Summer Time with Imagica

Imagica Sky View

Sky View

Fun & Masti With Imagica

The vacations begin, and the children are already getting restless. The best way to have a fun-filled time with your children and for yourselves is to visit Imagica.

Angel with Toys

Fun with Toys

I+A+S = Magical Options

The place is wonderful and pristinely maintained. It is the complete entertainment package for children as well as adults.

There are 3 options to choose from,





Snow World

As their names suggest, Imagica is an amusement park, filled with exciting rides.

Aquamagica is a fun water park to beat the summer heat, and Snow World is the place to go if you want to experience an actual snowfall in India.

We traveled there comfortably with Choudhary Yatra,  which was one of the smoothest rides in one of their luxury buses.


Family fun with Choudhary Yatra

Scream Machine Fun

Although, the rides that were coming up weren’t all that smooth. The rides like ‘Nitro’ and ‘Scream Machine’ are not really recommended for people with a heart condition. The ‘Scream Machine’ has been voted the 5th most scary ride in the World, and the scariest ride in India.

Scream Machine

Deadliest Scream Machine

The ‘i-for-India’ show is a spectacular 12-minute show that takes us on a helicopter ride across the entire nation, virtually. We experience the beauty of the country like never before. The ‘Mr. India’ show takes on an adventure where we virtually help Mr. India to win against the legendary villain ‘Mogambo’.


After Exciting Fun Some Relaxing Time

After a fun-day-out, the relaxing area seems like an island in the ocean. It’s well equipped with Air-condition and is very comfortable. The food at the ‘Novotel Hotel’ is delicious. The ambiance too is worth a special mention, it’s a blend of luxurious and comfortable accommodation.

Angel's Fun Time

Imagica Best For Summer Vacation

It’s an exhilarating experience for you as well your children to spend an exciting summer day at Imagica



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    Really good place after reading ur blog even I wanna visit

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