Ker Sangri ki Saag a Must have Rajasthani Cuisine

Ker Sangri| Panchkuta ki Saag- Must have Rajasthani Cuisine.

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Ker Sangri Kumtha is the Rajasthani cuisine which is world famous when it comes to delectable taste and spices. From the land of maharajas and kings, list of dishes never ends when you talk about this dessertic state. Most of the dishes which comes from the colourful state are dry, due to extreme dry climatic conditions. Famous for rich regal culture and very distinctive compared to other states, Rajasthan food is always famous and favourite among the foodies all over the world.

The first dish which comes to our mind when we talk about the Rajasthani food is Dal, Baati Churma, yes it is the landmark dish of the state, but there is another huge list after this. I wish to bring you most of the dishes thru my kitchen.
The first among them is Ker Sangri ki Saag or some people call it as Panchkuta because other than Ker Sangri we also make it as 5 ingredients Sabzi. Now you will think why I took this recipe.

Rajasthani Dish

1) it’s my favourite recipe
2) since ages my grandma used to make it.
3) this is totally travelling friendly Sabzi, which anyone can carry for two days in the airtight box.
4) good for health since doesn’t have any sugar thing in it.
5) only found and grown in Dessert part of Rajasthan.

Rajasthani dishes are moreover dry because of the paucity of water but to compensate water content for the body, buttermilk or daily produce are taken in excess.

Every dish is made in a such a way that water wastage and water consumption in food is less.

Everything is prepared in ghee because ghee is available more than water sometimes in Rajasthan and that’s the bitter true fact.
This Ker Sangri ki Sabzi is made of 2- 5 main ingredients, if you make only of Ker Sangri, we call it as it is. But if I add Goondha, Kumtha and Amboli it makes 5 ingredients aka Panchkutta Sabzi.
Now after a brainstorming informative, let’s head towards the recipe.

Ker Sangri Kumtha or Panchkuta recipe.

Main 5 ingredients of Ker Sangri Kumtha.

Ker Sangri Kumtha
1)Dry mango 50 Grams
2)Kumti 50 Grams.→ kind of flats seeds
3)Sangri 50 Grams.→ its kind of beans
4)Ker 50 Grams.→ it’s like green berries also called as capers in English 5)Ghoondha 50 Grams.

Ker Sangri Ingredients


All soaked overnight, cleaned, washed and boiled in one whistle


6) Red chilly powder 1 Tablespoons. 7

7) Coriander powder 1 Teaspoons.

8) Salt To Taste. Cumin seeds 1 Teaspoons.

9) Mustard seeds 1 Teaspoons.

10) Haldi powder 1 teaspoon.
11) Kishmish 1 Tablespoon.
12) Oil as per need.

Ker Sangri Kumtha Masala

Method to cook Ker Sangri Kumtha

Spices of Ker Sangri Kumtha1)Take all main 5, ingredients wash them properly as all dried herbs are stored using either Heena ( Mehendi) ashes from Chula

2) Next morning boil it in a pressure cooker with sufficient amount of water till all becomes soft, note they will be cooked but will not turn green ever, as they have been dried like this only to turn black.

3) In a pan, take oil, and start heating put whole red chilli and Tej Patra, now put all cooked above Sabzi and saute for 10 min, now add Masala, including red chili, Dhaniya powder, Haldi powder, salt, Garam Masala, jeera powder and put soak the whole amchur and it’s water (at least 100 ml) or you can add 1 spoon of amchur powder directly.

Now cook till, oil leaves sides of the pan, add Kishmish and serve hot with puris.

Here’s your delicious Ker Sangri Kumtha

Ker Sangri Kumtha


  1. Hey..that reminds me of my days in Jodhpur. I use to love Ker Sangri. Thanks for sharing this.

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    • Neha, since this is really famous cuisine, even Amazon sales the whole dry packets from spice u can chk on Amazon its easily available, even I was shocked when I saw in Amazon, it’s a core from jodhpur basically

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