What is 3D Printing and How it Works?

3D printing is the process of creating a solid three-dimensional physical object from a digital file or a  structure or a design. 3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing. Unlike any other traditional manufacturing methods of making plastic toys, 3D printing technologies build products on Z axis, layer by layer and adding material according to the shape on the screen.  3D Printing Technology can be done using a wide range of material to be processed including polymers, raisins, paper, plastic, sandstone, wax, metal, ceramics and bio material. 3D printing has various applications, initially, it was started for producing prototypes and tooling but is also being applied across various industries such as automation, aerospace, engineering, architecture, jewellery, medical, dental, fashion, interior, designing, casting and moulding various arts related to education and entertainment.3D Printing

About Time To 3D – Mumbai

“Time to 3D” this is a hub located in Mumbai near Vile Parle station, and first of its kind. 3D printing is not new it’s been around for three decades but the application of 3D printing is restricted to industrial and business to business applications. Mr Rahul Shah understood the need of this technology direct consumers and he became a bridge between technological advancement and consumers. Hence “Time to 3D” was founded to bring more application to this technology. This initiative is a partnership between Imaginarium and the time media group. This hub allows consumers to learn and understand the technology by themselves.3D Printed key chain

My personal experience at the hub

As soon as I entered the hub I saw cute 3D selfies like a wax structural you see in Madame Tussaud of course not that size, but a miniature form of our of our own selfies. They have numerous products that attract your eyes and you want all of them.

3D Printing is The Art of The Future

The products are so well crafted that you can make replicas in large numbers with out any changes in the design. They also offer edible chocolate design especially for you. The most attractive thing which I saw was dress design for a model which is so light weight to wear and customize to your shape and also I saw shoes, soles, guitar, sunglasses are being made to our choices and shapes.

They also make real gold jewellery using the 3D moulding technology by casting in moulds. One more thing attracted me was sound waves printed on a gold ring which can be heard using the Mobile app. This is the best and latest way in the gifting Industry. Even I’m gonna make my family portrait using 3d technology.

This hub also offers some highlights which I would like to discuss one by one.

3D printing services

Nowadays everybody wants a unique gift and you can get your unique gift from 3D printing now, customers can bring their own 3D Digital file, or can download from the Internet, or can customize their own miniature selfies.

Workshops and Different Courses

Time to 3D conducts various workshops and at the hub for everyone from age of 5, to all enthusiasts. These workshops made the painting on the number of groups or in a form of party or off site activities according to customers needs.

Doodle Pen Sessions

This session is very entertaining and as you use 3D doodle pens which extruded heated plastic that cool down immediately to form a solid object as per the print.

Consumers Offers

The real objects are printed according to digital designs given by the consumer. Using latest 3D printers and software, every school project can be done using 3D products.

Business Offerings

This hub also caters to clientele in the field of jewellery, engineering, aerospace, architect, medical, education, casting and moulding so on! They also offer corporate gifts customised for the unique consumers.

Birthday Parties

Like McDonald’s even time to 3D offers party area which includes a doodling session hands on scanning and introduction to the 3D printer and various applications of 3D.

Other offers

This hub offers 3D printers, Doodle pens, 3D filaments to purchase directly from them. They even teach customers how to use this 3D printer before making a purchase.

Below is a picture you can see which are made by 3D printing Technology.

3D Printing Photo


Having grown up watching cartoons with dogs like Scooby-Doo, Jake from Adventure Time, Toto from Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz and much more that taught us how a pet can be the best friend a child can have. It is an undeniable fact that dogs make a great companion, but there is much more to them than just good camaraderie. It is a proven fact that having dogs at home doesn’t just keep you physically fit but also helps you recover from major ailments. Other than that, bringing a dog home if you have small kids around can be one of the best decisions you will ever make and this is why!

