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As Women, we certainly put everyone’s needs before our own. The major mistake we as a Women do in our life is we don’t think of ourselves, about our looks, about our skin. We certainly need time to relax and pamper ourselves, especially after a famished day.

Not everyone was born with that coveted smooth and radiant skin. Some have to constantly struggle with early signs of wrinkles, pigmentation, sun spots and acne scars, and to face the world with such problems is really a difficult situation to handle.

Research shows that Men and Women with self-loving better halves tend to be more satisfied in their relationships than those with self-critical partners. Everybody needs a break, so set aside some time for yourselves to pamper. Five ways to pamper yourselves:

  • Get a Massage.
  • Visit the Spa
  • Get a Manicure/Pedicure
  • Take a Yoga class
  • Take Aerobics class

Being a  Women, I too face the same problems of having a very busy and tiring life, but from such a busy schedule took out some time for myself and visited Metamorphosis Clinic in Mumbai and had 3 treatments there. They were having many Packages and several other treatments but I preferred to have basic 3 treatments:

  • Body Spa
  • Hair Spa
  • Diamond Microdermabrasion
Metamorphosis Clinic Pricing
Metamorphosis Clinic Pricing

Other treatments which Metamorphosis Clinic in Bandra offers are the best solutions for skin, hair and obesity problems.

They specialize in Botox, Dermal Fillers,  Laser Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Tattoo Removal, Obesity Treatment,  Hair Loss Solutions & Cosmetic Surgeries – including liposuction, facelift, breast augmentation amongst a few! Not only in Mumbai but this angel clinic has its wing from Delhi to Mumbai.

Metamorphosis in Mumbai has five branches. Mulund, Bandra, Ghatkopar, Powai, and Andheri.

The ambience was in Bandra was really good and the staff was also well mannered. The rooms were clean and neat, though not very fancy like spa and parlour but as the clinic, it was well designed and maintained.

Here’s My Overall Review of Metamorphosis Clinic


After returning home from hectic #GoKerala trip I was so tired and dull and my bones were painting  to the extreme. And I felt as if my glow of the skin has turned very dull and tanned.

I feel that all  Women around  world love to be admired and desired. There are several women in every walk of life who loves to look beautiful all the time. Yes afcourse Weather and other environmental factors play a certain role in the decline of the skin. And that’s why nowadays it has become very difficult to maintain the  pH value of our skin and also to maintain the skin of our entire body hydrated and healthy.

Metamorphosis Body Spa features an impressive lineup of organic body products and provides innovative and unique services for the body. This clinic provides several options for Body Spa :

  • A soothing and creamy raw sugar mixture which gently sloughs off dead skin cells from your body.
  • A nourishing and hydrating milk and honey enriched total body wrap.

But  I had an amazing experience of having Body Spa  with olive oil at Metamorphosis Clinic. Your body is fully exfoliated, smoothed, softened and relaxed. I had a scalp and foot massage as well and also experienced very calming and detoxifying effects of steam treatment.

The staff were good at their work, they did deeply relax massage using olive oil. It helped me a lot in releasing stress from the body, nourish the tissues, lubricants joints and support overall wellness of Body.

They provide massage treatments on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to achieve and maintain optimal results.

So next time when you want to feel rejuvenate and relaxed, you know where to go right. Ms Prachi did my massage, and it was for 45 min, her hands were perfect on pressure points but by the time I started relaxing my message was almost done and I wanted for more time.

I wish they can increase the time of massage. Do check out their spa rooms.


The second treatment which I took was hair spa because after coming from Kerala and my hair looked bleached due to swimming in chlorinated water in hotels.

So Dr Pranita suggested me hair spa which will smoothen my hair and bleaching effects can be reduced. Miss Swati did my hair spa. At Metamorphosis Clinic, they offer effective hair loss treatment for Men and Women both. They help us to choose the best treatment for the available list depending on our hairs. So the treatment which I had was Keratin Hair Spa.

I was continuously experiencing hair loss and weakening of Hairs, after coming from Kerala so I thought of having this keratin antidandruff Hair Spa.

This keratin hair spa is the medicated hair spa which causes intense reconnection of hair strands through keratin. It also repairs any fissures available in hairs strands after highlighting and colouring.

After having this Hair Spa I found my hairs more attractive, soft, healthy and fully nourished.

