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One of India’s most well-liked and sprightly destinations, Goa is a blend of adventure and leisure altogether. From water sports to being the party animals to tranquilizing yourself by the seashore, Goa remains the unbeatable attracted spot for family trips, friendship thrills as well as for people who love to wander alone.


You can choose Goa anytime of the year hinging upon your specifications.

If you want to tap into one of the jewels of wisdom, the Calmness of mind, you would want to look forward to visiting from Mid-November to Mid-February. The weather during these months is pleasant and serene. If you want to revel in the Sunburn Festival and the party celebrations of the Christmas Eve and the New Year, December is your month to visit.

Goa becomes quite cheaper during the months from March to May, when the weather turns hot and humid. Though the tourists are seen relaxing on the beaches under the roasting sun, the Indians can opt for the Hotel stays for relaxation from their routine life.

Mid-June to October is the enticing time for the monsoon lovers. The serene Goa is lit with the trickling of raindrops and leaves the beauty of Goa all the more breath-taking.


You step in Goa, you either relax and laze around or you kick start for the day with excitement level at the peak for the day’s thrilling adventures.

Activities in Goa, the beach destination must be interconnected with the water. So, we have a number of water sports to engage ourselves into, which shall give you a sort of serenity because you’ll be by the sea and also help you dive into your thrill zone.

BANANA BOAT RIDES – One the most entertaining water sports in Goa, Banana Boat Rides bring along cool pleasant wind across your hair with amusing bumpy rides through the waters.You can enjoy this ride at some of the best beaches in Goa like Calangute, Agoda, Candolim, Palolem, Miramar, Baga, Vagator, and Anjuna.

#JET SKI RIDE – Jet Skii brings in the rush of the sea and forms the exciting speedy adventure for you. It is quite a thrill sport in Goa.

SCUBA DIVING – Goa, a hot tourist spot is enclosed with the Arabian sea with underwater life in abundance. Scuba diving takes you into the underwater fantasy land which houses fish of varied color pallet, turtles, and aquatic plants. Scuba diving gives you the peace of mind and a vibrant underwater paradise.

DUDHSAGAR WATERFALLS – The gushing water brings an appealing look to our eye and the sound of the water, a soothing experience. Dudhsagar waterfalls have a good old railway track showing a magnificent of the tall white cascade. The waterfalls are surrounded by rich flora and fauna. It is called ‘River of Milk’.

SNORKELLING – The crystal blue waters of the sea in Goa shall tempt you to go Snorkelling, a close up of colorful coral and dazzling tropical fish. Along the way to the Islands, the boatmen stop the ride in the middle of the sea and they give you a chance to have a unique lifetime experience. Some of the best snorkeling spots in Goa are Sinquerim Beach, Grande Island, Monkey Island/ Palolem Beach.

DOLPHIN SPOTTING – Dolphin spotting is great fun activity especially for sea lovers and kids who indulge in it with splendid enthusiasm.The beach belt of Sinquerim, Candolim, Calangute, Baga have easy access to the best dolphin spotting.

PARASAILING – For someone who desires to have a look at the vast blue ocean from a height and feel the gushing wind, Parasailing is a sport for you. You get a bird’s eye view of the lush greenery and the rolling hills. Candolim beach, Anjuna beach, Majorda beach, Baga beach and Dona Paula beach offer you this exciting sport.

CHRUCH & TEMPLES: Goa is famous for its churches and matter of fact there is only one temple. The thing I like was the way they keep it clean & tidy.


Goa is an exquisite mix of land and water & lush greenery and rocky hills. The best holiday chosen for its Beauty of Beaches is a great spot for leisure.

Vagator / Anjuna Beach – The Anjuna Beach in North Goa is lined up with tall palm trees and is known for its trance parties. This beach rarely gets crowded. It is a good beach for those who choose to relax their mind.

Calangute / Baga Beach – Calangute and Baga are two adjoining beaches that are definitely the most happening beaches of Goa. People enjoy the waters, relaxing and playing.

Aguada / Candolim Beach – A beach in North Goa and is one of the best beaches of Goa for lovers of water sports. It’s a great place to spend the day. One can choose to participate in a number of fun activities. The imposing Fort Aguada stands tall at one end of the beach making it look magnificent.