Scooby KISS

Kids are naturally drawn to animals, particularly, dogs whether in real life or in fiction. No wonder Scooby-Doo is an all-time favorite of many kids, even mine too! So, here’s our quick 5 for having your own Scooby-Doo at home and what the kids can learn from them:

The therapeutic effect

Interacting with dogs helps to keep all that study stress at bay and boosts self-esteem! In fact, dogs are the catalysts for human communication as they have a wonderful way of connecting with people by putting them at ease.

Stressed Scooby-Doo

Fantastic coaches of unconditional love, compassion and empathy

Dogs are known for their unconditional love as they love you more than they love themselves. And they have their own ways to express their love. We don’t have to be perfect to earn their love.

The great adventure

The never say die attitude, high-level endurance and energy of a dog are infectious! Dogs are always up for an adventure and love to be out in the world. It teaches children to embrace the opportunity to go places, meet new people and appreciate little things in life.

It brings a sense of harmony in the entire family

A dog gives your family another reason to laugh together which eventually brings in a lot of positive vibe and harmony.

A good listener

Taking the dog for a walk or to the park can be a conversation starter for your child. It helps them make friends and have a better relationship with people. Besides this, many of us love talking and confiding in our dogs. Dogs are known to have good listening power, as they pay close attention to everything that we say.

So, go ahead bring home your own Scooby-Doo and let your kid learn, grow and have loads of fun.

And if you still need more inspiration then don’t forget to tune into the brand-new movie

‘Scooby-Doo! And Kiss: Rock & Roll Mystery’

premiering on 16thJuly 2017, Sunday at 10:30 am only on POGO.

                           I heard inspiration is everywhere and I truly believe in it because, when you buy a dream home, you start imagining your living room, kitchen, bedroom, kid’s room, guest room. Then you start searching for best home interior and window decor, sometimes your interior designer helps you, if not, then inspiration is drawn from some relative’s new home in town, which has become talk of the town, but ultimately everything, when you search around, we have to look at our budget also and that’s how I landed on Deco window a website which has two sections Decor Home and Decor Window both the category has affordable and does not burn a hole in my pocket.

Deco Window Launch at HGH exhibition Mumbai 2017

 I was lucky to attend HGH exhibition Mumbai on 5th July at BKC nesco Goregaon.  Through this deco window launch, new products are introduced to dealers, distributors, and market. After seeing their product I can assure you that this product is of complete value for money. They are of superior quality and really cost effective. All the products are available on their website as well as in stores which include 11 Retail Chain and more than 600 stores all over the country. This year they have added new design in the existing range of roller blinds, zebra blinds, laundry sorter and automated tracks, and along with this, they have also introduced customized fabric for display, new design, and Fabric in curtain and cushions. I found so many varieties of curtain rods and brackets tracks and shelves.

MS Nikita Shah Product development manager of Deco window says.

“Their products are always designed on customer needs and satisfaction and also very much in the budget of every class”.

Now let’s explore the unique and in-budget products range

Luxury bedding and cushion covers:

Can you believe a bed sheet set of 7 pieces including bed cover of king size bed just at 4999 INR !!cushion covers That too hundred percent cotton?  I believed this only after seeing in the deco window. The 7 piece bed sheet set comes in 4 fresh colours which are bright and simple and go with all kind of shades of walls. The cushions were so nicely designed that tempt you to buy a dozen and the colors of the cushions are so attractive that you would like to miss match and create a new look every time on your sofa.


Let’s Explore The Curtain Category,

The Curtains are heavy GSM premium fabric for better fall and lesser transparency 20-30 times stronger than conventional dying, so it never loses colour  100% black out as curtain material is infused with 4 layers of total fabric Prevents heat upto 35% and sunlight upto 100%. 8 stainless steel eyelets at the top, using invisible stitching technology . 52″ wide width covering the gaps of window edges.

The curtains are available in 8 colours.

