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Best Keratin Shampoo for Hair

Do you get lured by those ads which show long, smooth, and super shiny hair? If your answer is yes, then I am also in the same boat. I have always given importance to my hair while growing up. But, as soon as you are engaged with your kids, household chores, and becoming a working mom, you often tend to forget yourself.  In this article, we discuss the best keratin shampoo for hair.  

And, when a woman undergoes the stage of pregnancy, due to hormonal imbalance, your body suffers a lot of changes. Apart from all the physical changes, I had massive hair fall. I am not even exaggerating. 

I tried to apply a lot of homemade hair masks but to be honest, I barely noticed any difference. So, while I was searching for the best keratin Shampoo and Hair Mask, I came across a brand named Trichup Keratin Shampoo and they have the Trichup Keratin Hair Mask. 

I have been using this for a month, so I can share my opinion about the products. 

Trichup Keratin Shampoo – Best Keratin Shampoo

Trichup Keratin Shampoo - Best Keratin Shampoo

As you know, I am always super excited to try out new products but I was sceptical about using a new brand for my damaged hair. The shampoo has a pleasant fragrance and best keratin shampoo for hair. And, you won’t believe I saw a noticeable change within the first wash. 

Results right after the first wash

  1. There were fewer hair strands on my comb. 
  2. I noticed that my hair became shiny and reduced frizziness. 

Results after using it for one month

After trying it out for a month, I saw a lot of changes in my hair. 

  1. Visible shine and volume to my hair.
  2. Prevented hair fall and hair damage after pregnancy. 
  3. Imparted manageable hair and goodbye to frizziness.
  4. Hair elasticity has increased.
  5. Repaired the hair cuticle damage.

Will I still continue to use this product?

I would definitely be using this product as it is affordable and there is always a discount on this product on Amazon. 

Trichup is best Keratin Shampoo and enriched with Keratin protein which helps to rebuild the layer of keratin protein on our hair and helps to regain its shine and volume which helps to bestow soft and lustrous hair. 

Along with the benefits, I would prefer to use this shampoo because it is suitable for all hair types and the best part is that it is Made in India. The brand has 40 years of excellence and is available in more than 40 countries. 

Will I recommend This Product?

Yes, I would recommend this product to everyone, especially the new moms who are facing a lot of hair fall because of the pregnancy and the weather as well.  You can buy the Trichup Keratin Shampoo on Amazon and  as well. 

Trichup Keratin Hair Mask 

Trichup Keratin Hair Mask

Recently, I have tried a lot of hair masks from different brands, but I wasn’t satisfied with the results. So, I took a chance and tried another hair mask, named as Trichup Keratin Hair Mask. Since I came to know the benefits of the Keratin protein for the hair, I tend to use those hair products. 

Trichup - Hair Mark

Results right after the first usage

  1. My hair became super-duper shiny right after the first usage. 
  2. There was no frizziness even after a week

Results after using it for one month

Since it is required to use a hair mask twice in a month. So, I have again used the Trichup Keratin Hair Mask along with the Trichup Keratin Hair Shampoo. Guys, you won’t believe, these two products worked like magic on my hair. 

  1. Get the Hair Spa vibes at home. 
  2. Super shiny, frizz-free, and volumized hair.
  3. Less hair breakage and reduced the split ends too. 
  4. Cleanse my oily hair scalp and made it well-nourished too. 

Will I still continue to use this product?

I am in love with the Trichup Keratin Hair Mask and the visible results have left me awestruck. Now, I can style my hair without worrying about the damage. 

Will I recommend This Product?

My review on the product has already answered this question and YES, I would recommend this product if you want to make your hair healthy, soft, and smooth, then do try this product. You can buy the Trichup Keratin Hair Mask on Amazon and  as well. 

Definitely, It is best Keratin Shampoo and hair mask and I am super excited to try other products from this brand as well. If you want a review on a specific product from this brand then let me know in the comment section and I will surely be making a detailed review.

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One of India’s most well-liked and sprightly destinations, Goa is a blend of adventure and leisure altogether. From water sports to being the party animals to tranquilizing yourself by the seashore, Goa remains the unbeatable attracted spot for family trips, friendship thrills as well as for people who love to wander alone.


You can choose Goa anytime of the year hinging upon your specifications.

If you want to tap into one of the jewels of wisdom, the Calmness of mind, you would want to look forward to visiting from Mid-November to Mid-February. The weather during these months is pleasant and serene. If you want to revel in the Sunburn Festival and the party celebrations of the Christmas Eve and the New Year, December is your month to visit.

Goa becomes quite cheaper during the months from March to May, when the weather turns hot and humid. Though the tourists are seen relaxing on the beaches under the roasting sun, the Indians can opt for the Hotel stays for relaxation from their routine life.