Before & After Photo's
Before & After Photo’s

The hairs also become easier to style. They also offer Loreal Hair Spa, it is a Hair Fiber Solution that repairs weak, damaged and limp hairs.

They offer several Hair treatments like Hair Advanced Meso Therapy, Hair Replacement Treatment, Hair Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment,  etc.

So do visit and consult Dr Pranita before deciding on treatment.

3-Diamond Microdermabrasion:

Third and best treatment I got was Diamond Microdermabrasion, which is a skin treatment in which diamonds are fixed to the microdermabrasion wand which is used to perform the procedure.

In this procedure, a pen-like structure is vacuum pressure on your skin and your dead skin are removed, especially the corners of your nose, blackheads and dry and scaly skin, giving you native skin which is fresh, smooth.

The small diamonds on wand used to scrape off the dead skin results in making skin fresh and smooth. It is one for best treatment used to fight the signs of ageing.

Don’t we all want to look good and beautiful? And it is the natural process of our skin to fade with age but there are several treatments available in the field of beauty to fight against ageing and to look young and beautiful, and Diamond Microdermabrasion is one of it.

With the use of high tech skin care products, specialists penetrate deep into the skin to recover your youthful appearance.

They also have crystal Microdermabrasion which is sharper and specific to each cell. This crystal Microdermabrasion gives you more glowing skin if you’re going for the wedding or you are bride urself.

Overall the experience of pampering myself at Metamorphosis Clinic was amazing. But honestly speaking staff can be trained in a more efficient way, they should inform the client what they are gonna do, what will be effects of this treatment.

Since I keep on doing the things I know everything but if a newbie is going then they may not understand what they are going through in treatment. But my face started showing the glow now, so I’m happy with the result. So to book your appointment check out this address  :-

Bandra Mumbai Branch aDDRESS

101A/103 1st floor

Om palace bldg

Dr.Ambedkar road

Khar west

Mumbai 400052

Telephone : 022-6512 6661

Mobile : 8291927889

You can also email: [email protected]



Kids are called as the replica of God. They are our future. It is the responsibility of the parents to take care of their kids and of their sensitive skin. Baby’s skin is thinner and more sensitive as compared to adults skin. It reacts more sensitively to external aggressors and needs extra care and protection.

Home Security with Godrej Locks

In today’s world where technology and gadgets have taken over the path of our life, the question of safe and sound living lingers among every one of us. Home security has always been regarded as the core when it comes to the point of security. Individual safety and security is the most important aspect growing today because security is freedom from the threat or fear of danger. Threats to safety may come in many forms, ranging from the minute violence to accidental injury. This might reduce the quality of life of the victim or of its near ones.

Importance of Personal Security

Considering the present scenario Personal Security is an important factor in a person’s life everywhere in this world. This can be either in city, village or town. Personal Security reduces crime and violence. We all are aware that crime is rampant from the streets to our homes, shops, offices, hospitals etc. Such crime can be avoided by one having Personal security. But, the point here arises like how one can keep Personal Security today and also for their future.

Workshop on Home Safety Day by Godrej

So to answer this question and to solve common people problems of Security of their houses and other precious belongings, Godrej Locking solution and systems conducted an workshop on Home Safety Day on !5th November. In that workshop they consider many important points regarding safety and about the topic ‘how safe you are’.

What I Learnt From Home Safety Day Workshop

I got the opportunity to be the part of that workshop. At first, they showed three videos that unlock the mind of the robbers. The videos also shared different experiences of the robbers while robbing the houses and under what circumstances they rob someone’s house, why they rob and how they rob. The key members of the workshop where Dr. Kaminidevi Bhoir-an honorary Psychiatric counsellor for Mumbai Police, Shyam Motwani-EVP and head of Business Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems. Sujit Patil- VP and head of corporate communications. Prakash N Borgaonkar-a real victim of being robbed and he was also a western region head of Helpage India and Vivek Agarwal- veteran Crime Journalist and Author.

Mr. Sujit Patil Talked About  Godrej Locks

The discussion of the workshop was started by Mr.Sujit Patil, in which he started off with very informal introduction of himself and of the other members. He then played those three videos. The videos had a great impact on the audience, they were surprised and were shocked, hearing the mentality of robbers. After that Mr. Vivek Agarwal shared some beautiful ideas of how one can keep their houses safe thinking from the point of robbers. Dr.Kaminidevi  thereafter spoke about the psychology of a robber and why they don’t hesitate to kill. Prakash  Borgaonkar shared some valid points regarding the safety of senior citizens.