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Beige
  • Grey
  • Fossil
  • Green
  • Yellow

There are 4 designs in every color

  • Floral
  • Geometric
  • Damask
  • Solid

Since the world has become digital, we need our interior to be motorized too. Automatic curtain track which you can switch on and off with a remote control as well as Auto program as per your timings, so in the morning the sun comes to your face directly as a curtain raise up on your scheduled time. If you have vertical Windows you can also opt for Roman blind automation. This is what truly smart living means.

The Attractive Door Seal 

Door SealAnother great product which I came across in the exhibition was the door seal. The gap between your main door and the floor can be covered with this door seal, this not only prevents insects from entering your home but also clean the dust as you open and close your door. The quality of the brush is very good, the hair is very thick, making it a great product.


Don’t we love our curtains to be decorated all the time?

 Yes, that’s why deco window has a huge collection of tassels or what they call tie bands, these are available in all the sizes. Varieties of Tie Backs are available in varied Dimensions, Colours, Patterns and Qualities.
There are additions of embroidery and beads on the fabric, making it look even more pleasant. It has the quality of not getting crushed, so it will remain new-like for days. Their colour combinations are modern and go with most fabrics.

Automatic tracks for curtains

There is a different kind of automatic tracks for curtains

which works like a robot at your home so you can auto set so that as soon as you enter your home the curtain opens up and Give you fresh look out of the window.

The Automation products have their varieties too:

  • Flat Tracks
  • Single and Double Rods.

There are options for Remotes, Pelmets and Motors.
The Pelmets are available in four different colors namely, Champagne, Charcoal, Soft Gold, Brown Oil Rubbed and Black Matte


Bath ware collection

Deco window has come up with shower curtain along with bathroom shower rod which is extendable and can go up to the length of the size you want. The shower curtain is completely made up of polyester and hence perfect for your bathroom.

Another interesting product which I came across is 3 bag laundry sorter which you can use for multi purpose at home, you can separate your laundry based on color wet or dry or you could use it as a  toy separator.



Bright Color Shelves are Launch!

Deco window also has launched shelves in three new bright Colours as compared to their existing wooden texture range.
And the last and the best thing that I loved from the collection was Garden torch, though I don’t have Garden in my home but one day I really would like to have it in front of my garden when I own my own Bungalow or Villa.

This Garden Torch comes in two varieties small and big and the height is approximately 4 feet
for both so that they can stand near your Gate. The oil which is used to light up the candle the torch has a beautiful fragrance as well as

it has a mosquito repellent property so that you can sit in the garden in evening also. This torch is sure to give your home a modern look. Deco Window is the place where my search ends when it comes to decorating my home, my bedroom, my Windows and so on.

The last thing which I would like to tell you is that deco window is absolutely value for money. The prices are so economical that anyone can now dream of the beautiful home with beautiful curtains and cushions and designer curtain rods. Overall I give 10/10 when it comes to quality, price, variety and availability.

For latest updates do join Deco Windows on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and don’t forget to visit their website for new launches.


What is Trichology and How it works?

Trichology is the science of hair and scalp in health and disease. It was developed in London in 1902 at the Institute of Trichology, UK. Since, then this science has advanced tremendously, offering people scientific solutions to their hair and scalp problems.

The Origin of Trichology

Dr Apurva and Dr Sunil Shah chose to Pioneer Richfeel Trichology Centre, India’s first and only chain of hair and scalp clinics.
It’s formerly called as Shahs of trichology and entered in the name of Limca book record. There are 82 centres all over India for your hair and scalp problems.
It’s one of the most advanced health Science Centre. Today I will take you to the world of Trichology. Clinical trichology involves diagnosis and treatment of disease or disorders of the human hair.

Trichology? It is a study of hair

Hair is your body’s barometer indicating good health or lack of it.
Very often, hair shows the first signs that something is going wrong with you internally. Approximate life of hair is 4 to 7 years. Average growth is half inch every month.

