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Throw yourself into unknown territories, and experience the unexplored part of the earth. Gone are the days when we used to plan holidays and enjoy the same old itineraries, experienced by many. After 12 days of Kerala holidays, where we explored the unexplored part of it, which was the lifetime experience for my family.

Being a hardcore traveler, I was looking for another exploration, and luckily the mail popped from IndiBlogger, they are in collaboration with SterlingHolidays organized Indimeet, at ITC grand central Mumbai on 7th December 2017.

Sterling Bloggers Meet

About Sterling Holidays

Sterling Holidays was previously called as Sterling Resorts. It was a Holiday lifestyle company and was assimilated in the year 1986 in Chennai, India and established its first Resort. It was named as Lake View Kodaikanal. It explored at a very rapid speed and by the year 1988, it had 11 Resorts.

In 2010, Sterling Resorts changed their name to Sterling Holidays, because they felt their Resorts, products and Services are Ultimate and Delivers a wonderful Holiday Experiences. It has collaborated with RCI(Resort Condominium International). It is able to provide facilities in more than 100 countries across the world including India.

The indimeet organized by Indiblogger in collaboration with Sterling Holidays started with a warm welcome from IndiBlogger 

Team indiblogger

Team indiblogger

Mr. Peshwa Acharya from Sterling Holidays (chief marketing officer) started his presentation with a light mood and introducing himself as a hardcore traveler.

Sterling Holidays CMO

Mr. Peshwa Acharya from Sterling Holidays (Chief Marketing Officer)

He said after traveling a lot, he himself wanted a change in holidays, and this is how the concept of #HolidayDifferently came to his mind and the whole transformation started to change the look of sterling holidays.


sterling holiday banner

By the establishment of Sterling Holidays people found new and unique ways of Holidaying but today with the new name, new logo and with all exotic flavors Sterling Holidays have come up with distinguishable and fresher one.

the transformation

Presentation was given by Mr. Peshwa Acharya (Sterling Holidays Chief Marketing Officer)

Overview of Presentation

sterling resorts view

Sterling Resorts views

Sterling Holidays provides you with a wide range of National as well International Holiday Packages with unexplored and rare visited places so that you can enjoy the new experience and have hassle-free Holidays with Family and Friends.

Sterling discovery

Sterling is a world of discovery

It offers the best prices on all their Services, whether you buy a complete tour Package or take an Individual Service. Sterling Holidays is counted amongst the most prominent leisure tour operators in India.

sterling holidays discoveries

A world of discovery awaits you

Sterling Holidays has 29 exquisite Resorts, in spectacular destinations across India. Their resorts are world class. They have been crafted after giving lots of thoughts, which not only gives the best stay experience, but also the best view from each room. All sterling resorts have Spa’s, Ayurvedic massage centers, swimming pools, bars and game zone for kids.

Experience is the new way to holiday

Experience is the new need

Holidays in past were all about common itineraries including normal menu and a tiring traveling experience but the Sterling Holidays has come up as a Rising Star for all the Travel lovers to eradicate their travel related problems and provide the best services in completely new form.

sterling holiday presentation

Some Slides from Presentation

Basically, sterling holidays are the pioneer in the holiday package system. But now they are giving a fresh look to their packages. They are catering to each individual feeling and giving a unique experience to everyone.

presentation slide

Sterling Holidays Resort Services for Customer

Initially, their focus was on safe, clean, hygienic holidays, but today they have upgraded themselves where along with this, every moment of your vacation is an immersive experience.

They are not only targeting tourists who go by itineraries but also looking to grab the attention of traveler who wants to try something new.

I feel travelers are best storytellers and they want everyone to be the storyteller of the experiences they give you in form of Vacations. Totally Transformation is in making now with sterling holidays where they are creating happiness for you while you are on vacations.

People who want to experience a joyful Holiday and wants to explore new destinations with breathtaking and inspiring experience should go for Sterling Holidays.

The Holiday destinations they provide are completely unique with stunning views and unexplored places. Their mission is to deliver luxurious service Resorts so that travelers can have a lavish stay with memorable memories.

They currently have 31 properties spread across India. Out of which 17 are owned by them and rest are on lease. They are focusing on expanding their properties in scenic areas and regular destinations places. They have a huge land bank of their own and may develop it to expand as a Resort.

New Look for Sterling Holidays

Sterling Holidays has come up with completely new and fresh look with a new identity. Sterling holidays not only revamped their logo but also the colors of the logo. The new logo is made up of small beads in increasing sizes and three different colors.

new look of sterling holidays

Logo design of Sterling Holiday

The color yellow symbolizes sunny happiness, warmth, and friendship, the color. Royal Purple tells about the rich experiences and discoveries and the color Warm Red represents the desire and passion of People who love to travel.

The graphics depict the elements of nature surrounding the resorts and the joy of a relaxing vacation. The logo is in the form of Pinwheel, signifies People, Experiences, and Places as the three Brand Pillars.

When the logo is put together it gives a beautiful essence and a message of being Vibrant, Delightful, Energetic and Contemporary.

Along with logo now they also have a new mascot called Raja Rex who is a discovery mascot so that the holiday gets an entirely different look.

presentation clip

They are the first-holiday company who has door to door travel insurance, which is equal to 100% insurance for customers.

holiday insurance slide

Plus Each resort celebrates some special days which comes under 100 days of Joy.

sterling holidays offer

Sterling holidays most visited resorts are Dindi, OOTY, Darjeeling, and sterling Corbett. These resorts are totally immersive and peaceful places which will take you close to nature.

view from presentation

Tagline of Sterling Holidays

 ”In Whatever We Do, We Seek To Leave The Customer So Satisfied That He Feels That It Is Not Just A Holiday, But The World Is Itself Truly Wonderful”.

Whether a person is thinking to be a member or to just have a holiday trip, Sterling provides everything at reasonable prices and in a Typical Sterling Way.

Sterling Holidays aims to deliver fun-filled, Comfortable and affordable Holidays to each and every client.

And with the energetic pose, the indimeet ended with a lot of learning and sharing which one can see from this pic.

team sterling holiday


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