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Welcome Summer

Welcome Vacations

So here comes summer time, schools are closed, gardens are open, playgrounds are crowded and swimming pools are full. What we have is the sun smiling at our skin and especially our small kids skin, who either gets skin tan or skin rashes or reddening. Even we moms suffer a lot since we too play with our kids on hot sunny days. Or are found inside blue chlorinated swimming pools.

I used to think when we moms met in the playground we either discuss our kids breastfeeding habits or food habits and moms of grown-up kids speak about the kid’s habits in school. But when we enter summertime, we moms discuss the skin rashes and the lotions, What we give our kids to wear, so that they are fully protected from the sun rays. We carry kids essential like hats or umbrella, even sunglasses to give them extra protection.

Child care

Is it Really Important?

Now here comes a point when we say there are hardly any products specific to kids skin for summer.

So here is my answer to all those mothers, who are worried about their children’s skin,




kids skin care

Yoga With Fun

Sebamed has launched a new product with unique formula with pH 5.5 which is baby Sunscreen lotion, which protects skin from harmful UV-A/U-VB rays and tanning of your baby’s skin.


But How?

This pH 5.5 factor is utmost important because our normal pH of skin is 5.5 and if you use a product similar to your skin pH, it heals and moisturizes it to rehydrate your skin and you feel more soft and smooth, this applies to all from infants to adults. The Sebamed lotion comes in two variety with SPF 30 AND SPF 50. The only difference is they both protect you from different UV rays.

health care in summer

Product Which Gives Every Mother a Smile.

What do the Experts Say?

Kids careAccording to miss Bipasha Chakraborty, the speaker from Sebamed, the skin in summer becomes dry and dull due to scorching heat and tanning due to UV rays. So she showed us how should we apply Sebamed on kids skin. The most amazing part of Sebamed baby Sunscreen lotion is that it’s a water-resistant product, so now make your kid wear it even when they’re going for a swim.



No Reason To Fear The Sun.

How I came to know About Sebamed

Sebamed was the product which I came across at the name ceremony function of my daughter, she was full of red rashes since we apply gifted products to our relatives. sebamed sun lotionWhen I met my pediatrician, he suggested me only Sebamed lotion and soap for her skin, since my daughter ‘Angel’ has a really sensitive skin. From that day till date Sebamed has become the best friend for her skin who will be always there when she goes out in the sun.


Why Sebamed?

Multi Protect Sun Lotion

  • Sun Protection for the body
  • Available in SPF 6,10,15,20,25,30,50 and 50+.

Unique Features of Sebamed

  • Reliable UVA + UVB protection with the pH 5.5
  • Highly Effective UVA/UVB filter system combined with micro-pigments prevent sunlight-induced damages and irritations to the skin
  • Anti-Ageing skin protection with vitamin E and regenerating provitamin B5
  • Natural Inulin and lecithin keep the sun-exposed skin smooth and supple to protect the elasticity of the skin
  • With Bisabolol, Suited for irritated skin
  • Water resistant 
  • Oil-Free, Alcohol-Free

Does it Works?

skin protection in summer

Skin Protection In Hot Summer

Yes, Sebamed pH 5.5 baby sunscreen lotion has come as a boon for my daughter. Now I’m less worried about her skin.  Today’s event was basically in line with the launch of Sebamed sun lotion under a baby care category, the mom and kid under 6 years of age was part of ‘India book of records’ and performed yoga together in hot sunny weather.




Sunday Became Fun Day

summer health care


Now I can proudly say that I and my daughter were a part of that record, as we got a certificate of participating too.






With Blogger Ruchi Varma and Dipika Singh

My Sunday became funday with fellow bloggers and my friends.








I am also thankful to Dr. Simple Aher (a gold medalist) consultant Dermatologists trichologist and cosmetologist for guiding us through skin types and lotion to be used for our baby’s skin.
Sebamed Products are Available Online on various Shopping Apps like

Baby oye
Know more about Sebamed :-

Know more about Sebamed

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