Varca Beach – A beach in South Goa, is quiet, calm and almost free of pesky hawkers. The major attraction of the beach is the Dolphin-watching. A number of hotels and resorts are located nearby and therefore stay is never a problem.

Palolem Beach – It is small, only about one mile long, and crescent-shaped beach. One can view the whole beach from either end. On either end of the beach are placed rocks which make the beach unique in its beauty. It is definitely one of the must-visit beaches of Goa.

So, as we see the party capital, Goa carries a lot of adventure and also is a perfect place for rejuvenating one’s mind. This is exactly why I call it a quick escape for adventure and leisure. So, on your next trip to India’s most chosen holiday spot, make sure you partake in the happening water sports and also pursue the jewel of wisdom, a peace of mind by lazing out at the beaches. If you want togoa by train then you must read this

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Why parents need to realize importance of games in student’s life

We as parents always want our children to do well at school however it just means academically good results. All of us are in love with seeing those “A” grades in their report cards as we are often told that the primary route to have a pleasant house, fulfilling career and overall successful life can be only achieved through good academic result. Thus, we end up focusing only on their academics, and that’s, a disaster. Have you ever thought on Importance of games in student’s life.

Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you about life.

                                             by Billie Jean King

Student life is not only consist of academics but also skills, interests, co-curricular activities and most importantly games and sports. A lot of times, parents stop their children from playing outside or even inside and ask them to study instead, if you are one of the parents doing this then you need to realize that this is damaging your child’s development. It is time to realize the importance of games in students’ life. Games and sports are not only important because they help the child to become fit and active but even helps them to do their chores more efficiently and allows them to do better at academics as well.

Importance of games in students life
jute bag race

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Below we have listed some of the  benefits of games and physical activities in a student’s life. Grab a cup of coffee and learn why it is important to let your children play!

Importance of games in student’s life:

1) Helps to stay in shape
2 ) Physical activity helps in improving the blood flow throughout the body and maintains overall health. It helps to control the weight, builds muscle and increases bone density. And as they say, health is wealth, hence playing takes care of an important aspect of your life.
3) Teaches time management
4) The time limit and rules in the sport events make the children eager to learn the importance of time management. Some games teach them how to be fast and quick while the others teach them how to use the time in an efficient way. Time management helps them in the long run in their academics as well as life situations.
5)Enhances Social Skills
6)Participating in games and sports develops teamwork skills in children. They realize that it is important to work together as a team. When playing in teams, children socialize with each other and this improves their confidence and charisma to talk with people outside these games.
7) Improves focus
8) Sports help the children to develop discipline. They learn to set goals and then work to carry out these goals. It makes them more focused and dedicated towards everything they do. Sports has a direct relation with enhanced concentration, improved classroom behavior and improved academics performances.
9)Increases confidence level
10) When the children receive appreciation for their skills, it builds up their confidence to an incredibly greater level. Games and sports enhance the cognitive skills, build higher self-esteem, stronger leadership skills and lowers the risk of depression. The children feel confident not only in sports but also in day-to-day activities which gives them higher level of satisfaction and better results. I hope you have understood Importance of games in student’s life.

High five principles of sports

After understanding the Importance of games in student’s life, lets understand some principles of sports in students’ life. Now let’s talk about what you as a parent have to do if your child is engaged in any kind of sports. The constant support of family helps the children to feel good about them and it strengthens your connection with them. Your teen in his/her growing age might not easily find time to spend with you, sports can give you and your teen a lot of time to appreciate and bond with each other. There are some key points you must know to give your child a safe and successful sports experience.

Successful sports experience always starts with the right choice of coach. Coach is a caring adult that follows the principles of healthy child development. The positive and supportive relationship with an adult helps the teens to develop optimistic social skills, strong self-esteem and positive peer relations. Positive coaching gives the teens the right tools to push themselves academically and physically. A good coach ensures that the child feels safe; both physically and emotionally.

The coach helps the child to learn the importance of friendship. Many times the teen gets this opportunity in schools by taking part in games and sports. It is the time when teens from different backgrounds meet together. They learn to make friends regardless of their diversity and uniqueness. They are exposed to a bigger world beyond their family and neighborhood. Friends offer support, positive competitive surroundings and healthy criticism.

