Tips for Reducing Parenting Stress

Parenting is definitely a tough job. Add to the mix sleepless nights, tantrums, and the seemingly never-ending daily grind of laundry, and it’s easy to see how even the most patient parents might reach their breaking point. However, there are ways you can reduce your parenting stress, as we’re going to go over in this post! Here we will talk about strategies and tips for reducing parenting stress, like creating a daily routine so that you can make time for yourself too. So, let’s dig into detail on the strategies.

Tips for Reducing Parenting Stress
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  • Create a Routine

When you are a parent, you are already very familiar with the word routine! This is how many of you got to sleep before becoming a parent. Make time in your day for yourself and your partner to create some special together time so that you don’t both feel 100% responsible all of the time.   

  • Create an Emotional Sanctuary

Here’s a strategy that might get me off the couch! Set up an emotional sanctuary: a place with relaxing music or nature sounds where you can go if things become too much to bear. This might be a place where you can speak about the problems that are bothering you, or it could be a place to go for some alone time and a self-soothing activity. The place is important here as it can be too much for one person to see the other go into a meltdown!

  • Make Time for Yourself

During the week, try setting aside at least 15 minutes for yourself. Set your timer to 15 minutes, and start meditating, reading, exercising, and even taking phone calls if necessary. This way, you can use this time before bed or when you get home from work. 

  • Get Your Partner to Help

Although it’s important for you to take some time for yourself, your partner can take some time too. To encourage this, ask your partner to share some household chores with you. For example, it will be nice to have a breather from these tasks if you are overwhelmed with cleaning and laundry. 

  • Explore New Opportunities

Get creative and explore new opportunities to reduce stress in parenting strategies. For example, try a new class or activity that you both enjoy. This is a great way to have a fun time together, get out of the house, talk about something different and give you something new to do!  

  • Keep Life in Perspective

When you feel weighed down by life, take some time to step back and look at things from a larger perspective. Think about the big picture, and remind yourself that this shall pass. Next, you should print out your goals and highlight areas where you feel you have control over things. This can be an important tool when life feels out of control. 

  • Work It Out Together

Talk with your partner about how to make things better. If you can solve a problem together, it will make things much easier for you both! There is no reason why you should always be miserable.

  • Shift Your Time Schedule

Many things go into making your day apart from just making time for yourself. Avoid getting too caught up in your schedule and let it control your life. If something needs to be done, don’t look at it as a chore, but rather see the problem from a different perspective and see if you can find a solution to make it easier for you.

In a nutshell, considering these points will surely help parents to get a relaxed free environment.

How to help an overstimulated Mom

Have you felt holding yourself up even if there is no such situation? Do you find yourself controlling your anger even if there is no such to be angry about something? Then my dear friends, you might be overstimulated. In simple words, it is like having 50 random tabs open inside your brain, which turn out to be overwhelming and frustrating at the same time. This feeling feels irritating and also might lead to a severe mental breakdown.

Being a content creator, one whose work revolved around her kids – a parenting blogger, I go through such scenes a little too often. Overtime I have found ways to relax myself and get over this feeling. We all are talking about mental health and how people should be vocal about it. However, there are many times when the mental health of parents are being talked about. So, here are some creative ways to sneak some time for yourself from your schedule. So, this blog will solely speak about exploring a few ways to cope with the topic of “feeling overstimulated as a mom”.

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6 ways to Cope up the feeling of Overstimulation Mom

Identify your warning signs and triggers of Overstimulated Mom

Everyone has it – there is always a sign or a trigger that will stimulate that feeling. It might appear coming out of nowhere, the feeling of irritation seems to be absolutely useless, but there is always a thing that must have triggered you. It could be a non-stop conversation/interaction with your kids. It could be loud noises, or sounds the kids make while eating or anything as random as it could get.

Try meditation – for Overstimulated Mom

meditation- Ways to Cope up the feeling of Overstimulation as a Mom

The most talked about remedy for mental peace, healing mental health – meditation. It is a little time taking as you need to relax yourself and focus on just one thing but it is very effective. There are miracles that you can sense in yourself once you start meditating. You are relaxed, peaceful, mindful, and less full of brain.

