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As a mom with 2 kids, I am juggling between managing my tasks and taking care of my kids and family. And, when you have too many things on your to-do list, then ceaning takes a back seat. Well, to be honest, I am a cleanliness freak. Recently, I was searching for the best way to clean gas stove on Google. The gas stove is one of the essential parts of everyone’s kitchen. You cook your everyday meals on the gas burner. If you want to maintain the hygiene of your food preparation and longevity of your gas stove then you really need to focus on the cleaning as a part of its maintenance.

Coming back to my search results on the best way to clean a gas stove, I surprisingly found a few interesting hacks and some of them were quite similar to what my mom used to do in the kitchen. But some were a big failure or required a lot of effort. Let me share some kitchen hacks that I have adopted from my mom that sure work like magic! I have been trying them out for years so am sure you would find them useful too. These hacks will definitely make your regular tasks in the kitchen easier.  

My Top 3 Favorite Kitchen Hacks Directly Sourced From Mom’s Secret Book

Hack #1 – Boiled water for the rescue for Kitchen Cleaning

If you don’t like using them or there are no chemicals available in your house, then you can boil water in a pan and pour it drop by drop on the stain, and let it sit for a minute. Then scrub a little and if you are struggling then you can use a couple of drops of liquid soap and voila! The stain will disappear naturally. Well, this hack is my mom’s favourite but sometimes it can be a bit time-consuming. 

Hack #2 – Peeling potatoes without using a peeler

I have been trying this hack since I was very young. You can ditch peeling a potato with a peeler by just boiling the potatoes for a few minutes and then giving them a nice ice bath and the potato skin will peel off easily if you separate it from the center. 

Hack #3 – Make your citrusy fruit juice with ease

Are you struggling with squeezing a lemon even with the tongs and still not able to get out the entire juice? Then here is a hack that you’ll thank me later for. Refrigerate your lemon and then microwave it for 15 to 20 seconds. Then roll and press the lemon on your kitchen countertop and cut it equally to extract the juice. This process makes the lemon tender and that helps to take all the juice in one go. Also, I prefer to wrap the lemon with a muslin cloth or cheesecloth and then squeeze it for a seed-free experience. 

Best way to clean gas stove

Just like me, every mom in the home wants to make their kitchen as clean as possible. Sometimes the hacks for the best way to clean a gas stove might work for someone. But, if you are up for saving your time and effort, then I just found out a great quick fix to keep your kitchen clean and maintain its shine.

Recently, I stumbled upon a product that is specially made for kitchen cleaning and claims to remove 100% of the toughest stains. Then, after reading some positive reviews, I ordered Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner from Amazon in just 2 clicks. 

As soon as I got the order, I was excited to try the Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner on my gas stove. I heard that it was the best way to clean a gas stove, so why not give it a try! And on that particular day, we had cooked rice and pindi chole and definitely, there were tough oil stains in my kitchen. It was literally the day made for Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner to work its magic. With just a little of the product and less effort from me, it gave me a super clean gas stove with no streaks and an unbeatable shine. Can you guys believe it?

Well, whoever is searching or trying out hacks for the best way to clean a gas stove, should stop right now and try out Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner launched by Cif. 

How to Use Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner?

The process of using Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner does not involve any rocket science. Just spray the product on the stain and leave it for 30 seconds and gently scrub it. The stain will come out within a couple of seconds.

The powerful molecules present in the product lift the stubborn and oily stains from the surface. It also removes the grease and results in a shining and sparkling kitchen in a matter of a minute. 

No kidding, Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner is definitely synonymous with the best way to clean a gas stove. The whole cleaning will become so much easier and effortless. Now, I don’t spend hours scrubbing my kitchen shelves and stoves to get a squeaky-clean look.

Reasons to try Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner

Well, I have already declared Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner as the best way to clean a gas stove. If this reason is not enough for you, then I am sharing 6 more reasons why Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner won’t be replaced by another kitchen cleaner for a long time.