Structure rules of the game
If the child is following same structure rules for sports training consistently, it can be a little boring. Children learning through new and different methods daily and with a good coach, who some time at practices allows the child to shape their own environment, use their imagination and extend a variety of sports skills through a variety of activities, helps the child to become more efficient and gives better result. When I see my kid playing some sports which I never thought, but learning to what coach is explaining makes me understand the Importance of games in student’s life. They really learn something good and usual in their life with new games.

Capability of children
Capability of children should always be put in light before providing them training for any kind of sports. It makes the children feel that they are getting better at something. They do better day by day by participating at their own skill level. You have to make sure that the equipment must be of proper size for the children and the rules are not too difficult according to their understanding level. Always keep in mind that the development of children is more important than winning or losing in the game.

The real results are seen only when the child participates in different sports events. Again, winning and losing the game really doesn’t matter. What really matters the most is participation. You have to make sure that the children are participating at their own comfort level; they have to learn making choices, have a voice of their own and do things by and for themselves. Ensure that the child always remains interested, is moving a lot and is totally motivated by what he/she is learning every day.
Games and physical activities are an integral part of children and students activities. Parents must encourage their little ones to go out and play as it is really important to keep them healthy. I hope you know understood the importance of games in student’s life, it is time to actually use the pointers discussed above in reality.

If you have anything else to add in the article, do let us know in the comment section below.

Image source : We had organised sports day in our Terapanth professional forum  community to make every parent understand the Importance of games in student’s life. And we took them to childhood games which made them realise how much our kids are lacking in sports nowadays because of excessive screen time.

Unwinding with Kids

Being a mom, have you ever came across a  situation where you just want to run away from home or scratch your hair out. Well, I go beyond my saturation level when demanding guest comes to stay at home without prior notice. If you live in the joint family, this pain of tolerating things makes you stronger.But a day comes, where you decide to take your kid and along with your husband to a place, where you don’t have anyone to interfere. This is an absolute best way to get relax.

Unwinding the calm in the chaos. People today are living a very busy and stressful life which is full of tensions and worries and it is putting an adverse effect on your kids too. So it is very essential to find a way which is free from stress and in such a case the most productive thing you can do is Relax, the only thing is you have to find the ways for it.

The key to unwinding is to find a small chunk of time where you can enjoy some kind of pampering. For many kids, a long hard day at school can also be stressful and tiring. The things which hardly matters to us in many cases does affect our kids a lot, in such conditions, it is necessary to provide them with some activities which can unwind them from their daily routine and provide some change.

There are several small ways which you can use for unwinding with kids

1. Meditation – There are several great books, apps and Cd’s available in the market that focuses on meditations for children. The goal is to inbuild the meditative scenes in the minds of kids when they are alone or are under stress.

meditation2. Storytelling about their day– Ask your child about their entire day and how it was? Don’t spend time in lecturing and debating with them, give them space and allow them to share the stress and worries they have.

3. Calming sensory tools– Depending on the choice of your child find them with some common sensory tools to calm them senses whenever they are under stress, etc.

toolsYour calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges is a famous saying by Bryant Mcgill. When you are stress-free and happy, definitely the atmosphere and the people surrounding you will also be happy. There are several places where you with your family especially with kids can enjoy and relax like the most common and the best place to have a vacation at any resort.

Resorts are the best place you can visit for relaxation that too with your family and with kids. Resorts across the country are the hot spots for people to cool off and beat the heat in the summer. Many resorts and hotels provide a special welcome for babies and toddlers. Resorts are the most convenient and cost-effective vacation for the kids. It is the place which makes the stay more comfortable and makes them feel as safe at home.

With kid-friendly amenities and several activities for kids, resorts are the perfect accommodation choice for a family getaway. While kids can enjoy at swimming pools and other outdoor activities, parents can unwind on a pampering spa day. Resorts are fun-filled with beautiful amenities for adults and childrens both. With all the water attractions, cooling sprays, waves and wild rides, the most important thing is to stay safe and keep your kids safe.

So, while you are on vacation with kids that too at the resort you should take some precautions like

1. You should keep eye on where your kids are playing in the resort.

2. Comfortable clothes should be wore and should ake swimming dresses for your kids and yourself.

3. Should carry sunscreen.

4. Should always be hydrated and make sure your kids are also drinking proper water.

5. You should take care of your so that they don’t get misplace around the resort, etc.

Sometimes you cannot control everything, you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out accordingly.

