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On World Health Day, Apollo Hospitals which is one of the most trusted healthcare groups has decided to share some of the health insights of the people of India via a group Zoom call. And, I am so lucky to say that I have been part of the webinar along with the highly experienced doctors where they have enlightened all the members on the rise of non-communicable diseases among Indians and how we can prevent them by taking some simple changes in our lifestyle.

Apollo Healthcare

We have shown some eye-opening statistics which has made me concerned more about my family’s health and wellness. According to their research, the rise of death has been increased by 67% due to non-communicable diseases and people who are facing the risk of chronic disease are highly unsafe during the pandemic era.

The whole session has bestowed tremendous knowledge about healthcare by the 6 highly esteemed people of the Apollo healthcare groups which involves

  1. Chairman of the Apollo Healthcare Groups, Dr Prathap C Reddy;
  2. Joint Managing Director of the Apollo Healthcare Groups, Dr Sangita Reddy;
  3. Group Medical Director of the Apollo Healthcare Groups, Dr Anupam Sibal;
  4. Former Director-General and Indian Council of Medical Research and President, Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation, Prof. Nirmal Kumar Ganguly,
  5. Chief Medical Information Officer of Apollo Healthcare Group, Dr Sujoy Kar;
  6. CEO of Preventive Health at Apollo Hospital in Chennai, Dr Sathya Sriram.

Here are some of the insights and learning about the rising of diseases. I have divided the webinar into some points which depict the clarity on the intensity of the exponential growth of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)

Talking About The Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and How it is Increasing

Non-communicable diseases are diseases that cannot be transmitted from one individual to another individual such as heart diseases, cancer, kidney issues, liver problems, and other chronic diseases.

In India, NCDs are becoming common and in order to break this norm, it is important to take immediate action so that you can stay healthy in your future.

Diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseases are becoming more common in 45-60 years old people as compared to people who are above 60 years, as stated by the Managing Director of Apollo Hospital, Dr. Anupam Sibal.

What Can We do Prevent it?

As per the information given in the webinar by Apollo Healthcare groups, here are some of the preventive measures to avoid NCDs.

As quoted by Dr Prathap C Reddy, ‘Around 40% of the hospital stays are booked by the people who are suffering from the NCDs’.

  • Early detection and taking advisable precautions can be a great way to fight the problem
  • Better and optimized clinical solutions can assist the patient with better healthcare.
  • Leading a healthy and active life might not guarantee for healthy future but it can reduce the risk of diseases and improve the chances of recovery,

How Apollo ProHealth Initiative is the Solution to Fight Health Issues?

From the past 37 years, Apollo Healthcare Groups have analyzed that using the previous data analytics and Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to decrease the number of people infected by NCDs.

They have recently launched Apollo’s Prohealth Program which is the amalgamation of advanced diagnosis, predictable statistics, and artificial intelligence to provide premium healthcare services to the people.

Advantages of the Apollo ProHealth – A Personalized Health Management Program

  • Assists in early detection of the diseases
  • Builds exclusive solutions to achieve your health goals
  • Provides accessibility to connect with the doctor to ensure the status of your health.
  • Helps to reduce the premature death rate related to non-communicable diseases.
  • Works on the model of taking proactive medication, clinical tests, and follow-ups on the health status.

“Proper management of your health and early detection can reduce the mortality rate by 80%”, as stated by Prof. Nirmal Kumar Ganguly.

What you should do for your healthy future?

If you are worried about your health, then it is the right time to invest in your healthcare and if you are looking for a holistic and personalized plan, then I would recommend you to go ahead with Apollo Prohealth Plan.

It starts with 5000 INR and if you want to sign up, you can check out their website. (

Apollo Healthcare Group is already a renowned brand in the healthcare industry. They have launched their health management program which is based on artificial intelligence and big data analytics which helps to acts as a shield and assists you to fight chronic disease.

It’s high time to take the responsibility for your health into your hands. Because if you don’t care about your health, then who will?

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Apollo Hospitals evolve from ‘Health of the Nation’ to the ‘Healthier Nation’
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Apollo Hospitals evolve from ‘Health of the Nation’ to the ‘Healthier Nation’
On World Health Day, We will explore how Apollo Hospitals working to evolve from ‘Health of the Nation’ to the ‘Healthier Nation’.
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