Use humor

There is already a lot of drama that might be going on in your life. And dramas have not been helpful for anyone in anyways. So, when it comes to relaxing, use some humor for help. Watch comedy content, content that makes you smile, laugh and live a little rather than use your brains on difficult topics.

Streamline decision-making

Being a mother, a lot of times, possesses the aura to take decisions which are smartly measured. Well, this feeling can lead to overstimulation. Therefore, sometimes just balance and stop fighting between the pros and cons for taking a decision.

Establish a routine

Remember the time we used to make a timetable for ourselves? We did not follow it much often but whenever we did a lot of the work was done. The day used to be a productive one when we followed a schedule. Well, it is time to establish a routine, not always you are making content, and not always you are there to relax. So, balance is the key.

Take a step back

This is the most important way which I take when things are falling from my hand. There are times when how much I try, there are sometimes things that are left to do, there are situations that go out of my hand – this is the time when I take a step back. Just sit back and relax. Take a deep breath and let things flow within you. No need to stress on everything.

So, these were my tried and tested methods that I like to follow to overcome the overstimulation – for my mental peace. I hope these bring joy and relaxation in your life as well.

Hair Accessories for Baby Girls

Hair is one part of our body that completely changes our personality. This goes on with not just adults but also with kids. Baby girls with small and cute hairstyles add to their subtle and charming personalities. Adding a cute accessory to their hair works like the icing on a cake. The market is flooded with cute hair accessories for baby girls. There is no end to buying such cute and different hair accessories for the kids. However, we all know after some time when they grow up it will not be essential anymore, but memories. But if you were searching for some “must-haves”, below is a list specially curated by me on 5 must-have hair accessories for baby girls!

I have made sure to add accessories, which are unique yet versatile to be used on multiple occasions.

  • Mini Flower Shaped Hair Clips:  Product ID: B079RM616Y

These are simple, multi-colored hair clips. These come in a very compact size, which is a perfect find for your baby girl. Since it comes in different colors, you do not need to buy one matching every dress. One purchase serves your purpose.

My thoughts: I would completely recommend this set. Since it is very useful for daily purposes and is soft and skin-friendly for baby girls.

  • Fancy Headwear Accessories: Product ID: B07VJYWX78

This beautiful set is fancy rose gold and pink shade accessories. These will go with most of the dresses that your baby girl owns. It comes with different hair ties, ribbon ties, and hair clips.

My thoughts: Recommend it if you like to doll up your baby girl. This pack has a unique skimmer accessory along with some satin ties.

  • Mix Style Headwear Accessories Ribbon Bow:  Product ID: B0851F2B75

There are a lot of hair ties and accessories in this box that will come to your use daily. The box has some quirky bow-shaped ties and polka dots designs hair accessories.

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My thoughts: I will recommend this for two major reasons: One it has some quirky designs and patterns and two since it can be used for multiple dress options.

  • Hair Accessories Fashion Clips: Product ID: B07VR5PX6F

This is a very basic all-in-one hair accessory pack. It can be used for toddlers and girls up to the age of 10. Since it has a lot of hair bands and simple hair ties it makes it a must-have for daily use.

My thought: The hair accessories set is a complete must-have for baby girls. You get an option for hair bands, ties, and clips.

  • Minnie Mouse Hair Band for Girls: Product ID: B07BXWHLFT

A very quirky piece. One must feel hesitant to have this as a must-have, but this Minnie mouse hairband suits baby girls. It makes them look like a cuter version of Minnie Mouse.

My Thoughts: I would recommend this one, since the quality is great, and the design looks very cute.

This was my list of the 5 must-have hair accessories for baby girls. Now, it is on you to decide depending on the occasion, which hair accessory you choose.