Mid-June to October is the enticing time for the monsoon lovers. The serene Goa is lit with the trickling of raindrops and leaves the beauty of Goa all the more breath-taking.


You step in Goa, you either relax and laze around or you kick start for the day with excitement level at the peak for the day’s thrilling adventures.

Activities in Goa, the beach destination must be interconnected with the water. So, we have a number of water sports to engage ourselves into, which shall give you a sort of serenity because you’ll be by the sea and also help you dive into your thrill zone.

BANANA BOAT RIDES – One the most entertaining water sports in Goa, Banana Boat Rides bring along cool pleasant wind across your hair with amusing bumpy rides through the waters.You can enjoy this ride at some of the best beaches in Goa like Calangute, Agoda, Candolim, Palolem, Miramar, Baga, Vagator, and Anjuna.

#JET SKI RIDE – Jet Skii brings in the rush of the sea and forms the exciting speedy adventure for you. It is quite a thrill sport in Goa.

SCUBA DIVING – Goa, a hot tourist spot is enclosed with the Arabian sea with underwater life in abundance. Scuba diving takes you into the underwater fantasy land which houses fish of varied color pallet, turtles, and aquatic plants. Scuba diving gives you the peace of mind and a vibrant underwater paradise.

DUDHSAGAR WATERFALLS – The gushing water brings an appealing look to our eye and the sound of the water, a soothing experience. Dudhsagar waterfalls have a good old railway track showing a magnificent of the tall white cascade. The waterfalls are surrounded by rich flora and fauna. It is called ‘River of Milk’.

SNORKELLING – The crystal blue waters of the sea in Goa shall tempt you to go Snorkelling, a close up of colorful coral and dazzling tropical fish. Along the way to the Islands, the boatmen stop the ride in the middle of the sea and they give you a chance to have a unique lifetime experience. Some of the best snorkeling spots in Goa are Sinquerim Beach, Grande Island, Monkey Island/ Palolem Beach.

DOLPHIN SPOTTING – Dolphin spotting is great fun activity especially for sea lovers and kids who indulge in it with splendid enthusiasm.The beach belt of Sinquerim, Candolim, Calangute, Baga have easy access to the best dolphin spotting.

PARASAILING – For someone who desires to have a look at the vast blue ocean from a height and feel the gushing wind, Parasailing is a sport for you. You get a bird’s eye view of the lush greenery and the rolling hills. Candolim beach, Anjuna beach, Majorda beach, Baga beach and Dona Paula beach offer you this exciting sport.

CHRUCH & TEMPLES: Goa is famous for its churches and matter of fact there is only one temple. The thing I like was the way they keep it clean & tidy.


Goa is an exquisite mix of land and water & lush greenery and rocky hills. The best holiday chosen for its Beauty of Beaches is a great spot for leisure.

Vagator / Anjuna Beach – The Anjuna Beach in North Goa is lined up with tall palm trees and is known for its trance parties. This beach rarely gets crowded. It is a good beach for those who choose to relax their mind.

Calangute / Baga Beach – Calangute and Baga are two adjoining beaches that are definitely the most happening beaches of Goa. People enjoy the waters, relaxing and playing.

Aguada / Candolim Beach – A beach in North Goa and is one of the best beaches of Goa for lovers of water sports. It’s a great place to spend the day. One can choose to participate in a number of fun activities. The imposing Fort Aguada stands tall at one end of the beach making it look magnificent.

Varca Beach – A beach in South Goa, is quiet, calm and almost free of pesky hawkers. The major attraction of the beach is the Dolphin-watching. A number of hotels and resorts are located nearby and therefore stay is never a problem.

Palolem Beach – It is small, only about one mile long, and crescent-shaped beach. One can view the whole beach from either end. On either end of the beach are placed rocks which make the beach unique in its beauty. It is definitely one of the must-visit beaches of Goa.

So, as we see the party capital, Goa carries a lot of adventure and also is a perfect place for rejuvenating one’s mind. This is exactly why I call it a quick escape for adventure and leisure. So, on your next trip to India’s most chosen holiday spot, make sure you partake in the happening water sports and also pursue the jewel of wisdom, a peace of mind by lazing out at the beaches. If you want togoa by train then you must read this

#GoKerala with HolidayIQ and Kerala Tourism to explore the #unexploredKerala

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Being a stay-at-home mom or a work-at-home mom can be both rewarding and challenging. I have always been sharing with you my experiences and stories about my life and parenting. What I have learned all these days is that you are responsible for taking care of your family and managing household tasks, while also trying to balance your work or business. Staying productive in this dynamic environment can be challenging, but with the right strategies and mindset, you can achieve maximum productivity. Here are some things I have learned as a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom that help me make the most of my time and energy. Hope it helps you too!