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Kayaking with kids

Kayak is a type of boat which is small, narrow and which is used by the means of double-bladed paddle and kayaking is a journey done with the use of kayak across the water.Wherever there is water body you will find people kayaking on them.A traditional kayak has a covered deck with one or more cockpits.

kayakingKayaks of the different range are available and are used for several outdoor water sports and water activities like diving, fishing, exploration and search during natural disasters.

Nowadays Ecotourism based on kayak trips is gaining popularity. In a warm-water vacation destination such as Sarasota keys, there the guided kayak trips take kayakers on a tour to the local ecosystem, wherein kayakers can watch dolphins, breach and manatees eat sea grass in the shallow bay water.  Have you heard about Surf Kayaking..? actually it is a sport or can say a technique used in surfing ocean waves using kayaks. Surf kayaking is popular in many areas consisting of surfboard surfers.

In India basically, kayaking is not that famous except few places like Kerala backwaters or Goa and some coastal regions of Maharashtra. We as a family got a chance to do kayaking at Keraka and shaguna baug (a village resort in Karjat). Kayaking is basically the first step to become a great sailor. If you and your family loves to do sailing, then kayaking is the best way to ger closer to water and natural habiat of aquatic life. Kayaking is usually done in slow and calm water as you need to experience and explore the nature and surroundings.


kayakingIs not like river rafting where you fight with water currents. Kayaking is more like a picnic on the water where you go and sail smoothly by paddling both sides to move. But before taking your kids, master the art or take expert help. You should know how to do SOS.

List of things to keep in mind while Kayaking:

  1. A kayak should be equipped with one or more buoyancy aid which prevents a kayak from sinking, when it is filled with water.
  2. A life jacket should be worn all the time.
  3. A helmet is often required for most kayaking especially for white water kayaking.
  4. You should also carry a whistle, which can to ask for help during danger, big ropes to help other kayakers, a diving knife and should wear water shoes.
  5. Proper clothing such as a wet suit, dry suit or spray top helps a kayakers from cold water and from different air temperatures.
  6. Make sure you understand the climate, temp, flora and fauna before deciding the kayaking for your family. Kayaking wih kids can teach a lot of things to your kids liks how to paddle, what are types of waves, animals so close to your eyes. You can ask them to see animals using water binoculars. And point down in notebooks. This way kayaking with kids can be very informative and learning experience. It is one of the best adventurous outdoor sport but if you are doing kayaking with kids then you should do it under the guidance and with proper safety measures.

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Jet Skiing with kids

Jet Skiing is generally any type of personal watercraft used mainly for recreation. Many people are crazy about water sports.  They love enjoying at beaches and enjoy the water sport rides a lot. Are you among the one who loves water sports? If yes you should not miss the Jet skiing  ride.

Jet SkiesJet Skiis in Maharashtra are available at Alibagh beaches, Goa and also at Kerala. If you are planning a vacation with family especially with kids and finding hard to choose any destination then you will be happy and satisfied enough if you select any of the above-mentioned places.

In the Jet-skiing rides, one can also take their kids with them, the only thing is you should make proper preparation and planning before going for water ride and should always position your kids in between two adults if they are very young. Jet skiing with kids will be very enjoyable with great experience.

Jet Skies While taking your kid for jet skiing there are some rules which should be followed. The coast guard available at the beaches will guide you completely.  A kid should be of at least 18 pounds and should fit properly in the personal flotation device of water sport.

Jet SkiesA kid should be positioned between two adults, the kid may want to sit in the front to feel the splashing waves but you should not be allowed them. Even when your kid is seated in the middle still the speed should be kept slow and controlled, your kid will definitely have a thrilling experience being on Jet skies.

You should have the proper practice of swimming in-case you or your kid goes into the water. You should be active enough to react to an emergency situation. While traveling on jet skies assume you kid goes overboard, among the two adults one should inform the driver to stop the engine and the other one should jump in the water, knowing about the boat traffic and other dangers in the water. Then swim your kid head above the water so that the kid is visible and then help him/her to reach back to the watercraft.

Jet Skies “Precaution is better than cure” is the famous saying, you should always take proper precaution and handle your kids with proper care to avoid dangerous situation to happen.