Shyam Motwani on  Godrej Locks Innovations

Shyam Motwani then spoke about the Home Safety Day and about the history of Godrej Locks. He also shared about the innovations and about the new locks of Godrej in the market. He shared that, Godrej is a total locking solutions provider and offers locks at various security levels. The new era locks are a combination of the biometric and digital panel which helps secure the home for a longer and more safer way. He also pointed out the importance of buying the best locks.

The Main Points or can say the Highlighted points of the workshop included, the ways you can keep yourself safe:

  1. Keep the pets at home especially if you have bungalows or large offices. Pets specially the dogs, because Dogs are considered as the most faithful animal and they provides the best security.
  2. Appoint the desired watchman for the security who can give 100% to his job. One should keep on note that the watchman should not sleep on duty.
  3. Install CCTV cameras in your residential and office areas and to all the places, visited by common people.
  4. Stay alert and should buy good quality of locks for your own house safety. Do not compromise for cheaper options
  5. If your house have any strange marks, go and contact the nearest police station immediately and ask for help.
  6. Ask watchman to keep proper records of the people visiting daily.

The workshop was concluded with an appeal given by Dr. Kaminidevi to Mr. Shyam Motwani to continue the manufacturing of Godrej Locks and to make many more safety related products. Mr. Shyam and Mr. Sujit gave the assurance of conducted such informative sessions in near future.


Generally, many of us still remember our grandmas special ‘maalish’ or can say ‘champi’, how beneficial it was for our hair, but today we have forgotten the importance of oiling our hair because of the fast, busy and complex lifestyle that we live. Nowadays, it has become a trend of keeping hair silky, smooth and oil-free especially amongst the youngsters and because of such a habit they are
facing several hair problems like weak hair, hair-fall etc. So thinking about the present scenario and the problems faced by the people related to their hair, Pantene has come upon with a new product named as  PANTENE PRO-V OIL REPLACEMENT CREAM.

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The modern technique for shining hair – Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement Cream.


It is a rich and creamy product which can be used for both dry and oily hair. It gives 2x times stronger and healthier hair, it smells amazing and helps to get rid of oily and sticky hair and is also easy to apply. It combines the power of Pro-vitamin formula and nourishing OILS. It nourishes hair, reduces hair fall, and help repair the damage.


According to the experts, if you oil your hair every day you will have to wash it every day as well since one cannot keep sticky and oily hair all the time. Allowing the oil to soak in your hair can also lead to several hair infections like dandruff and itchy scalp. Daily washing the hair also infects the volume of the hair and skin of the scalp. We all know oil acts as a food to the hair, so hair requires oil but it is also true that in such a busy lifestyle we have no time for oiling our hair. But we can start
using newly launched Pantene pro-v oil replacement cream, which will not only fulfil the requirement of oil for our hair but also nourishes hair, reduces hair fall and helps repair damaged hair.


Women in today’s modern and hectic life, give no priority to hair care which results in panicking over hair fall, premature greying of hair etc. and to get rid of such problems women opt for new solutions like cosmetic salon treatment and all, which not only consumes time but also money. Keeping today’s scenario in mind, women can try this oil replacement cream and can get rid of all the problems.

Properties of PANTENE PRO-V OIL

This oil replacement cream includes natural oil extracts in it, it is least processed and full of vitamins and nutrients that are found in food. This oil replacement cream basically acts as a food for hair. This  cream penetrates into the skin of the scalp and makes it healthier, whichever shampoo or conditioner you use cannot match the benefits of this cream. This product when used gets deep into the skin and does its job of improving the skin tissue, which results in stronger and
shinier hair.

Method to apply PANTENE PRO-V OIL .

The application of this product is very easy, you just have to take a walnut sized amount of oil between the palms of your hands, rub it and directly apply from the top and distribute evenly through your hair, and there is no need to rinse after applying. It helps to get rid of those irritating hair massages.


Applying this oil on regular basis helps in fighting hair fall and aids hair regrowth. It
also helps in controlling frizzy hair. I always use before going to bed or I use when I’m styling my hair as it acts as final touch leaving hair soft and smooth.