  1. Establish a Routine: Having a routine is crucial for maximizing productivity. Create a schedule that outlines your daily tasks and responsibilities. Set specific times for household chores, work-related tasks, self-care, and family time. Stick to this routine as much as possible, as it helps you stay organized and focused.
  1. Set Realistic Expectations: It’s essential to set realistic expectations for yourself. Understand that you may not be able to accomplish everything in a day, and that’s okay. Be kind to yourself and prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance. Set achievable goals and celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem.
  1. Create a Dedicated Workspace: Having a designated workspace at home can help you stay focused and productive. Set up a dedicated office space where you can work without distractions. Keep it organized, clutter-free, and equipped with all the necessary tools and supplies. This will help you create a professional environment and increase your efficiency.
  1. Manage Your Time Wisely: Time management is critical for stay-at-home or work-at-home moms. Use time-saving techniques such as batch processing, where you group similar tasks together to complete them efficiently. Avoid multitasking, as it can lead to decreased productivity. Instead, focus on one task at a time and complete it before moving on to the next one.
  1. Delegate and Seek Help: You don’t have to do everything by yourself. Delegate household tasks to other family members, if possible. Seek help from a babysitter, family member, or friend to watch your children for a few hours, so you can focus on work. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed, as it can reduce your workload and increase productivity.
  1. Take Breaks and Practice Self-Care: Taking breaks and practicing self-care is crucial for staying productive. Set aside time for regular breaks to relax, stretch, or do something enjoyable. Take care of your physical and mental health by eating well, getting enough sleep, and engaging in activities that rejuvenate you. When you take care of yourself, you are better equipped to handle your responsibilities efficiently.
  1. Prioritize Your Work: As a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom, you may have multiple tasks competing for your attention. Learn to prioritize your work based on urgency and importance. Use tools such as to-do lists, calendars, and productivity apps to help you stay organized and focused. Focus on the most critical tasks first and avoid getting overwhelmed by trying to do everything at once.
  1. Stay Motivated: Staying motivated is essential for maintaining productivity. Find ways to stay motivated, such as setting personal and professional goals, rewarding yourself for achieving milestones, and staying connected with a supportive network of fellow moms or colleagues. Remind yourself of your purpose and the benefits of your work, whether it’s taking care of your family or pursuing a fulfilling career.

Choosing Parenting Style

The manner in which children are raised can have a significant impact on how they react to different circumstances and may lead to behavioral difficulties if the parenting style is overly lenient, harsh, or inconsistent. . With numerous parenting options, including authoritative, permissive, authoritarian, and uninvolved, choosing the right approach can be challenging. The key to choosing parenting style is to familiarize with the different options, understand their benefits and drawbacks, and see how they align with your own parenting goals and beliefs.

Authoritative parenting

This is a style of parenting that embodies both high levels of expectation and attentiveness. This approach involves creating a supportive and affectionate atmosphere for the child, yet maintaining clear and established guidelines. A situation that embodies the traits of an authoritative parenting style could involve recognizing feelings while also addressing conduct. The parent is open to hearing the child’s perspective and takes the time to clarify the reasoning behind their choices. This method, however, can be difficult to implement because balancing discipline and independence for the children can be a trial and error process.

Permissive parenting

A permissive parenting approach is characterized by being highly attentive to the child and low on strictness. Parents who adopt this style are often supportive and attuned to their child’s emotional well-being and provide a nurturing and affectionate environment. The challenge with this approach, however, is the lack of established rules and behavioral expectations.

Uninvolved parenting

Uninvolved parenting, which can also be referred to as neglectful parenting, focuses mainly on providing the child’s basic necessities such as shelter, clothing, and food. This style of parenting does not set any standards for social or academic behaviors and fails to offer emotional, relational, or self-esteem support to the child. The parent may show disregard, disinterest, or be unresponsive to the child’s needs beyond providing the bare necessities.

Authoritarian parenting

The authoritarian style of parenting is characterized by a high degree of strictness and low levels of attentiveness. This parenting environment employs the use of forceful control and punishments to achieve obedience and compliance. Parents who adopt this style typically provide no reasoning for rules or decisions and do not involve the child in discussions or allow for their input.

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Factors considered when choosing parenting style

Culture and community

Respective community and cultural norms can shape the ideology behind appropriate child rearing practices hence influencing the choice of parenting. For example, in an African traditional setting, authoritarian parenting is promoted as it is believed to be of more good than harm.

Family dynamics

The way family members interact with each other, including the bond between parents and the kids can influence the parenting approach one selects. Influenced by activities such as work and lifestyle, devotion of time and energy to parenting becomes a factor determining the parenting style. Uninvolved parenting for instance is common in a family setting that has both parents working away from home

Child’s temperament

Knowing your kid’s personal disposition, requirements, and abilities can assist in selecting a parenting method that fits them the best. For instance, for very obedient children, Permissive parenting can be considered by being low on strictness.