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Flying with kids #travelwithkids #blogchatterA2Z

One of the fondest memory of my childhood was waving a big goodbye everything I see an aeroplane flying in the sky. Such was the craze of flying which is still continued. I love traveling through flights whether it is for domestic travel or international one. Since air travel is the fastest means of transport, I prefer flights when I’m Flying with kids. Though it is expensive to travel through flights every time but looking at the time-saving feature, my family travel more via flights.

flying with kidsIf you are a traveler, you should plan your holiday budget accordingly. Internationally we don’t have options, other than using flight as the mode of transportation. But in India, we can travel thru buses, trains etc. Despite being the most expensive means of transport, people prefer Flying with kids via aeroplanes as this itself is kind of fun for kids. I remember angel at 2 years flying with me to Goa, started talking to the air hostess and asking her “aunty when will aeroplane fly “and everyone surrounding us started laughing.

Flying with kids can make good friends too. The best example is when we went to Singapore, we had the similar family like us with one kid, and angel and that girl became so close that I had to make friendship with her mom and now we are so close friends.

flying with kidsflying with kids

Flying with kids or otherwise also has a lot of benefits

1. It is the most convenient means of transport as compared to car, train or bus since it takes the minimum time to reach your destination.

2. When a person is in an emergency, flying through aeroplane is the best option.

3. Flying also helps you save your time and helps to reach your destination in the minimum time.

4. It also improves your standard of living unless and until you are capable of flying.

5. It is also very efficient means of transport since it can transport a large group of individuals or luggage in the shortest of time.

6. Flying has made the world a smaller and more accessible place.

7. Also, if your kids plan their future in air Industry, it provides a very high employment industry.

8. Always reach 1hour before if you are Flying with kids so as to get settled properly.

9. Airports have so many recreational activities for kids which you can use and make your kid learn more, one more example of parenting while traveling.

10.  Always make sure you don’t overfeed your kid while boarding a plane. And teach the safety-related things in the plane.

flying with kids

flying with kidsAs I said flying has a lot of benefits with it, but when it comes to flying with your kids, some proper precautions are needed to be taken.

1. While traveling through flights you should not leave your kid alone.

2. Should carry all the legal documents of kids too along with you.

3. Should carry their favorite snacks, toys and games with you.

4. They will get a chance to experience new things.

5. If you are aware that your kid has a motion sickness, then be prepared with V bag /plastic bag.

6. Make sure that kid learn to sit for travel journey hours and doesn’t create havoc on the plane otherwise it doesn’t go well with some people.

Flying with kids

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Excursion with kids #travelwithkids #blogchatterA2Z

An excursion with kids means a trip made by a group of people for leisure or with some purpose, especially for education purpose.  Excursions are the short educational trips which give students chance to explore new places. Educational trips range from local visits to business to international excursions, with the overnight stay.

There are several advantages of excursions with kids
  1. Through educational excursions students becomes more interested in the exploration of the environment.
  2. It helps kids develop their power of observation, thinking, teamwork, problem-solving and exploration talents.
  3. It helps them develop the quality of self-confidence and leadership.
  4. It motivates kids for self-study and self-activity.
  5. It helps in the development of overall talent of kids.
  6. It helps in proper utilization of leisure time and also helps divert your child in other activity.
  7. It gives parents to understand about kid more and teach more this is perfect parenting while traveling. I love to send an angel to summer camps since she is just 5.6, I am. Sending her to day summer camps but as she grows up will send her to big treks, summer camps, and Excursions.
travel1For the organization of Excursions the following points should be kept in mind:
  1. The excursion should be planned carefully under the guidance of a responsible teacher and should be well in time.
  2. Prior arrangements for the place, for the stay, for meals, and for other basic necessities should be made before.
  3. Teachers should be trained in such a manner so that they can give the best educational knowledge to students during the excursion.
  4. Every excursion should have some goal and a definite program to fulfill the goal.
  5. All Students should be given proper information about the trip and the list of things to carry during the excursion.

The teachers or the institutes should keep in mind that the destinations for excursions should be selected, which gives knowledge and information to students. Like the excursions should be to museums, historical places, places of geographical importance, to the zoo or to industrial centers.

The efforts and support from each and everyone involved in the excursion is needed to make the excursion memorable and thrilling.