On the days when your hairs seem out of control, just apply a small amount of this oil-based cream, u will find that applying this cream helps to settle down the frizzing immediately and also makes your hair look more healthy, shiny and
strong. It also acts as a final touch, making hair more silky and smooth.
Therefore, whether you have got a hair fall problem or not, you can use this newly launched Pantene Pro-V hair oil replacement cream, I assure the result will be the best. So gals #TelKoTelLagao, with  #NewPanteneOilReplacement

Does your diet include the optimum level of nutrients and minerals required to keep your brain functioning at its best? Do you give your kids or your newborn baby food which helps not only in their physical development but mental development as well?

Raising kids is an uphill task. If you are first time parents, then you must know about the diet which is necessary for growth and development of a newborn baby.

I am sure you must be searching for all parenting information and child fitness. Now, if the baby is premature, in such case breastfeeding is most important as it provides immunity for the risks related to premature birth, like infections, jaundice. So if the child gets sufficient micronutrients from day one of the birth, the child grows well, physically, socially and most important mentally.

What are micronutrients & why it is important?

In India, infants do not get the right amount of micronutrients. Micronutrients are a group of nutrients which are required in trace amounts for healthy growth and development.  If your child lacks these micronutrients— it is referred as “Hidden Hunger”. Hidden hunger has affected nearly 2 billion individuals or precisely speaking one in three people worldwide. Thus hidden hunger is kind of undernutrition that occurs; when intake and absorption of vitamins and minerals, such as (Zinc, Iodine and iron) are too low to sustain good health and development.

It’s clinically evident that most rural kids coming from underprivileged families are malnourished, while urban kids are suffering from ‘hidden hunger’.

According to National Nutrition of Monitoring Bureau of India, even healthy looking children are not healthy, because they are eating junk or fast food, and thus these kids have the biochemical deficiency of micronutrients. To prevent hidden hunger, the only option is to provide plentiful micronutrient food and increasing dietary diversity, starting from infant age.

Shrouded symptoms of hidden hunger /micronutrient deficiency can be detected at an early stage. Since micronutrient deficient is slow, the symptoms take time to appear. In the initial phase, everything seems to be natural, but as the child grows, this micronutrient deficiency shows adverse effects of malnutrition on height and weight.

In Indian food, most of the food items are rich in macronutrients and not micronutrients– that’s why it’s critical for Indian parents to take adequate measures to ensure consistent development. Parents believe that my kid is tall, he is fit and healthy, but they never realise the significance of mental growth as compared to physical development.  Brain development is entirely dependent on food which a child eats.” It is rightly said “You are what you think you eat”. So basically if you eat correctly, you will also think properly.

How to keep child’s immune system healthy.

Most kids suffer from stunted growth cognitive delays. During six months of breastfeeding initially they get the micronutrients, but after that, it decreases a lot.

The other reason behind malnutrition can be the wavy pattern of eating meals. The habit of eating heavy breakfast and light dinner should be inculcated from day 1 of child life. This also keeps your child immune system healthy as well.

First 1000 days of child’s life are most important for their brain and physical body development. If not taken care at the early age of childhood, it becomes irreversible and affects the child health later on. Consuming food rich in micronutrient and macronutrient helps the child to attain a healthy brain and healthy body.

Which products we should eat to increase micronutrients?

In a nutshell, micronutrients play a vital role in the holistic development of a child. Now the authorities must take steps to make sure those infants get proper food fortification. Usually, the staple food of a region depends on its soil. If the particular region lacks the specific micronutrient then, that deficiency has to be fulfilled from adding in other foods and supplements. Make sure the child eats cereals and cereals based products, milk and milk products, nuts, oils and other beverages which have micronutrients in right proportions.

Now it’s up to parents and governing bodies to concentrate on micronutrient deficiency too. Let’s pledge that we end up malnutrition in India for better brain development.

Electronic Gadgets have become very important part of our life nowadays. During years technology has shown a lot of evolution and no doubt, it has always been better and advanced than before in whatever field it be. Some of the efficient and important inventions are the computer, television, the telephone, internet, e-mails, aircraft, spaceship, and much more. Among them one of the biggest and the adorable invention is of cell-phones, what to say about cell-phones, it is the most famous and high in demand gadget of the 21 st century.

You will hardly find any person without cell-phone today, whether a person is rich or poor, infant or old, everyone has their own personal cell-phone. As the coin has two sides, cell-phone also has its positive and negative effects on people, but people neglecting the negative effects are just moving on in life and enjoying the benefits and luxurious life using cell-phone.