Best wash for little kids

My babies are always the most cherished part of my life. Just like any mother, I  always tend to build an unbreachable bond and protection around them to guard him against all the bad influences of the world. That’s why while choosing the baby wash, I choose the best in the market.

I know, a lot of new brands are emerging in the market, so it is difficult to choose the perfect baby wash for sensitive skin which cleanses the baby’s skin without losing the moisturization also, it should be made up of good ingredients. The artificial additions are a must look into when buying body washes for skin as sensitive as that of a baby; the synthetic ingredients often have a harsh and dominant smell, which can be harmful to babies.

Best wash for little kids

If you are in the same boat, then my suggestion would be really useful for you. I have jotted down the top 5 Baby Washes which not only retain moisturizer into the skin and protect the baby’s skin from harmful chemicals.

  1. Mother Sparsh Plant-Powered Baby Wash

I have been using Mother Sparsh products for over a year and gladly they didn’t disappoint me. Mother Sparsh Plant-Powered Baby Wash is the ultimate choice for sensitive and delicate baby skin. It is an herbal blend of centuries-old plants with medicinal values.

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Also, It contains elements such as Grapeseed oil which moisturizes the skin and aids in every care of baby’s skin needing. Mother Sparsh Plant-Powered Baby Wash is an organic blend and is entirely free from synthetics like Formaldehyde and Paraben. And the natural aroma is soothing and lacks any element meaning to irritate the baby.

Often brands add artificial fragrances to suppress the unpleasant odor of chemicals. But this specific body wash is 100% free of added fragrances and perfect for little babies.

It is owing to its Coconut oil cleansing action, and the goodness of Olive oil which is effective against allergies. It is one of the best baby wash for sensitive skin due to a multi-faceted allergic complication of the eye. It has the gentle essence of nature plucked Chamomile oil. The oil is a calming ingredient rather than a harsh cleansing agent present in other bodies’ washes.

Why do I recommend it?

  • The addition of Calendula oil, Avocado oil in Mother Sparsh Baby Wash adds to the moisturizing action and provides ample nutrition to the skin.
  • Mother Sparsh Baby Wash flourishes in the market owing to its unerringly true claim of being “tear-free.”
  • It is an organic blend and is entirely free from synthetics like Formaldehyde and Paraben.
  • The natural aroma is soothing and lacks any element meaning to irritate the baby.
  1. Baby Dove Rich Moisture Hair To Toe Baby Wash

Want to protect your baby’s delicate skin? Then, Baby Wash by Dove is the product in this listicle. It gives a slight scent that is liked by the babies and super gentle on the baby’s skin. As a brand, I have tried out of a lot of products and somewhere really good and this works out as a great baby wash for your baby.

baby wash

Why do I recommend it?

  • It cleanses the baby’s delicate skin without making it dry and is able to retain moisture for a long duration.
  • Baby Wash by Dove is Dye Free, Phthalate Free, Paraben Free and tested by the Dermatologist & Pediatrician.
  • Consists of a pH Neutral formula and is allergy-free.
  • You don’t need a separate shampoo and body wash for the kids. It’s the best baby wash for sensitive skin and it lives up to its expectations as mentioned by the brand.
  1. Mamaearth Deeply nourishing natural baby wash

MamaEarth Deeply Nourishing Baby Wash for babies is a cure to a wide variety of allergies commonly faced in babies; the body wash is a smooth cleanser and allows the baby’s skin to cloak itself in a superficial layer of Ayurvedic extracts to guard it against usual redness and allergies.

Why do I recommend it?

  • All ingredients in Mamaearth’s Baby Wash are natural and free of toxins and irritants.
  • It consists of the goodness of coconut oil, orange essential oil and allantoin which are responsible for deep moisturization and wash away the dirt and grim from the baby’s sensitive skin.
  • The presence of Vitamin E in Mamaearth’s baby wash will help to make the baby’s skin soft and supple.
  • It was tested by dermatologists and clinically approved in Europe.
  1. Chicco Baby Moments Gentle Body Wash And Shampoo For Soft Skin And Hair

Soothe your baby’s soft skin and wash away the dirt with the Chicco Baby Moments Gentle Baby Wash and Shampoo. It’s a 2-in-1 product that not only maintains their skin but also promotes healthy hair. It comes in different sizes, so you can try out the smaller product as well.