Balancing Parenting Tips while choosing parenting style

Setting Goals and Priorities.

The parent should assess the priorities for their family by releasing the significance of things that are not as crucial, enabling them to concentrate on the essentials.


The mode of parenting should be adjustable when required by certain circumstances. The parent should be willing to adapt and open to new approaches with time as the child grows and changes.

Seeking support and guidance.

Parents should approach friends and other family members for help and advice when faced with a dilemma on their choice of parenting. While considering their self-care also and that mistakes are a parenting process, they should not be ashamed of asking for help on matters parenting.


The best parenting style no matter the mode chosen is one that works for the whole family, taking into account all the discussed factors. Parenting styles can however changeover time as your family dynamic changes and as you learn more about your child’s needs and abilities. It is up to each parent to choose what kind of parenting style works best for their family and to continually reflect and adjust as their children grow and their needs change.

Emotional Development Toys for kids

Have you ever felt anxiety after purchasing anything for your kids? You know the feeling I’m talking about: the one you get when you finally put the useless item you just bought down and admit to yourself that you were wrong. All of us have experienced something similar.

 It might have been the newest “it” toy that your kid had been pleading with you for months to get. Or maybe it was your last-minute purchase for a gift exchange at a formal dinner. Each of us has been there, no matter the circumstances.

Although the enormous commercialism of our society tends to hide this truth, toys are not designed to serve any function. Because of this, they are designed to do a certain task. For young children, the goal of both toys and the play they inspire is to foster growth and development in a variety of important areas. My reference to “learn” is not to the flashcard craze that has swept the nation in recent years. When I say “learning,” I mean it literally.

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Social-Emotional Development Toys for Kids

  • Dolls

One of the most well-recognized symbols of childhood is the doll. While playing “mom” to any doll might help a child develop their emotional skills, this one is unique since its face can change expression depending on what the child is feeling. Young children’s social and emotional growth may benefit from early instruction in emotion recognition and interpretation.

  • Crinkle Activity Book

Soft crinkle books, which have gained popularity among parents in recent years, are a great way to introduce your baby to the world of textures and colors. This particular one is excellent as the colors have a lot of contrast between them. One reason this toy is good for a baby’s mental and emotional growth is that it has a mirror that they may use to check out their reflection. We all know that newborn’s can’t tell if the baby in the mirror is their own, but it doesn’t stop them from having fun looking at people’s features.

  • My First Photo Album

What a brilliant idea, thank you! When my baby was approximately 9 months old, I constructed one of these for him, and he used it for the majority of his life. Even when he was a tiny boy, he adored going over the images. Looking at pictures of themselves with their loved ones might help infants recall and bond with their family members. One of the best tools for our smallest children’s emotional development.

  • Expressions Learning Toy

This tool for teaching infants about emotions is a fantastic way to foster their personal growth. Though our emotions may seem obvious to us, a youngster may not share our perspective. They need guidance to understand the many emotional expressions and their significance.

  • Doctor Play Kit

Medical kits have been sold as toys for kids for decades, but that hasn’t stopped them from being popular. Why? Every kid loves to play make-believe. Various research has shown the importance of youngsters engaging in pretend play. Through imaginative play, kids may learn about themselves and others, as well as how to manage their emotions and impulses.

By staying “in character” as the doctor, they can empathize with patients and keep their own emotions in check during difficult situations (or another character). A lovely illustration of a classic plaything that promotes the development of emotional and social competencies.


Toys and games provide a multitude of benefits beyond simple amusement, which need to be understood by parents, medical professionals, and teachers. Children are given the chance to practice imitating what they observe and can do because of this. Toys suppliers in India play an important part in the process of laying the groundwork for learning, exploring, and problem-solving, as well as coming to terms with one’s place in the world.

Teaching kids about managing money can be tedious and time-consuming. Is there a fun and easy way to help them with this? Idle Money Tree is a perfect example of a clicker game that will help kids to decide the money management tricks. It intends to answer the question “does money grow on trees?” that will satiate toy-hungry kids everywhere while maybe grating on the nerves of more than a few parents.

A glimpse of the game

In the unusual farming game Idle Money Tree, you take command of a magical plant that can generate money while you relax. Gather more and more currency bags to fund the acquisition of drinking water and other necessities. Those will promote the tree’s growth, prosperity, and happiness.

How to Play?

In this time-wasting game, riches appear out of nowhere. Click the coin sacks to get some cash. Increase your multiplier by tapping quickly. Spend your hard-earned cash on things like sunshine, watering cans, fertiliser, fruits, and even genetic research to help your money tree thrive.