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A ‘Blue Globe’ resting in my living hall was my de-stressor. Whenever I felt sad or low, I spun the globe rapidly and took myself to the Arctic Ocean and sat in silence near an ice-block, waiting for someone to take me back to my land. At times, I used to jump into the Niagara Falls to escape my sorrows. I grew up solving puzzles and playing with world maps and this made me realize my love for travel that included larger than life adventures so that I can overcome my fear. This took me on a journey to soak in the radical beauty of the world. So now, let me tell you why I love this world so much and why I chose to #SayYesToTheWorld. A World traveller don’t follow itinerary but follows only maps. I love the world not only as I travel to world but I feel that nature has imbibed a unique feature in me that I can’t be a couch potatoes.

  1. Swimming alongside colorful corals, eels and fishes in the turquoise blue water at Pattaya’s Coral Island, Thailand for the first time, and feeding the latter while their fins strike a musical chord with the water calmed me from within. Those innocent aquatic creatures living deep inside the water made me realize the beauty of God’s creation.coral island deep sea walking
  2. Tandem Paragliding at Nirvana Adventures in Kamshet, Pune made me fall in love with the world all over again. Looking at the world from a bird’s eye view made me realize how beautiful the world is. With the fear of heights in me gone forever, I realized how lighter I can be while flying in the air. It made me understand that the world is here to teach me at every step.
    Tandem paragliding
    Paragliding at Nirvana
  3. Banana Ride at Goa taught me an important lesson about life; you don’t know how to swim but are being pushed into taking the ride because you are wearing a life jacket. You come out safely with mixed emotions as you cry and smile at the same time and comprehend that if there’s someone to push you then there’s someone to save you too! I now know exactly why I love the world and why I #SayYesToTheWorld. banana ride at alibaug
  4. Travelling in a desert on a sunny day in the summer, and realizing that you are running out of water can teach you the best lessons in life. However, suddenly finding a small hut selling chilled lemonade can bring a big relief and you can’t help but thank God for saving your life. But I prefer to say that I love the world; for there always exist some people to help you out.
    a hut in middle of dessert
  5. Soaking in the chilliness of the white marbles of Taj Mahal; one of the Seven Wonders of the World, while lazing in a shade makes you feel at home. A DSLR cannot appreciate the beauty of the Taj Mahal instead one can only appreciate the beauty of the Taj Mahal using the lens of the mind and the soul.
  6. I #SayYesToTheWorld because I can feel the splash of ocean water on my face every second whenever I do jet skiing in Goa and realize how happy a droplet of water can make me feel.
    water sports at goa
    splash of water and expression of excitement and fear
  7. A sunset I saw at one of the beaches in Kerala brought out the child in me who’s ready to grow up by correcting the mistakes.
    sunset at pallikare beach
    sunset teaches you that dark and happiness is part of life
  8. Travelling helped me make so many good friends that words alone cannot describe the love and warmth it holds.friends at goa
  9. The world is full of illusion and those illusions can make you wonder what if you were in a similar situation where I was in the Trick Eye museum in Singapore?Trick Eye Museum
  10. Sometimes you want to be like a monkey jumping from one tree to the another in search of fruits. I #SayYesToTheWorld because I feel like being a monkey after completing the longest Zipline in Wayanad Vythiri. zipline at kerala
  11. Life is full of ups and downs and the positive side is that there is always a finish line. And the relief of overcoming your fear is an other worldly experience. I overcame this fear at the Universal Studios in Singapore when I decided to board the most dangerous roller coaster ride. Initially I was skeptical whether I would be able to make it or not but the support and strength I got from my husband helped me overpower my fear.
  12. When I wanted to see the world with flower’s beautiful eyes, I went into the depths of the Garden by the bay and found that every flower has some thing to say to me, which is why I #SayYesToTheWorld.
  13. Every journey gives you a new experience and new experience gives you a new vision to see the world. I learnt this when I took a trip to Kerala. I always thought Kerala is what I see in Google but when I actually went in the interiors and explored the culture, the religion and the originality of the people, I realized one thing – What you see is not always the truth. That is why I #SayYesToTheWorld.  My travel inspiration has been always my love for exploration with open minded.
  14. I was always a simple and studious girl who didn’t know the badass world until I experienced the nightlife in the beautiful beaches in the smallest state of India – Goa. The people there were tension-free, stress-free who enjoyed life to the fullest as if there was no tomorrow. Sometimes you like that attitude of carelessness and want to tell your body, mind and the soul that everything is alright; just love yourself. In those moments I #SayYesToTheWorld. night life of goa
  15. When I went for a bungee jumping ride, I had the belief that life is full of surprises and shock; sometimes you go up in the sky and sometimes you fall back to the ground in horror. However, there finally comes a time when your life stabilizes and that’s when I #SayYesToTheWorld. bunjee jumping
  16. In our small world there are important people whom we know as our family. When I went for river rafting, it occurred to me that in order to keep our life balanced and the strength intact every member of our family needs to work hard. If a member fails, the whole family drowns in the river. That is the day I realized the world is really beautiful who teaches us so much from the very moments of life.
  17. There was a time when my world was dark but beach side peace and beauty taught me that time flows without ever stopping. On the same lines I realized that dark times will someday pass and that is when I #SayYesToTheWorld. Watching these fishermen working day and night tells me “girl get up and go “get ur own happiness from the world because the world loves you. fisher man working at beach
  18. When I tasted South Indian, North Indian, Thai, Singaporean, Arabic, and other cuisines I understood that my tongue has many papillae to savor many cuisines. Similarly my tongue has many words and I have to use it wisely because only then will it keep my taste intact otherwise everything will be tasteless.
  19. I love the world because I see many living animals who too loves us unconditionally wherever you go , be the birds or penguins or be the camouflage grasshopper. Even animals and birds says yes to world , how can I deny. Ostrich to Lion and camel to dog everyone is present because of some purpose, and that’s why I love the world.
  20. The most important thing why I love the world is because I get to travel with my family and cherish so many moments that will last forever. My daughter who is an avid traveler has already chosen her career as traveler at age of 5. She is the best reason why I love the world .Lets open up our mind and soul and explore the different arenas of life to discover ourselves as well as the world. I am thankful to lufthansa for making me realise why i #Sayyestotheworld.  Watch the video here
CRUISE with kids #Travelwithkids #BlogchatterA2Z