I sometimes think how beautiful and tension free life it was before the inventions of the cell-phone. People were more hardworking and were more socialize. But today the scenario is completed differently. Yes, it is true that life was much slower before but was healthier, safer and happier. God has given us enough things with which we can live a peaceful and comfortable life, still, we keep on making more and more efforts to make our lives better.

Majority of people have a craze to be updated with the latest model of cell-phone, maybe as an interest, a style statement, for genuine use, or to do show-off, or any other reason. Even I myself love to purchase new cell-phone. Once I thought of purchasing a new one, but the problem was, my parents asked me to first sell my old cell-phone with a good price than only they will buy me a new one.

My Little Sad Mobile Selling Story

I started my journey of selling a phone by asking my near and dear ones, but no one took an interest, that time I realized no one is yours. I then decided to sell it to the shop, I went to the shop to sell, but the offer of the shopkeeper, surprised me because one cannot even buy the accessories of the phone with that amount. Further, I decided to sell it online, I made an account on the buy and sell the app and gave my cell number for communication.

I was just shuttered and was finding myself helpless and silly after answering the calls of the purchaser’s. The questions made me think a while, was it an only a cell-phone which I was selling or it was my daughter ready to marry, for their Son. The whole process was a completely new experience for me with lots of
jokes, laughs and fun chats. After few months, I found no one is interested to purchase and are just wasting my time.

Many days passed but I didn’t find any genuine buyer, I was very much tensed and helpless, I was not finding any way to sell my phone.

That horrible-cum-Beneficiary Dream

One day while sleeping, I saw a dream, I saw myself having a conversation with God. God said me “ child I know you are a lot of problems, You are not getting a buyer to purchase your cell-phone”, I nodded my head saying yes.

He further said, “ child I will show you the way and you have to follow it”, I once again said yes by nodding. Suddenly I saw a Giant machine landing on the empty ground adjacent to our house. It was a machine with beautiful architecture and design having different lights on it.

The rotating lights were so amazing and attractive as if they were calling me come, we have the solution for your problem. Unknowingly I went to that ground, coming out of my house. I then found it was a spaceship after some time the door of the Spaceship got opened, a unique creature came out of it, slowly moving towards me. He was very weird with short height and bulgy body, with big round eyes and pointed nose.

Alien Dreams

I was very scared and was moving backwards as he was coming towards me. That creature then said, ”Please wait and don’t get scared God has sent me just to help you, with a bit hesitation I stopped and here what he was saying, he said, “I am a creature from another planet and I have come to take you with me to our planet where you can sell your cell-phone”.

I whispered slowly, “You are Alien” and he replied yes by nodding. I was surprised, that an alien has come to help me. As I had none of the option left without thinking I got ready to give with that alien. He raised his hand, in-return I gave my hand in his hand and he moved towards the spaceship.

Once we entered the spaceship the doors were closed, and I was asked to settle down, since the spaceship was ready to take-off, after many hours we landed, the experience of travelling in the spaceship was wonderful, I was feeling as if I was travelling to heaven.

We landed on a newer planet, there I saw many similar creatures like aliens, alien told me, “come with me and I will find a person for you who will purchase your cell-phone”, without thinking once again I went with him.

There were small houses, I had to bend to move into their house and was in the bending position only because there was no space for me to stand straight. There I saw different female aliens, as compared to the male one the female alien was very beautiful. I just thought and was murmuring silently, “ How can such beautiful girls get married to bad looking alien”. one of the girls whispered, “we have no other option and have to marry any one of them, but if you don’t mind will u marry me..?” , I was just shocked and couldn’t believe my ears, I asked her once again and she repeated the same words, my heart just started pumping more faster and once again without thinking I said yes and got settled there.

Many years passed, once I was sleeping, and in my sleep, I saw my parents, my friends and relatives all were very sad and were searching me, my mom was crying a lot, my siblings were feeling very lonely. After waking up in the morning I narrated entire night story to my wife and told her that I have to leave and want to go back to my place to my parents.

My wife replied, “ you cannot go anywhere from here, once you come to this planet, you cannot go back.” I was shocked to hear this and started crying and screaming, I
want to go back, I want to go back to my house. Suddenly, I was pulled by someone’s hand and she was none other than my mom, she was saying where you want to go back, why are you crying and screaming, she tapped me twice and said what happened, have you seen any bad dream, after gaining my consciousness, and wiping my tears I said yes.