The presence of oats extracts and glycerine assist in moisturizing and softening the baby’s skin as well as cleanses it gently.

Why do I recommend it?

  • Chicco Baby Wash has no trace of SLS, SLES, dyes, alcohol, artificial colors and parabens.
  • Specially formulated with the goodness of organic products to gently cleanse the baby’s tender skin and soft hair.
  • The pH level in the baby wash is neutral and dermatologically tested.

5. Dabur Baby Wash: pH 5.5 balanced with No Harmful Chemicals & Tear Free Formula

As a brand, Dabur is one of the most famous skincare or body care brand which also falls in the affordable category. They have launched the baby care range which is preferred by the mom and their babies too. Dabur Baby Wash is enriched with ayurvedic herbs without any trace of chemicals or toxins. It is super gentle on baby’s skin and dermatologically tested safe for the kids.

Why do I recommend it?

  • Dabur Baby Wash is packed with ayurvedic ingredients which also include coconut, calendula and aloe vera.
  • It is a mild baby wash and 100% soap-free.
  • This baby wash gently cleanses the skin of the baby while maintaining a balanced skin pH.
  • The scent is pretty mild and doesn’t irritate the baby’s nose or eyes.

I hope you are able to find a mild baby wash for your baby’s delicate skin. From the presence of organic ingredients to deep moisturization, every type of baby wash that might be suitable for your baby is covered in this list.

Leave a comment if you have tried or brought any of the above recommendations. Stay tuned for more skincare regimes exclusively for little ones.

Experiential Learning for Kids

We all are aware of the fact that kids learn the best while playing and having hands-on experience. In the era of multiple distractions and extra protective parents, it has been pretty tricky for the kids to have practical, real-life experiences that people from our generation had while playing outside and discovering stuff independently. Well, the deficiency can be fulfilled through Experiential learning.

Experiential Learning for Kids

What is experiential learning?

Experiential learning is based on learning things by experiencing, experimenting, creating, interacting, and practically indulging in simple activities in the surroundings. Specific characteristics of experiential learning :

  • It is suitable for all age groups and helps kids who are full of curiosity and have excellent learning potential.
  • It is usually very flexible and doesn’t have a rigid structure. Fewer rules, more learning.
  • It utilizes safe, simple activities that require little adult supervision.
  • Kids are free to explore nature and can go on according to their own pace and comfort.
  • Awareness through their surroundings through creative learning, imaginative playing, fun activities like dance, music, painting, or travel or excursions.

The kids answer the questions like did they notice that, why or how that occurred, if it happens in real life, and where they could utilize it. 

What are the advantages of Experiential Learning for kids?

Studies demonstrate that the brain retains 75% of the knowledge it gains by practically experiencing or doing things themselves compared to the meager 10% and 5% by reading and hearing, respectively.

This renders the traditional learning methodology that involves mugging up other‘s experiences and narrow scope for exploration pretty ineffective. Certain advantages are:

  • Lets the kids explore their creative side and make independent observations.
  • It expands the child’s thinking horizons and feeds their curiosity, making them more intelligent.
  • Limitless learning is practiced without any pieces of equipment, regardless of time and space. 
  • Help understand the concept behind facts while finding the solutions to their doubts.
  • Kids find answers independently without depending on some preset knowledge or experience. It asserts that there’s no fixed way to look at situations or solutions.
  • Solving queries on their own fills them with a sense of entitlement, leading to growth in confidence and personality.
  • It makes observative and encourages fresh perspectives. 
  • Teachers are dealing with difficult situations and failures.
  • Allows a hang of social and soft skills practically that can’t be taught in a close classroom or through books.