Just cruise around until you see your destination.

What is Cruise ?

Cruise is basically a sail in a water transport without any precise destination just for pleasure. Cruise is also called as a Floating Holiday Resort. A Cruise ship is a large floating Holiday resort, where you can enjoy all the type of luxury and comfort same as the Star Hotel. Cruise with kids is the fun way to spend luxury vacations. You must have seen Anil kapoor cruise with kids [not literally  kids ,they were young brats 😉 ] in movie Dil dhadakne do. The whole ambience on Cruise was so luxury and fresh that I also wanted to go to Cruise.

What does Cruise provides you ?

As you know Cruise can go everywhere in the world wherever you love to travel. Every Itinerary provides a range of destinations and takes you to new places every day. Majority of the Cruise ships have bars, restaurants, swimming pools, casinos, gym, spa, shops, theatre, etc; in-build in it. The Cruise is made up of well furnished interior with beautiful designs. Last year when we went to Singapore our last destination was cruise but due to some problems our cruise didn’t work and we had to change our itinerary to stay at Marina bay sands, the best hotel of Singapore. But I have taken my daughter to Indian cruise in Goa and Bombay high. One day at cruise made angel realize how life feels when your sailing on water. People board on cruise through nearby beaches to enjoy this adventurous luxury.

Every  cruise ship you board is provided with unique activities to enjoy. From live shows,to mouthwatering food,from relaxation spa to sports, from a life of complete peace to a great entertainment. Cruise with kids is undoubtedly  a complete family friendly vacation to stay away from daily fast life and enjoy leisure time with family. But, when it comes to cruise with kids it is the best option because you don’t have to travel and change daily hotels once you board the vessel. Sometimes, in start it might be a daunting task with kids ., but once you onboard the ship with family all your stress will vanish away because the cruise provides countless activities for kids of all ages and keeps them busy all time to enjoy their life to the fullest. Some cruise also has facility of enjoying under water either via scuba diving or by submarines or by glass house arrangement.

10 things you must carry when you cruise with kids.

Flash lights ,battery fans, power banks, battery charger , extra pair of clothes, water shoes , bathroom de-stinkifier, extra plastic bags, fist aid box with vomitus. clipboard or extra ropes.

Benefits of Cruise :

1) Cruise allows you to see many places that would be hard to see by land.
2) It helps you to travel through narrow waterways and dock at smaller ports.
3) Overnight stay at cruise gives you an unbelievable experience.
4)You have to pack unpack your suitcase only once, since the hotel travels with you all time.
5)A Cruise is an educational trip for kids too.
6)Cruise with kids helps them to see the real-world applications of what they are learning, and gets the chance to explore nature and meet new people.