  • Money bags will emerge on your tree, and you may click on them to collect the funds.
  • Rapid clicking activates a multiplier bonus that can boost your profits by a factor of two or three.
  • Click the floating money bags that appear on the screen at random to gain substantial bonuses.
  • Make investments in better lighting, watering tools, fertiliser, fruit trees, and genetic research to increase your income.
  • To choose between purchasing a single upgrade, 10, 100, or spending the maximum on each purchase, click the “buy 1x” option.
  • While you’re away from the keyboard, you’ll still earn money, albeit at a slower rate, and if you take a break from clicking, your bonus multiplier will start over.

Get rich with the help of a stunning money tree in Idle Money Tree, an engaging clicker idle game. Have you ever imagined a tree where notes, coins, or even bags of money grew magically? That feeling of having a dream come true is what you get from playing this free internet game. A little portion of your windfall should be allocated to tree maintenance.

The best part about idle games is that you can keep winning even after you’ve shut down your browser. How much easier would life be if money could be made quickly and easily? Of course, the more you work, the more money you’ll earn, so keep bringing in the greenbacks to grow your fortune and increase your earnings.

What more can you do in the game?

Idle Money Tree lets you tend to a plant that might provide cash. Play this clicker game to determine if your next crop will make you rich.

In this idle game, though, money does literally grow on trees. Can you expect to earn a lot of money? Money trees require careful maintenance, though. You’ll have to do a lot, including ensuring it receives adequate water, sunshine, and fertiliser.

How can kids learn about managing money through the game?

The idle game is a great method to introduce children to earning, saving, and spending money in a playful and engaging setting. This mindless game teaches kids about budgeting, setting financial goals, and making wise investment decisions.

The Idle Game emphasises the significance of money in modern society and teaches kids the worth of a dollar. It teaches youngsters that there are plenty of ways to make and spend money and inspires them to come up with creative methods to spend their money in the future.

By playing this easy game, kids may feel how much they should save each month, how much they spend on necessities, and what sorts of investments are reliable in the long run.

Tips for Reducing Parenting Stress

Parenting is definitely a tough job. Add to the mix sleepless nights, tantrums, and the seemingly never-ending daily grind of laundry, and it’s easy to see how even the most patient parents might reach their breaking point. However, there are ways you can reduce your parenting stress, as we’re going to go over in this post! Here we will talk about strategies and tips for reducing parenting stress, like creating a daily routine so that you can make time for yourself too. So, let’s dig into detail on the strategies.

Tips for Reducing Parenting Stress
Image Source: nationalelfservice
  • Create a Routine

When you are a parent, you are already very familiar with the word routine! This is how many of you got to sleep before becoming a parent. Make time in your day for yourself and your partner to create some special together time so that you don’t both feel 100% responsible all of the time.   

  • Create an Emotional Sanctuary

Here’s a strategy that might get me off the couch! Set up an emotional sanctuary: a place with relaxing music or nature sounds where you can go if things become too much to bear. This might be a place where you can speak about the problems that are bothering you, or it could be a place to go for some alone time and a self-soothing activity. The place is important here as it can be too much for one person to see the other go into a meltdown!

  • Make Time for Yourself

During the week, try setting aside at least 15 minutes for yourself. Set your timer to 15 minutes, and start meditating, reading, exercising, and even taking phone calls if necessary. This way, you can use this time before bed or when you get home from work. 

  • Get Your Partner to Help

Although it’s important for you to take some time for yourself, your partner can take some time too. To encourage this, ask your partner to share some household chores with you. For example, it will be nice to have a breather from these tasks if you are overwhelmed with cleaning and laundry. 

  • Explore New Opportunities

Get creative and explore new opportunities to reduce stress in parenting strategies. For example, try a new class or activity that you both enjoy. This is a great way to have a fun time together, get out of the house, talk about something different and give you something new to do!  

  • Keep Life in Perspective

When you feel weighed down by life, take some time to step back and look at things from a larger perspective. Think about the big picture, and remind yourself that this shall pass. Next, you should print out your goals and highlight areas where you feel you have control over things. This can be an important tool when life feels out of control. 

  • Work It Out Together

Talk with your partner about how to make things better. If you can solve a problem together, it will make things much easier for you both! There is no reason why you should always be miserable.

  • Shift Your Time Schedule

Many things go into making your day apart from just making time for yourself. Avoid getting too caught up in your schedule and let it control your life. If something needs to be done, don’t look at it as a chore, but rather see the problem from a different perspective and see if you can find a solution to make it easier for you.

In a nutshell, considering these points will surely help parents to get a relaxed free environment.

Can diabetes be reversed?

If you or someone close to you has diabetes, you sure would have come across this thought- is diabetes reversal possible?

Considering the increased risk of heart ailments and fatigue, who would not want to get rid of it?