Experiential learning activities for kids

The activities for Experiential learning for kids needn’t be hefty or challenging to follow. They must be full of life skills to let the child grasp the concept in an experimental form. Few activities to begin with:

  • Potting a plant and watching its growth.
  • Traveling places, museums, historical monuments and let the kids explore.
  • Let them do clay modeling and make anything their creativity allows
  • Use dice for teaching numbers and playing various games.
  • Allow them to look up for a less known country or region on an atlas or globe.
  • Let them use blankets or bedsheets to set up a makeshift tent.
  • Team exercises of treasure hunt.
  • Problem-solving through identifying the utility of an object in a given situation.
  • Grocery shopping and teaching them numbers, colors, and remembering stuff.

There are so many activities that can let the kids learn through experiential learning. One needs to let their mind wander and develop their senses. 

Baby Laundry Detergent

When a baby arrives in your life, everything around you changes, isn’t it? From a carefree person, you switch to become a picky shopper. You want to give all the comfort to your baby boo in this world, no matter what! Choosing a baby laundry detergent plays an essential role in my life. I have been specific when it comes to babies, and they are sensitive to everything around them,

Baby Laundrt deteregent

I know you might be wondering that finding a baby detergent is even a requirement? Honestly, I was wondering the same. I have never thought I would ever purchase an extra detergent for my baby clothes. But, the shopper inside was intrigued, and that’s how I started researching about using a laundry detergent for babies. I found out that the baby’s sensitive skin might react to clothes after washing in harsh detergents.

If you are looking to buy a laundry detergent for babies with sensitive skin, I would like to share the top 5 baby laundry detergents.

  1. Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Laundry Detergent for Babies

Are you looking for a detergent that is tougher on stains but delicate on your baby’s skin? Then look no further than the natural blend of botanical herbs laundry detergent specially made to maintain the hygiene of your munchkin i.e., Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Laundry Detergent for Babies.

I have always trusted Mother Sparsh as a brand because the ingredients are plant-based. I have tried several products from this brand and included them in my baby’s vanity. I was elated when I got to know that they have a baby laundry detergent. Their product looked prominent on the website and saw good reviews as well. So, I had to give it a try.

The usage of the Aloe extracts, Eucalyptus oil, and the neem extracts makes it unique, the first choice for every mom, and one of the best laundry detergents for babies with sensitive skin. The presence of the aloe vera extracts helps to minimize the risk of skin problems which makes it gentle on the clothes, baby’s skin, environment, and hands. Neem extracts play a role in eliminating the bacteria from the baby’s clothes. After washing clothes, eucalyptus oil bestows a natural fragrance to the clothes.

It is a mild detergent exclusively for the baby’s laundry. But, added Bio-enzymes are powerful enough to remove the bad smell, milk residue, and dirt.

Why would I recommend it?

  • No trace of any harsh chemicals like SLS/SLES, phosphates, dyes, parabens, bleach, and foam booster makes it the best laundry detergent for babies with sensitive skin.
  • It is a dermatologically tested and mild baby detergent that makes it perfect for baby clothes.
  • All the ingredients are extracts from nature as well as essential oils.
  • Able to remove tough stains and bacteria as this baby laundry detergent ingredient consists of antibacterial properties.
  • Super gentle on the newborn baby and allergen-free due to the presence of essential oils.
  • It is available on Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Firstcry, and their official website.

Here is the link to the product:  Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Laundry Detergent for Babies

  1. Chicco Laundry Detergent Fresh Spring

Burying your baby’s laundry clothes over the other’s family members’ laundry is not the right option. Just like your baby needs an extra set of skincare that suits his sensitive skin, they need a baby laundry detergent.

That is why I have added Chicco Laundry Detergent Fresh Spring to this list. It is dermatologically tested and safe for kids.

Why would I recommend it?

Here some of the top reasons why I love this product:

  • It is free from chemicals like phosphorus, fluorescence, brighteners, and colorant.
  • This baby detergent is Dermatologically tested.
  • After washing, it leaves a mild natural fragrance on clothes.
  • It can tough stains from oil, baby food, dirt, fruits, and veggies.
  • Able to kill 99% of bacteria on the clothes from the food spillage, drool, sweat, etc.
  • Suitable for hand wash as well as machine wash.

