

  5. I hogged a lot during my pregnancy . I ate almost anything and everything because i was feeling hungry all the time!!!

  6. I have a different experience in both the pregnancies. At the time of my first pregnancy, I always feel hungry and just the opposite in the second. So I think drink plenty of water and fluids is good. Citrus fruits are also the saviour.

  7. Great advice and good job busting some of those common myths. Eating a healthy meal and maintaining a healthy weight is important

  8. Eating healthy is very important throughout your pregnancy. Apart from pomegranate, spinach and drumstick are also great option for iron intake. Dry fruits like almonds , dates and figs also provide several other vital nutrients. Great tips for all expectant mons

  9. Ruchi Verma Reply

    It’s really important what diet you are on during pregnancy and post-pregnancy as it is very much effective for baby too!! I loved the way you explained !!

  10. Anita Singh Reply

    Thanks for healthy post 👍👍 due to some reason meri bitiya ko bhi calcium deficiency hai, usko supplement lena padta hai usko bolungi ki daily food me pomegranate add karne k liye
    Wishing you healthy n joyful pregnancy 🤗🤗

  11. It is important to keep a balanced diet during pregnancy. Lots of fruits and fresh vegetables are important. Everything the body accepts happily must be taken.

  12. I was on such strict dietary restrictions during my pregnancy due to Diabetes as well as a complicated twin pregnancy. That’s when I realized it is so important to eat the right food and have a balanced meal plan. Very informative article.

  13. Eating right is always important, specially in pregnancy. Many people know it but find it difficult to have self discipline, i will share your blog with more moms to be.

  14. Agree that healthy eating is Very important during pregnancy as the baby depends on mom for growth and nutrition

  15. Eating right is so imp during pregnancy. A lot of pregnancy problems are tackled by proper eating. It’s good to get a diet plan at the start and follow it properly.

  16. Kavita Singh Reply

    This was such an informative post for all the expectant moms out there. It is imperative to pay attention to what an expectant mom eats during pregnancy. Thank you for sharing this.

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