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Franz Kalka  says  that “Food for the body is not enough, there must be food for the soul”.   Chaubara 601 makes the food,  which satisfies your soul.  As long as you have food in your mouth, your brain and heart work in sync, at least in my husband’s case. He needs proper food and satisfaction with the food.  He just doesn’t eat to fill the Tummy, but  he eats to satisfy his soul. As we all know  In India we are united for food, even when we go abroad we miss our food so much especially Sabzi and dals.  I feel like heaven when I get Indian food abroad and this is my personal experience as I have been privileged to be in Thailand n Singapore, searching for Indian food. On top of it being a vegetarian is more difficult. Since we all say India is the country of colours, tradition, culture, religions, festivals, but most importantly it is the food with appealing colours unites us more.   Cooking in India is not just a mundane, but a way of sharing with other and spending quality time with family.

The family take major decisions on the dining table because everyone feels super content after having good food.  So coming to most common food which we order in hotel and restaurants is Punjabi Sabzi, this means we are all stuck to flavours of Punjabi Sabzi, hope you agree with me and why do we love Punjabi Sabzi because of its gravy and food texture.


Being a vegetarian I always love to eat Punjabi Sabzi and kulcha, naan and Lassi at the end.  But do we get that authentic food in any restaurant which serves Chinese and Continental too, no I guess you need a proper Punjabi restaurant and that’s how I landed to Chaubara 601 at Thane.

As soon as I entered the restaurant which was roof top restaurant, chilling breeze touched my face and I was thrilled already and as we enter from the lift,

I saw munimji sitting and welcoming us and colorfully painted tassels curtains and completely coloured wall paper wall with a decorated cycle in typical Punjabi style.

Mannat ka Dhaga

Moving on we went to reception and found a wishing well and Mannat ka Dhaga wali wall (Wish wall and wish well) where you can ask wish before you enter the restaurant.

Shamiyana at Chaubara 601

As soon as we moved further I saw a big huge open restaurant with two sides shamiana giving a look of marriage reception, where a whole group of 20 can be accommodated.

The shamiana was so well decorated as if some one marriage is going on. In between the dining tables were arranged which was named in the name of Bollywood movie like Saudagar, coolie which is a tribute to Shri Amitabh Bachchan.

The moment we sat, the service was started. Initially, we were welcomed by jeera water and jeera chat pata alu and mukka pyaaz which was actually pressed with hands and marinated with spices n lemon and it was really tasty.

Then the real star plates started coming and since we had ordered all veg dishes, we were served veg starter consist of Veg platter of Panner(Cottage Cheese) Alu nazakat (Stuffed Potatoes), Gonchay bahar, (Tandoori Cauliflower) Bharwa kumbh (Mushrooms).


The starters were so well presented that we couldn’t wait to click a decent picture and we were tempted to eat fast. The best out of it was Gonchar Bahar I still remember the mouth watering dishes.

Moving to the main course, we ordered roti basket which consists of all kinds of India rotis and bread, and best was their special naan, which was spicy red naan stuffed with red chilli and butter.

Moving to Sabzi we had amritsari chole, they were just awesome, and badi lahshuniya, Sabzi made of Punjabi vadi with an excess of garlic and we also had panner and Dal Makhani which was so buttery and delicious but very heavy for me, that I couldn’t finish it.

Now comes the super star is corn peas pulav, now u will ask me, what’s the big thing in this, the moment u take the first bite, of rice pulav, you get hypnotised, why because they have cooked rice in mogra water and at last they serve with gulab jal and that floral smell makes rice so strong that your mouth is full of aroma.

Finally we were so full that we wanted to stop, but Chaubara 601 will not allow you, as they bring, dessert platter, which consists of golden papaya sheera, kheer biranj and bharwa rabdi roti, and I tell you, u can’t eat only one spoon though it’s a dessert, I finished kheer completely. The taste buds were so much activated by this time that I really wanted to get up, run and come back to eat more, but I didn’t and continuing, we got gulab and badaam ki Lassi, and I bet I have never tasted better Lassi than this in my life.

Now when you want to end up a meal, what else you want ice cream or pan, but Chaubara 601 gives u pan bahar ice cream (flavour of pan in ice cream.) And it was the cherry on top. Finally, I finished and got up after eating that royal supper, I went towards, kitchen which was transparent and happy to tell you that you can eat food which is being made in front of your eyes.

There was a wall which was given a cool look of rural places. The big wall of one side was completely decorated with half cut pots. Over all the feelings I have experienced is unexplained in words.

Here are some glimpses of Chaubara 601


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  1. I really love the name of the place . Its already very attractive. Everything in pictures are so beautiful and amazing. Food looks like gives the feeling of home made. And decoration is very damn superb. Its a must visit place.

  2. I love Punjabi food. A friend of mine is Punjabi and we used to work together – almost every day I would pounce on her lunch 😀

  3. The Pictures made me feel hungry. Thanks for sharing the review. place looks great. who can say no to Punjabi food.:)

  4. Wow.. i m a vegetarian and this has tempted me so much that my mouth is watering

  5. Joshita JJ Reply

    The decor is amazing. And the food looks delicious. It is a must visit place…

  6. Papri Ganguly Reply

    thanks for this virtual treat. like the place and food. Looks like they serve authentic Panjabi Khana.

  7. Hey even i was invited to go there… But somehow I missed the vent.. This restaurant belongs to one of my friend… Looks like a great place for indian food

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