It is available on various websites like firstcry, Amazon, Flipkart, and their official website.

Here is the link to the product: Chicco Laundry Detergent Fresh Spring

  1. Pigeon Multifunctional Laundry Detergent

As the baby comes home, the laundry gets doubled. But, you should not use your regular detergent to wash off the dirt from your baby’s clothes. Their delicate and sensitive skin needs an exclusive baby laundry detergent i.e., Pigeon Multifunctional Laundry Detergent.

Why would I recommend it?

  • It is free from alcohol and able to remove stains.
  • This baby laundry detergent is safe for babies with sensitive skin.
  • Able to protect the color and fabric of the clothes.
  • The softness of the fabric remains intact.
  • Available in two options – Lemongrass and Sunshine.

Here is the link to the product: Pigeon Multifunctional Laundry Detergent

  1. NATURAL LIFE Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent

Keep your baby’s skin and clothes protected with the baby detergent by Natural Life Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent. It is also a good option while choosing laundry detergent for babies.

Why would I recommend it?

  • No harmful chemicals are included.
  • This baby detergent keeps the baby’s clothes soft and comfy
  • Ingredients are certified as safe and environment friendly

Here is the link to the product: NATURAL LIFE Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent

  1. Mee Mee Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent

One of the popular brands in baby care has recently launched the Mee Mee Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent. When it comes to choosing a laundry detergent for babies, it is also one of the good brands to choose from the options available in the market.

Why would I recommend it?

  • No use of harsh chemicals and a mild baby laundry detergent exclusive for baby’s clothes.
  • There is no presence of artificial colorants and brightens up the colors of the baby’s clothes.
  • Keeps the clothes soft and makes them gentle and rash-free for the baby’s skin.

Here is the link to the product: Mee Mee Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent

Wiggle your little munchkins because these laundry detergents for babies are safe enough to keep your baby’s clothes clean and soft. I hope you are enjoying this series of baby care products. If there is any specific product that you would like me to review, let me know in the comments below.

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3 Y’s of Effective Parenting

Welcome to the second last article of this A to Z Challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z! It feels so amazing to discuss some of the great parenting tips. I hope those tips are helpful for you. So, let’s start with 3 Y’ of Effective Parenting. 

  • Yeasty

Yeasty relates to being creative and excited at the same time. And, when you are a parent, it is important to have both emotions. Because if you are creative and you put your ideas into reality, your kids will be inspired by you and they will tend to do the same. 

  • Yogic 

As you might know, the word yogic symbolizes being involved in the yoga exercise. The idea of adding this word into the list of effective parenting is to focus on exercise because it will encourage your children to be physically and mentally fit.

  • Young At Heart

As you tend to be a responsible parent, it gets burdensome to be lively all the time. But, being open-minded and welcoming your child’s perspective helps you to be young at heart as well. Don’t take too much stress over the little things. Try to have a positive outlook and encourage as well as support them in their decision-making. Because not only they will trust you more but also it will help you to make a stronger connection with your child.  

So have you enjoyed these tips? I have put a lot of thoughts and great tips that I could think of. If you have your special parenting tips, please share them in the comment section. 

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3 Z’s of Effective Parenting

I know being parents is a tough job, you have to be careful with every step. Don’t you agree? Raising the kids was never so easy but you don’t have to be perfect. You just need effective parenting tips that will help you as a mini-guide in your parenting journey. Be thankful to the #BlogChatterAtoZ Challenge is allowing me to share my personal experience with you. You might have been reading my blogs, and you know today is the last alphabet from this challenge.

3Z’s that you have been waiting for, now it is the time to reveal the 3Z’s of effective parenting. Let’s get started with our last article with #BlogChatter. 