Come along, let’s debug this question:

There is no definite answer to it, as not all types of diabetes can be reversed. Type-1 and Genetic diabetes, where the body doesn’t produce insulin, can not be eradicated from the body. At the same time, there are chances of reversal in some cases of prediabetes (An asymptomatic stage before you develop diabetes where fasting blood sugar test will be in the 100–125mg/dL range) or Type-2 diabetes as the body produces insulin. However, the cells don’t utilise it well.

So, now that we know there are chances, how do you get there?

From simple lifestyle and dietary changes to complex surgical ways of reversal, let us understand each of the methods in detail:

Low-Calorie Diets (LCD)

A diet of approximately 800 to 1,200 calories a day is a low-calorie diet. A healthy low-calorie diet promotes weight loss, reduces fat mass, decreases blood glucose levels, helps reduce inflammation, improves insulin sensitivity and reduces stress on the insulin-producing pancreas.

A low-calorie diet should be diabetes-friendly and can have:

  • Vegetables like tomato, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower etc. have low-starch content
  • High-fibre fruits like apple
  • Fibre-containing foods like whole grains(like quinoa, barley, and brown rice), legumes (like peas and beans), seeds and nuts
  • Non-fat or low-fat dairy products like milk, curd, and plain yogurt.

Low-calorie diets have the power to put people with Type-2 diabetes into remission, which means that their blood sugar levels would come back to normal without any medication.

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Reduce your Carbs Intake

If you consume 100–150 grams of carbohydrates daily, you are on a low-carb diet. Caution: Do not confuse it with a no-carb diet.

For weight management, a low-carb diet is a preferred choice. But the benefits of a low-carb diet are not limited to weight management and reduction. It is now a preferred choice for preventing and managing diabetes as well.

Such a diet has lots of nutrients and high fibre carbs: Include fruits, vegetables, lean protein, berries, nuts and seeds in your diet.

The fewer carbs you intake, the lower the spike in your blood sugar level; hence, this will take you closer to achieving your diabetes reversal goals.


Diet and exercise form a solid combination to help you achieve diabetes reversal. Exercise is preventive medicine that everybody needs, and if the goal is getting rid of diabetes, it is a wonder medicine. Exercising helps lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and stress makes your muscles more robust and has many more benefits.

You could start with a Walk. Other activities include swimming, dancing, yoga, tennis, basketball and strength training. Even 30 minutes of exercise daily can help your body’s insulin work better.

Would you agree? Exercising would be better than taking sugar-controlling pills every day.

Bariatric Surgery

Also called weight loss surgery, it reduces your weight by changing the stomach and intestine size to limit how much you can eat. Only people with BMI>30 are eligible for the surgery. There are different types of bariatric surgeries categorised by the change made to the digestive system: Gastric band (Placement of a band in the upper part of the stomach), Gastric bypass (Rerouting of the digestive system to bypass most of the stomach except for a small pouch at the top) and Sleeve gastrectomy (Removal of part of the stomach)

The surgery is considered helpful as it makes you eat less and feel full more quickly, changes hormones in the gut for benefit, increases the amount of bile acids and improves the way your body uses insulin.

The surgery does not promise diabetes reversal but can put you in a remission phase for 5-7 years. For some people, the benefits can stay on even longer.

Is it just remission or a reversal?

With diet control and exercise, you should be able to achieve a remission phase. Though there are chances of blood sugar levels rising again, it can continue in this phase for years. Additionally, even remission is an excellent stage to attain as it slows the progression of the disease and reduces complications.

Irrespective of the type of diabetes and the method you would want to choose to attain diabetes reversal, consulting a doctor is a must to achieve your goals.

Knoxville, Tennessee is home to many growing markets ripe for applicants and partakers alike. Whether you’re looking to find a job in a growing industry, start your own small business, or are just curious about what industries are on the rise in Knoxville, we’ve got you covered for all your economic needs. While America’s many economies are anything but certain in these trying times, Knoxville is a sure thing no matter what you’re looking for. Check out the fastest-growing and most stable industries in Knoxville here.

Retail industry is booming!

There are a lot of different sections for working in the retail industry. You could be a district manager, sales associate, shipment, or even your own store. There is a plethora of job opportunities in that industry in Knoxville, starting with the Turkey Creek Mall. It has 79 stores and 58 restaurants to choose from. Another good company to work for is Jewelry Television, you could work there for quality control and merchandising. If you have experience being a warehouse associate, there are plenty of companies that offer good pay and benefits towards the workers, warehouse workers are in second place of the best jobs to have in Knoxville, Tennessee as well. Working in Knoxville’s retail industry will guarantee you a stable work environment, so take a look today.

Look at Knoxville’s prime real estate! 

Finding your forever home is never easy, but in Tennessee it’s easier than others. The median listing home price range for homes is under $350k with the homes usually sold at $330k. Knoxville real estate is some of the finest in the state, which means there’s always high demand. That’s good for both sellers and buyers, as it means business is constantly booming and homes are always selling. Between the small and affordable homes for those living on a budget, to the more extravagant manors for those looking to splurge for their dream home, Knoxville has a little something for everyone. Finding your perfect home or selling your perfect residence won’t be a problem with the prime market found in Knoxville. 