My mum said don’t worry beta it was just to dream and not a reality. I believed what she was saying and just thank God that it was just a dream. It took me several days to be normal and to come out of my dream. Today when I think of that dream, I have a smile on my face and I think how silly and mad I was in selling my cell-phone.

At that time I wish I knew about Cashify App, so I could have stopped bad dreams.

Cashify is the best online platform to sell our old gadgets which we generally don’t use at home and cash out them. Above all, you get additional 250 INR in your pocket when you sell your old items there. So to give you 250 INR benefits I have an exclusive coupon code for you.

Coupon Code: CLEANCASH

Cashify simplifies your selling and #CleanUpCashOut.


HugsnTugs – New Fashion Trend for Kids

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HugsnTugs the latest Kids fashion label offering fun, adorable, cute and trendy fashion made with love and care for boys and girls upto the age of 8 years. They have the most amazing quality of clothes available in today’s online market. With their up to date collection Hugs n Tugs are on the verge of being a big name in the Indian Kids clothing industry.

These days it is a struggle to find the latest trendy clothes for our kids, and finding them for the best prices is like a treasure hunt. Thankfully at HugsnTugs, we are provided with a wide range of options and every item is at a price that is comfortable to everyone.

There is something for everyone, boys and girls, right from a newborn to 8-year-old kids, and they all are as per the latest fashion. You can even customize the clothes for your kiddo, in a cute and fashionable manner.

Let’s have a look at their festive collection first because it’s festival time.
This is their Rakhi collection.

Rakhi Collection
Let me show you their favorite section among girls and boys collection.

Baby angel is wearing the one shoulder pink flared jumpsuit approximately comes in the mid-range. The piece is made of really good quality soft material. The floral print is appealing to eyes and the creamish material color below the print gives a good contrast.

The main attraction of this jumpsuit is the pink flared on one side giving one shoulder look. The bow belt gives a perfect differentiation between upper and lower body. The zip on the other side makes it easy to wear, even if your kid is on the healthier side.





The colour pink is favorite for every girl, and it has to be a part of her wardrobe, doesn’t it.
My angel wardrobe is 90% pink because she looks cute in that colour. This dress is so far the most stylish garment she has.
I am sure she can enter the world of modeling with the jumpsuit.





I always feel that comfortable casual and colourful clothes which are well fitted and less of complexity in the dress make it more playful and easy to wear.








I love how HugsnTugs add the new addition of jumpsuits and dress for kids every year.

The website of HugsnTugs offer accessories and personalized product at affordable prices & you can shop here at HugsnTugs which is comfortable and easy place. The user interface is awesome, we feel good scrolling through it while having a look for our kid’s attire.

If you’re looking for more kids collections and accessory for kids fashion more into their Instagram account @hugsntugs and their website.

Other products of HugsnTugs


Royale ATMOSEasiest Remedy for #CleanAirBeautifulHomes

Air Pollution! As you hear the word, it takes you to imagine traffic signal picture with a lot of honking, and Cars throwing hydrocarbons from their backside to your front glass. Isn’t it true?

Do you remember your mom saying, “don’t go out its too much pollution outside”? At least metro city moms do say this always when children go outside. But hey, are you safe inside your home, have you been sick even being at home? consider you enjoyed being at home and cleaned your home and Monday morning became the sick one! Why? Yes because the Recent study shows that not only outside but inside home, the environment can be 5x times dangerous than outside.

Do you think we don’t have pollution inside the home, Think again!!!

Let me take you to some of the most common polluted places in our home.

Do you have
1)Dampen walls

2)Corners of walls and furniture

3)Dry mobs for dusting

4)Vacuum cleaner

5)Asbestosis ceiling

6)Chipped or scrubbed Paint wall

7)Non-dust repellent furniture

8)Drainage system near bathroom or gardens, wash basins etc

9)Places or cupboard where you keep food grains

10)Fans, surface layers of cupboard or old newspapers and cardboard boxes.