Drawback of Cruise with kids  :

Some children  may feel motion sickness due to waves and may puke or feel dizziness,In this case you make sure that You Make your kids eat more citrus fruits and make them lay down as much as possible. And  also its a costliest vacation of your family.

Due to increased popularity of Cruise and the interest of people to travel through cruise have given rise to several cruise vacation formulas. From simple and formal cruise service to casual and leisure, free style cruise accompanied with all modern amenities and entertainment. A cruise is suitable for young, singles,  couple and for families with children, it depends on you which cruise you select. Cruise with kids  can teach your kids a lot about luxury living with real-time functions of big vessel on water.

Hope u loved reading my blog and will take your kids to cruise now.

Ps : I am participating in #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and hence today is letter C and my today’s topic is Cruise with kids


blogchattera2zBeautiful Beaches in India – Heaven in summer while you #travelwithkids #BlogchatterA2Z

From Goa to Kerala to Mumbai to Gujarat my family has almost covered best and beautiful beaches of India especially South Western coastal lines. From largest to biggest beaches our vacations have been most of the times near beaches of India. Mumbai becomes too hot, that it can bake you in March to May. The major searches on my computer lead to beautiful beaches in India as we are travelling with kids. Beaches in India comes as saviour to beat the heat in summer.

As soon as vacation starts it becomes very daunting task for every Parent to handle their kids during vacation. Being a kid of wanderlust traveller my angel has become habituated to travel as soon as we get long weekend or vacations.  Best way to spend time with your kids for a small vacation is to beaches.  I think it is the best way of enjoy vacation with your kids as well as get some me time while watching sunrise and sunset.

In fact my daughter learnt her water cycle lesson on beach itself as I feel when you teach your kid at real time process, the concepts become clearer. Not only water cycle but also about aquatic animals, kind of sands, temperature fluctuations, kind of shells, turtles, star- fishes and so on. Recently when we went to Muzhappilangad longest drive in beach, we found a big white starfish which angel could touch and feel. We collected many shells to make decorative for home.  Other than beaches offer lot of adventurous activity which can be done with kids also. This is one of the aspect of my blog -Parenting while travelling.

Beaches are some of the greatest and most enjoyable natural places this earth offers us. Trips to beaches can be enormous fun and awesome hangout during vacations especially during summer vacation. To get rid of scorching sun and warming weather, chilling out on beach is the best option. Spending recreational time with family and living memorable memories with them is what everyone needs something to stay away from the stressful and busy life.

Playing on beach can benefit you and your Kids health in numerous ways:
  1. The beaches in India has a very rich source of silicon; it leaves the skin looking fresh and toned.
  2. Walking barefoot along the beaches works wonders, helps removing dead skin from the soles.
  3. Kids along with their family can also enjoy water sports available on beaches.
  4. On the beaches kids can enjoy doing other activities like swimming, cycling, playing outdoor games etc and can enjoy their leisure time under the open sky to the fullest.
  5. Doing several activities on the beaches helps kids to boost their energy level, helps increase their confidence level and also make them active and fit.
  6. You can also try new adventures available on beaches with kids, since trying something new helps kids gain a better sense of selfness.


Several precautions to be taking while going on Beaches:
  1. You should always carry a Sunscreen with higher SPF while you go to the beaches, because Sun, Sand and Salt together can damage your skin to an extreme if not taken care properly.
  2. You should carry enough water, energy drinks and snacks with you.
  3. Carry Mat, Hat or Cap or Umbrella whichever available to protect yourself from the direct effect of Sunrays.
  4. Wear Clothes which hide majority part of your body or else use Sunscreen after every few hours.
  5. Take First aid box.
  6. Wear flip flops or water shoes in the water.
  7. Always be aware of dangerous or poisonous jelly fishes on beaches. Stay away from them.
  8. Never cross red line made my life saver guard .


A day at a beach or a stay for few days near the beach area with family can be so much fun. These are just few of the many benefits of taking a family vacation with kids to the beaches. I hope this has motivated you enough to plan next vacation with kids to Beaches.


Ps : I am participating in #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and hence today is letter B and as per my theme I wrote on beautiful beaches in India which can teach your kids too while travelling, under the theme of #Travelwithkids



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