Education is prime for your involvement!

Schools in Knoxville are always growing, in primary, secondary, and higher education alike. The University of Tennessee, Knoxville can make up an entire entry on its own considering how much it offers to the community. The public university provides employment and education for people not just in Tennessee, but across the eastern half of the United States, working primarily in Engineering, Agriculture, and the natural sciences. Student success is the prime goal of UT Knoxville, and its staff will tell you they keep that priority front and center. We’d be remiss if we neglected to mention Knoxville’s public education for primary and secondary students, however. Northstar Elementary, West Elementary, Knoxville Middle, and Knoxville High School are all well-regarded and renowned schools in Knoxville’s school district, and they’re always looking for new students and staff. Getting involved in Knoxville education is easy and rewarding, so get involved today!

Cordelia Cruise experience

A holiday that holds both the spark of the city and the serenity of the sea. Sounds perfect, right? What about a vacation in a city on the sea? Intrigued yet? Imagine getting everything you ever wanted on vacation come true – from dining under the starry sky to exploring destinations by a ship to trying your luck on a poker table.

Forget about an international holiday, go for a cruise holiday on the newly launched Cordelia Cruises! Whether you’re a solo traveler, an adrenaline junkie, a parent wishing for a holiday with little ones, or a couple seeking a romantic getaway, Cordelia Cruises offers the best holiday to you. You won’t even have to cross the borders as these cruises will bring the world to you!

Come on board, let’s take you through 5 magical moments that Cordelia promises to offer you.

A vacation with family sparks joy in me. I have been looking to plan a trip with the family for a while now. So, after a lot of research and consideration – we finally went on a trip and this wasn’t an ordinary trip. It was a cruise trip! We got the Cordelia Cruises book – which took us from Mumbai – Goa – Lakshadweep – Mumbai.

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Itinerary Details:

The Mumbai – Goa – Lakshadweep trip on the Cordelia cruise is a 5-day night tour. I was pretty excited about the idea of traveling on a cruise, let alone living on the cruise and visiting such beautiful locations. The cruise gives you an opportunity to cruise on the Arabian Sea and experience the astounding panoramic view of the ocean. What a delight it is to stand near the stand and experience how huge the sea is, the horizon, the skyline – it is breathtaking. The experience is peaceful and leaves you full or sometimes void of emotions!

The minor details:

  • Route: Mumbai – Goa – Lakshadweep – Mumbai
  • Duration: 6 days and 5 nights
  • Luxury stay in a well-maintained cabin of the Cruise
  • Kids friendly and comfortable stay
  • Luxurious amenities for an unforgettable experience

My Travel Experience:

I love to share my experience with my audience and therefore, I cannot miss this opportunity for Cordelia Cruise.

Starting from step one, of leaving our house, we left at 1 pm and reached the Mumbai Jetty port at 3 pm. Once you reach the Cordelia Cruise, you need to go through a process. The process includes security checks, sanitization of luggage, paperwork, and documentation.

In terms of the basic documents that are mandatory for the security check, include the following:

  • Identity Card- preferably Adhaar Card
  • RT – PCR report is a must for all the passengers
  • Boarding Pass confirmation

This process is a 3-step check and posts these checks you are then sent to the bus which leads you to the main cruise.

Here comes the fun part!

Inside the Luxurious Cordelia Cruise

Once we entered the cruise the first thing was that our luggage was sanitized. There is a photography point on the cruise where you can get a lot of pictures clicked also, those same photographs will be given to you when you enter the ship.

The very first thing you notice on the cruise is the Reception area, which is on the 5th floor. Now, the 5th floor is the most fun and happening floor. One of the major reasons is that all the activities are held on this very floor. The floor has a Marquee theater – a lot of shows are organized here. There are magic shows, Punjabi shows, and a mix of different shows are held from time to time. The capacity of the theater is 400 people. Next, is the Chairman’s Club, where there is constant slow music – on guitar and instruments played. A completely apt ambiance for a romantic dance or dinner with your better half. The Chairman’s club has a restaurant as well. However, the Chairman’s Club is a chargeable activity, which you can enjoy.

Speaking of the charges, the Wi-Fi facility is available on the cruise. The Wifi is priced at $20 for 48 hours.

You can also get a lot of paid activities booked for yourself or the kids – which include fun games like Tambola. There is also an additional show, which is available only for the 18+ adults. The show includes dance by the Russian dancers, this is an activity mostly preferred by couples. So, if you are interested you can opt for it.