11) Pets in your House

If your answer to all above questions is yes then your indoor environment is as harmful as outside.
Let me tell you what kind of pollutants this thing will release in your indoor air.
Before that let’s understand what is pollutant

“A pollutant is a substance or an Energy introduced into the surrounding that has harmful effects on the human body. This can be Voc (Volatile Organic Compounds), pesticide, spores, PCBs, oil, gases, and aerosols”


Let me take you now to each pollutant and Remedy for them so that we stay in #CleanAirBeautifulHomes.

royale atmos

Volatile organic compounds are the mixture of formaldehyde, toluene, chlorine and other gazes. The easiest way to detect them is to detect the unpleasant smell which is like paint stripper,  or like air fresher bathroom cleaner or pesticide. The best example of Voc at home is a wood polishing agent.

Tips to save your environment from VOCs.

-Do not use air freshener at home instead clean and purify your home using fresh flowers like Mogra, of lavender or Raat Rani (Scented Jessamine).
If possible make outside shed for such products if your works demand this product regularly.
Use fans to remove Vocs gases as even cooking in nonstick pans produces such gases in environments.
Do not buy unwanted Vocs products at home if not used immediately.

2) Lead
Do you know earlier all Paints used to contain lead especially oil paints, I still remember my childhood went in oil paints wall which used to have shines and reflection on the wall? During that time I had got spectacles, without any specific reason, including my siblings. Later on, I realized that those shining oil paints use to be as dangerous as today’s mobile screen, which had affected my eyes.

lead-royale atmos

Other than this, the paints used to have lots of lead, which is the most dangerous pollutant of all. Even if someone consumes it, it can lead nervous and kidney damage.

white lead

I always advise students not to put pencils in the mouth as it contains lead. I have seen kids eating chipped paints and they scrub it too. This can lead to chronic respiratory problems to those kids.

royale atmos

Use Royale ATMOS paints, which is a kind of green or eco-friendly paint as claimed by Asian Paints. And as a user of royale ATMOS, I too can assure you that yes it’s lead-free, odour free, VOC free paint. This is the first of its kind which gives wall, a smooth, beautiful look, as well as its activated carbon technology, absorbs harmful pollutants from the air. ROYALE ATMOS reduces foul odour to make fresh air, clean air inside the home. And top of it gives you pleasant fragrance for so many weeks after its application. The best thing is to let your kid draw her /his dream on the wall because Royale ATMOS is a washable paint.

Royale ATMOS work on paint science where binding agent plays the most important part in this technology. If the binder in the paint is good, the adhesion to the wall is strong. And it integrates to add toughness to dry paint film by binding the pigment of paint together.  If the paint passes the basic test of scrubbing, sheening and washability then the paint is of good quality.

Molds and fungi.

Dampen walls of the bathroom are exposed walls of the home to rains can cause damp walls inside the home. Because of humidity, moulds and fungi spring so fast, releasing millions of spores into an indoor environment. Once this reaches your nose, you start sneezing badly.

This can even lead to eyes, throat, and nose infection. And chronic factors can lead to asthma. These are the fastest, largest pollutants to cause allergy inside the home.

Spores are so lightweight that they fly in the air, and wherever they settle they grow a new colony.  This is how they spread on damp walls.

Tips to save from molds and fungi.

Keep your humidity of room using a humidifier.
Check your taps and bathroom fitting for leakages.
Use outside waterproof paint on your wall so that Rainwater doesn’t seep inside your walls and creating damp corners.

Always make sure that moulds and fungi don’t stay for long on walls, you can use either disinfectant to clean it or use dry heat methods to destroy it. Once I had used a hot hair dryer to dry the wall and to kill the growing mould n fungi on the wall.


Do you have ceiling or balcony with asbestos sheets on?

Is it intact?
If yes then no problem, but if it’s chipped and flaking then it’s a huge problem. Now let me share a personal experience. We too had a paint shop and all paint related products including paint thinner, lime powder, plaster of Paris, strainers, paints, wood polishes etc. I remember the dust which that environment has given us, made us suffering until today. My mom had continuous asthma problems. My dad has a chronic respiratory infection. The only solution to be we change our shop to only paint shop, and stop selling other products.

This asbestos can cause you asbestosis which can lead to death too if not taken care of. These flakes of asbestos if inhaled can make your lung infected. And also this asbestos absorbs maximum heat causing heat strokes in kids.

My mom had continuous asthma problems. My dad has a chronic respiratory infection. The only solution to be we change our shop to only paint shop, and stop selling other products.  This asbestos can cause you asbestosis which can lead to death too if not taken care of. These flakes of asbestos if inhaled can make your lung infected. And also this asbestos absorbs maximum heat causing heat strokes in kids.