  • Zeal

Our first word with Z is Zeal which means to have great enthusiasm or energy. Enthusiasm and energy are directly related to kids, they immediately get pepped up for anything. Being a parent, you need to involve them in your workout activities. Take your child with you for a morning walk. Structured activities help teens to be physically active. These activities will allow them to experience positive emotion, skills, and character development. Remember you don’t have to force them, you just have to make the exercises and activities interesting.

  • Zappy

Zappy means energetic that a child should be. Nowadays kids are more addicted to mobiles and laptops. Trust me they have lost interest in outdoor games. You have to make your efforts by teaching them how you play at your times. Make them learn about the new outdoor games that you might have played at your school time. Play with them, give them the activity that describes their personality. Brainstorm their mind and challenge them for different activities.

  • Zen

Zen means calm attentiveness. To raise a zen child means to raise a healthy, creative, and expressive child. To make them learn, honor their natural wisdom, appreciate their decision, make them a part of your decisions, give them a practical and ask them to solve it. You need to grow yourself to make them grow.

So these are the 3Z’s of effective parenting that will help you to raise your child. I hope you have learned some great tips about parenting! For any doubts, you can drop a comment below!

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3 X’s of Effective Parenting

The journey of being a parent is a kind of a learning curve. The more you grow with your child the more you explore your parenting experience. Since we are coming to the end of the #BlogChatterA2Z challenge, I would like to share the best of the tips in this series. Because we will be surely meeting next year again for this challenge. 

Let’s discuss the 3 X’s of Effective Parenting in the A to Z challenge. 

  • Xany

The meaning of Xany is being energetic. I know it is not as easy as it sounds. Because a parent has a lot of responsibilities and that’s how being energetic comes into the picture. If you are full of energy and happiness, your child will surely replicate your behavior. But, if you are lazy and just lying around, don’t expect your child to be energetic. 

  • Xenacious

Xenacious means being ready for the change. Well, most people find it difficult to accept the change so, in the end, it becomes super annoying to adapt to the changes around them. When your child is a toddler, they will have a different liking and various ambitions but when they grow up into a teenager or adult their choices might change. So, try to be supportive and accept the change with open arms.

  • Xenial 

The word Xenial represents the quality of the person who is Hospitable or welcomes the guest and maintains a positive relationship with them. The reason behind including this word is it helps the child to learn how to maintain the relationship with new people and that can only be learned if the parents are welcoming or forming new relationships. It can be as easy as greeting your neighbor. 

3 X’s of Effective Parenting

These are the 3 X’s of effective parenting. I think these are unique tips and most people don’t consider them as covering these tips. But, I love to share my experience and connect with you all. 

Do let me know your opinions in the comment section. 

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3 W’s of Effective Parenting

If you want to be an effective parent, then you will always make the right decision for your child that aligns with their interest, isn’t it? And the road to being a perfect parent is never-ending. And becoming a ‘perfect’ parent is a cliche title because you can’t become one. You will make mistakes even after becoming parents for years.

So, never strive for becoming perfect. Always try to be an effective and impactful parent. So, in the A to Z Challenge by #BlogChatterA2Z, I am sharing 3 W’s of effective parenting. Also, check out the previous post in this series.

  1. Welcoming

Never abandon your kids no matter how wrong they are. You can show your anger for their mistakes but never leave them. Just welcome them with your open arms and open heart. Sometimes, it is important to consider your child’s emotions and place yourself in their shoes and check what they are going through.

  1. Wise

Being wise doesn’t mean solving maths equations or doing science experiments. In life, it means much more than this. If you can distinguish between right and wrong without being biased then you are wise. You can’t make the right choice every time. But it is essential to be aware of the difference to make the best choice for your kids.

  1. Witty

When you are a parent, then you have to take care of your kids, household chores, and manage your professional work as well (if you are a working parent). You are always running on a low battery, but keeping a wittiness character can help you ease out throughout the day for sure.

Let me know in the comment which tip you are going to follow to become an effective parent. We are almost at the end of this A to Z Challenge. I hope I am teaching you new things to ace the parenting journey.