Isha Nirvana, who is the cruise director – is the one-stop for all solutions. She periodically announces the activities that are ongoing, where they are being held. She lets you know about each and every detail so accurately and politely. This is one thing I would like to make a constant note of – the hospitality and the staff of the cruise is so humble and always ready to help.

The Room Reveal

Let us talk about the place you are going to live in. Firstly, you are allotted key cards. Now, the number of people staying in the room is equal to the number of cards you receive. So, we were allotted 4 cards altogether. This key card is used as a payment card as well. You have to get the balance re-filled in this. There are no cash transactions that happen on the cruise, except that in the Casino.

As soon as you enter the room, you see a wardrobe, attached washroom, and there are two beds in total. These two beds can be joined or you can open them from the top in order to make a bunk bed. So, we converted our beds into bunk beds and made 4 beds. The beds are appropriate for 2 adults and 2 kids.

There are different rooms available according to your preference. There is a stateroom, a luxury room as well.


  • Variety of towels – hand towels, bath towels.
  • Toiletries – soap, and body wash only.
  • Hair Dryer

You need to get your own shaving kit, toothpaste, and brush. These are not included in the room kits.

All about the Food

One of the most essential parts of traveling is food. There are a lot of people who travel for food. When we finalized our trip with Cordelia Cruises, my major concern was the food – because I was traveling with my kids and one of them is a toddler. The mothers out there will relate to me that baby food is a major concern. But I was at ease when I experienced the food at Cordelia Cruise.

There are a variety of food options available on the cruise. Not just food options, but you have a number of options available on where you want to have your food. Do you want a royal restaurant or a sea view dinner, all up to you and your mood?

Starlight Restaurant is a royal dining area, where you have multiple cuisine options available in Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Jain Food, Baby Food, and you can also make a special request if need be. The food, in my opinion, was blunt, however, you can let the staff know about it, they will customize the food accordingly.

When you go to the 10th Floor – you have an option for sea-view dinner as well. One and the only issue I had with the space was that it was too hot to enjoy your food.

Basic Amenities:

  • 8 bottles of Bisleri kept on a daily basis in your room
  • Tea and Coffee are available on a regular basis, throughout the day
  • You can bring your snacks on the cruise if traveling with kids

On the 6th floor, there is a place named – Connections. Here a lot of workshops are being held from time to time. Workshops include Magic Workshop, painting workshops, and others.

The 9th floor of the cruise has a library and a kid’s playing area. There is also a Bridge tour that operates on the 9th floor. The bridge tour is a tour of the captain’s room. Here the Captain of the cruise himself lets you know about the cruise, how the ship sails, what is the temperature at that time, how does the wind affect the sail, where you are at the moment, how the cruise works, etc.

The 10th floor has a rock climbing area for the kids. There is a dome restaurant, which also has a gym above. The Dome Restaurant is a lounge bar, where you can drink and have food. Then there is a pool bar – where you can enjoy your drink with your partner or mates. Then you have a pool, which is available for both the kids as well as the adults. The DJ is always playing in this area.

One of the most exciting parts is the food court. The food court is opposite the pool. There is a sun deck above the food court. Sun deck is the topmost part of the ship, here you can enjoy a scenic view of the sunset, sunrise – which are unforgettable and unbelievable at the same time. You can also come and do yoga, or practice exercises.

My Experience is rather 2 Cents!

Being a parent was an amazing experience. The kids enjoyed themselves to their best and additionally we were able to experience a calm and peaceful trip. One of the major reasons for the peace was the hospitable staff. I cannot stress enough on this that the staff was very friendly, always there to help you out with your queries if there were any. As everything on the cruise was well-defined and clearly pointed out. There are also certain pointers that I would like to mention that might help you if you go on a Cordelia Cruise trip. These are:

  •  A baby stroller is a must for the baby: One of the main reasons is because you would not want to carry the baby for different activities back to back.
  • There is a lift everywhere – it makes your commute from one floor or hall to another easy and smooth
  • For elders there are additional activities available, which include: Casino, there is a camera in the casino, the management is great, and this makes the Casino a fun part of the cruise

According to my experience, the 6th floor and the 7th floor have the best view of the sea. You can enjoy the sunset and the sunrise here. Definitely, the 10th floor is the topmost floor, yet the 6th and 7th floors have the best view in my opinion. The issue on the 10th floor is that it is an open area, so the heat gets you directly. The heat becomes difficult to absorb at times. Therefore, on the 6th and 7th floor, there is a balcony area, where there is less heat but an amazing view, kind of similar to the 10th floor.

Trust me when I say that the experience with Cordelia Cruises was as exciting as the tone of my blog. This was an experience everyone should divulge in, if you love to travel want to have a peaceful getaway at least once in their lifetime. If you would also like to book Cordelia Cruise, you can check out their packages on their official website.

And for an added information, details, or pictures and content you can follow my instagram handle – @sneha_261013