Avoid asbestos ceiling, nowadays we have numerous options to use ceilings for our balcony.

Use your balcony to grow plants which are maximum Co2 absorber.

Grow more bonsai plants.

Grow more big size leaf plants which absorb lots of pollution.

Top 5 plants to reduce indoor air pollution

Aloe Vera, I have many as it doesn’t take much water, and commonly available and easy to grow.

Spider Plant (Chlorohytum Como sum)
same it ad as Decor to your wall and gives you clean and fresh environment as it absorbs most VOCs like xylene, formaldehyde n so on.

Gerber Daisies
Best for bedrooms as it has colourful flowers and smells good. It gives more oxygen during night-time.

Snake Plants (Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Laurentii’)
Easy to maintain
Requires less sunlight
Bedroom corner gets highlighted.
Removes all harmful VOCs and gases.

Bamboo palm

According to Chinese, placing a bamboo brings luck and health, but scientifically bamboo absorbs maximum pollutant from the indoor environment.
So it’s win-win for us, health + luck =successful life.

bamboo palm

At last but not least some more tips to make #CleanAirBeautifulHomes with more easy tips.

1) Always use wet mops than dry mops, anything when dusted dry, spread into the environment, causing harm to everyone. So always wipe your fans, furniture, corners of walls using wet mops.

2) use only LPG cylinder for cooking and no other appliances which release carbon monoxide.

3) keep a big carpet outside the door so that dirty shoes with so many pollutants do not enter the home.

4) Always make a routine to check the leakage of taps and inner pipelines

5) Separate the wet and dry garbage in two sets if dustbins and never try to dispose plastic at home. Burning of plastic can produce No2, CO, radon and more harmful gases affecting your sensory organs.

6) Use wet garbage to make Vermicomposting so that u can use bio compost as fertilizer and use natural pesticide than chemicals ones for your plants.

7) Smoking is injurious to health, so do not allow anyone to smoke inside your home.

8) Avoiding your pet’s hair fall using various solutions helps to stay clean.

Go green inside your home with Royale atmos wall paint and make your atmosphere good to breathe.

royale atmos

All Picture credit goes to Google.

How to Decorate for your

little one’s birthday.

Birthday decorations are the one which is the most confusing part when we are deciding on the theme of birthdays. I kept on pondering about how to make my wall decorate without spending much. Pondering on what my angel loves more, I recollected some words like chota bheem, princess, fairy tales rainbow, floral, Madagascar and so on.

How to Select Colors While Decorating for Birthday

Moving on to budget part, If I go by theme wise, sometimes the photographs don’t look colorful as they have been imagined. So finally decided to go for rainbow colors theme.  I decided to buy 7 color balloons and 7 colors paper ribbons as rainbow consist of VIBGYOR.

  • Violet
  • Indigo
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red.

These colors have been reported as favorites color of human eyes, as they are so pleasing to eyes that wherever, whenever you see 7 colors in the sequence they give you feelings of happiness.

Materials required to Decorate the rainbow theme:

  • All 7 colors Ribbons
  • All 7 colors balloons
  • Satin ribbon
  • Lot of tape bundles
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Golden balloon of birthday number
  • Happy birthday balloon or hanging birthday card
  • Pom pom
  • Props for party
  • Like shimmering hats, Placards with quotes
  • Some funny glasses and much more as per your wishes.

Step-by-Step Guide to Decorate Birthday Celebration Party.

First, decide the wall depending on the light, never choose a wall which has tube-light on it. Use the wall opposite to tube-light so that the light falling on it will show amazing colors in pictures which help to decorate in a great manner.

Now tie up a satin ribbon on two corners of the same wall. Start with violet color ribbons, tie the first end to the satin ribbon up and start curling till end n stick it to the wall. Do the same for every color thrice.

You can even take different sizes, depending on wall size and length. Once you finish this lengthy task. Now everything is easy. Just blow all the balloons at least 5 of each. Now tie 5 same color balloons together and arrange accordingly to matching ribbon color.

You can put all your other kind of balloon like number Baloon, chota bheem balloons, hanging birthday card on top, creativity comes when you start doing it.

Once you finish your background, you can do anything more to look better and place a table near it with all your color full plates, glasses and matching tissue papers and keep chocolates cupcakes and candles.Decorate with colorful balloons

So your decoration of Rainbow theme at the very low budget is ready, and now you can start your cake cutting.

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