  1. The spray bottle by Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner makes it handy and mess-free as compared to liquid dispensers. The overall bottle and spray nozzle looks tough.
  2. The quantity of the product is 700 ML which definitely lasts for a very long time as you need a couple of sprays to clean even the toughest stains and grease. 
  3. No streak marks are left at all which gives a very satisfactory and clean finish. 
  4. The aroma of the product is citrusy as it is infused with orange and tangerine oil and doesn’t leave a chemical-like after smell which is indeed the best point to consider as you will be using it in your kitchen.
  5. It is safe to use around food items, which is again a plus point.
  6. It is not only the best way to clean a gas stove but the powerful molecules in the product can clean your greasy chimney which is generally covered with oil vapors due to cooking. 

If you are tempted to give it a try then you can get your hands on Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner from Amazon or you can also get it from your nearest store.

I hope you find all the kitchen hacks and the best way to clean a gas stove beneficial for you. Try out all the hacks and do let me know which worked the best for you. I have tried and tested out of a lot of other kitchen hacks, so would you be interested in watching a video on it?  If you have other hacks that worked for you, do let me know in the comment section.

Also, I have made a fun reel with my daughter using Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner. Follow me on Instagram @sneha_261013 to know more!


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  1. Your kitchen hacks are surely very useful. I like to keep my clean neat and clean. Cif Power & Shine Kitchen Cleaner looks super effective I am surely going to add it to my shopping list.

  2. The kitchen is one place where we spent the most time making delicious and healthy food for our family. Glad that a product come handy to make the best of our cleanliness mission.

    • Kitchen is usually the most used place in our homes. Also the one that needs maximum cleaning. I really liked your tips. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. I like my kitchen sparkling clean no matter what time of the day and it’s takes time and effort. With this product I’m sure going to save both!

  4. Thr cleaning process is surely simplified and easy to achieve on own. Moreover I love the citric tangy aroma it leaves behind

  5. Judy Morris Reply

    I am using this Cif Power and Shine Kitchen cleaner and it is so effective.

  6. In these day and age running a household and keeping kitchen clean becomes so challenging. Thanks for such an informative post and I agree with you that kitchen stains are always a nightmare for everyone. Will definitely try this product soon.

  7. Deepa Gandhi Reply

    I use it for my kitchen and bathroom too. Loved the hacks you shared!

  8. Thanks for sharing the kitchen hacks, peeling potatoes is always a time consuming task for me. I have recently started using the Cif kitchen cleaner and I must say it’s the best product, it saves time and effort and cleans miraculously.

    • Dr.Amrita Basu Reply

      This looks like a very useful product for the kitchen Senhalata.

  9. Will surely check this product out. I love your other hacks too. Will try them when I have time though. This product seems to be doing the trick faster.

  10. Sahil gouria Reply

    Kitchen is one place where grease and yellow stains stay for long. Cif makes it easy to clean the surface.

  11. I love cooking but cleaning is a total mess. I would definitely try this product.

  12. Aryan singh Reply

    The gas stove is one place really prone to all the vegetable and oil stains. Cif is just the solution to these.

  13. Arjun Parshetty Reply

    I am so impressed with your before n after images. I am going to try this product for sure

  14. Your post makes it seem that Cif is just the solution to a clean kitchen.

  15. Shaik Fasil Reply

    This is good for someone like me who definitely doesn’t enjoy cleaning.

  16. How interesting that I came across this when I was just wondering how to clean the huge mess in my kitchen after a party. Haha, thanks!

  17. With minimum effort, Cif is the best cleaning product for kitchen

  18. Noor Anand Chawla Reply

    I’m very impressed with your hacks! I didn’t know quite a few of them. Cif is my favourite kitchen cleaning partner too! #DontJustCleanItCifIt

  19. Thanks for the elaborate post and sharing those kitchen hacks . These will be really helpful for all of us in kitchen and we can use CIF to help clean it to perfect

  20. I am using the same product for the last few months and it works very nicely. I am very happy to use it.

  21. I am using the same product for the last few months and it works very nicely. I am very happy to use it.

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