Discovered a Hidden Gem of Kerala – Munroe Island with Luxury Houseboat on Day 7 & 8 #GoKerala

As you must be reading my #GoKerala stories from last few days the journey which we started is about to end in next 2 days so, here I am taking you to my experience of Day 7 & day 8 where I visited Munroe Island, Alappuzha and many more places.

Alappuzha – “Venice of the East

Alappuzha is a city on the Laccadive Sea in the south of Kerala. It is famous for Houseboat cruises along the rustic Kerala backwaters. It is referred as the “Venice of the East”. It has always been important place considering the Marine Life. It is also famous for boat races, backwaters holidays, beaches, marine products and coir industry. It is the popular picnic spot. It is a must visit for all who seek to explore Kerala’s vast beauty.

Alappuzha also offers a great climate. The houseboat industry of Alappuzha is amongst the famous in the world. It has been likened to a canal car park during the peak season. We had an amazing houseboat experience.

Alleppey Houseboat Experience

The Houseboat traveling was a bit expensive but it is worth spending on its unique and amazing experience. Even I had a houseboat experience and in my opinion, it was very good.

The houseboat is called as ‘Spice Routes Luxury House Boat’. In which there is a variety of House Boats named as of spices like cardamom, clove, cinnamon, etc.


Lunch at Spice Routes Luxury House Boat

Lunch at Spice Routes Luxury House Boat

The Houseboats are of different sizes, which has either 1-room, 2- room, 3-room or 4-room depending on the size of House Boat.

Luxury House Boat

The meal was provided in the Houseboat cruise itself, or we can prepare food with our own hands as the kitchens were also available for preparing food for your own taste. They provide both veg and non-veg food.

Check-in at Alappuzha Beach

The very next day, in the morning after having breakfast I visited Alappuzha Beach. It is a famous beach located in Alappuzha town and is also a regular tourist attraction.

Alappuzha Beach

Clean & Amazing Alappuzha Beach

This beach hosts many events like Alappuzha Beach Festival. It has an old pier which extends to Sea.

Munroe Island

Then I visited Munroe Island. There I checked-in at Munroe Island Cottage. Had our food and then the local people shared with us the procedure of making ‘Local Taadi’.

Munroe Island

It is basically a traditional drink of that place made up of coconut branches. At first stage, it tastes very similar to coconut water but if you keep it for few days by covering it with clay and pots it ferments and then the drink which you get after fermentation is called as ‘Taadi’.

small boat for a ride at Munroe Island

Then we were taken in a small boat for a ride over the river for about 35 to 40mins where they showed us the fish farming and prawns farming areas and also different types of water animals and variety of snakes.

Beauty of Munroe Beach

Munroe Island is located at the confluence of Ashtamudi Lake and the Kallada river. You can reach this Island by road, rail and Inland water navigation. It is a hidden pearl in the backwaters and is composed of a cluster of 8 Islands.

Experience at Munroe Island

Each one of them is separated by small water channels and lakes. Some of the Island’s main attractions are the narrow waterways, canal cruise, and the famous Kallada Boat Race. It was really a lovely and peaceful trip, especially the boating, I got to see rare species of birds and fishes. While traveling by boat we had a very good experience of village life and felt like experiencing my childhoods days of Grandparents village and had very tasty and delicious traditional lunch.

Quilon Beach Hotel

Quilon Beach Hotel

After that, we reached Quilon Beach Hotel and Convention center. It is 65 km north of Trivandrum.

Qullon Beach

Quilon Beach

It is a luxurious 5-star hotel located at Kollam, facing Arabian Sea and Backwaters. This hotel also offered Spa facilities and swimming pool.

It has cozy rooms which provide beautiful sea views and also has satellite flat-screen TVs. Each room has bathroom and grooming kits and Bathrobes in it.

The hotel serves local and international cuisine both if required it also has a pastry shop and a bar. We had a night stay at this Luxurious hotel and had a sound and safe sleep.

You can check out My whole Kerala Tour Journey to make sure you don’t miss out any wonderful place to visit.


  1. It’s an immensely useful post with heart-conquering pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! The last picture of the beach with the birds is really beautiful!

  3. It’s really a delightful experience in Houseboat. Enjoyed it. When I went Alleppey, I booked a Sikkara boat to reach smallest small canals and see the village life more intensely. The houseboat cannot go such small canals. But, the houseboat travel gives a luxurious experience in backwater trip.

  4. That’s definitely an amazing way to see Kerala.

  5. Rahul Joshi

    It’s really amazing description of Kerala Visit, the Photos are alive and feel like I am travelling during the whole journey of yours 🙂

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