Menses- Taboo or its Natural Process of Woman Body

Supporting Backathon Rally

Yet, There is a Taboo When it Comes to Menstruation.

It is the time throw caution to the wind. It is the time not murmur about menstruation anymore! Every woman till the age of 45 bleeds every month, then why shy or feel ashamed.
They said it loudly and clearly, to be free of the shame.

Maasika Mahotsav was a one-of-a-kind celebration organised by Muskurahat Foundation in collaboration with Period of Sharing and The Rotaract Club of KC College. Shreya Jain and Himanshu Goenka were leading the campaign. The Main motive of this event was to rejoice the periods, Be proud to be a woman.

There were 100 students supporting the initiative all between the age group of 17-20.

Backathon Rally - in Support of Menstruation

supporting the initiative

Chalk Art– It was a creative way to display art on the pavement of Marine drive by drawing Sanitary pad outline having Slogans and Quotes.

Back-a-Thon– A rally where we walked backwards by holding posters. The message was to push back the taboos of menstruation from the society. Student’s were chanting slogan “Be Loud, be proud, Let periods be known to the crowd”

Donation and Pledge campaign– We asked the youth and the students to take a pledge that they will talk about menstruation openly and no more consider it as impure.

 Chalk art

Volunteers doing Chalk art

Chalk art by students

Chalk art by students to support the cause

All the students were wearing white Tshirts, Kurta with Red Band tied on the arm.
The spectators and the police officials also supported us with the campaign. This initiative is much needed as youth is supporting this cause, we all should change our mentality towards menstruation. It is a natural process so why one should feel shame? everyone must think about it and become aware its pros as well.



  1. It’s about time our generation realizes that menstruation is a natural process and not taboo! Great initiative.

  2. No doubt this topic is not discussed openly in our society.. Glad to know that people are talking about it 🙂

  3. Loved this post … It is a great initiative and you are right, everybody should know the pros of periods…

  4. loved the post <3 thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Joshita JJ

    This is a great initiative. Thank you for sharing…

  6. Well said 🙂 thats a natural process but don’t know just what to say about society. I like your post

  7. Papri Ganguly

    Great post. We were drove in wrong direction since long. but glad the people now come forward and discuss about such thing. Really proud.

  8. thats a very very progressive event …thats the hypocrisy of society something that is most vital for sustainence of human kind is to be ashamed off

  9. Great post! It is amazing that there is so much awareness spreading all over the world that menstruation is not a taboo, but a blessing!!

  10. Let me 1st thank you for picking this topic and writing about it. You are doing a great job. We will make it taboo free very soon.

  11. A much needed initiative. Least we can do is show the future generations that periods are normal and not a dirty time.

  12. Great initiative indeed! Women are suppressed and talked down in so many ways and at so many levels just to maintain patriarchy. This is another strong step in liberating women and accepting how beautiful they are. Good job 🙂

  13. Megha Jain

    Thankuu for sharing… I like your post.

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