Treatment given by richfeel centre are as follows

  •  Photo biotherapyHair Fall Treatment
  •  Hair hydrotherapy
  •  Anagrow (Plant Spem Cell Therapy)
  • Anagain only for men
  • Ana-d-tox
  • Tst+

Here are some tips for fighting against hair thinning

Don’t use hair colour, don’t use any chemicals do not brush or comb your hair when it is wet. Wash your hair as often as possible, preferably daily with a scalp cleanser.
Also you can use livon serum while you go out. As you know hair is made up of a protein called keratin hence we should have a diet rich in proteins always if we are facing hair fall problem.
Richfeel has also established the MET – WMTA- rich feel Institute of Trichology, the first and the foremost educational institution in India which trains a doctor to become medical Trichologist.

Let’s See Accolades of Richfeel Centre

It was awarded Best Hair Restoration service provider company of the Year 2014 by Frost and Sullivan.
It is India’s most trusted Hair Care brand by the brand trust report India study 2014.
India’s greatest Grand builder at the CMO Asia Awards 2010 in Singapore.
Ronald Salinger award in the year 2007 in Australia by the International Association of TRICHOLOGIST.
Maharashtra Vaibhav award in the year 2002 for excellence in the field of Trichology
Official hair care experts with the Femina Miss India Pageant for more than 10 years.
All this achievement give the trust and results of the hair.

Richfeel Centre

So after consulting with Dr Shruti, she suggested me to go for Anagrow treatment.  We took an appointment at Vashi RICHFEEL CENTRE. I’m impressed with the service by Richfeel as they had called me twice as I failed to reach on time, finally on a rainy Sunday I reached the centre and she took me to the treatment room, where Saba the technician was already there with all the equipment ready.  She welcomed us with a broad smile and told us that mam all the equipment has been sterilized for every patient. And she took a picture of my hair and scalp for comparison. Since Anagrow treatment is a long term process and the result can’t be shown in one day. It requires 15 settings to get the desired result.  I will tell you why in the next few lines.
As I told you Anagrow is a treatment which controls the thinning of hair and is used for the regrowth of the hair. If you’re facing a lot of hair fall, the volume of the hair will definitely be reduced.

Step by Step Guide of How Anagrow  Works

1) Anagrow sprays to condition the scalp.

The spray is then smudged properly so that scalp is conditioned properly.


Here in this technique, they use ULTRASONIC SPATULA which is used to clean dead cells on the scalp so that new cells are triggered to grow and every is used to clean dead cells on the scalp so that new cells are triggered to grow and every sitting you will see the difference. This whole process was noninvasive and painless. And it was more relaxing like head spa or massage.


Hair Treatment

It’s a kind of cold laser which has no sensation and is rolled on your scalp by partitioning with fingers. But precautions are to be taken here, like keeping your eyes closed as ultimately it’s a laser. In this step, active hair follicles get stimulated because of laser comb treatment.


(PLANT CELL EXTRACTS) in this step, they used ultrasonic REJUVE DEVICE, which has a roller at the edge and gives a whistling kind of pressure on the scalp but u get so relaxed that u tend to sleep.

5) The Final Step is HAIR FOOD TRAY.

It consists of almonds, flaxseed, soybean seeds and water and most importantly ANATEA which has all those ingredients and we call as protein tea, which helps your hair to grow.


Yet, There is a Taboo When it Comes to Menstruation.

It is the time throw caution to the wind. It is the time not murmur about menstruation anymore! Every woman till the age of 45 bleeds every month, then why shy or feel ashamed.
They said it loudly and clearly, to be free of the shame.

Maasika Mahotsav was a one-of-a-kind celebration organised by Muskurahat Foundation in collaboration with Period of Sharing and The Rotaract Club of KC College. Shreya Jain and Himanshu Goenka were leading the campaign. The Main motive of this event was to rejoice the periods, Be proud to be a woman.

There were 100 students supporting the initiative all between the age group of 17-20.

Backathon Rally - in Support of Menstruation
supporting the initiative

Chalk Art– It was a creative way to display art on the pavement of Marine drive by drawing Sanitary pad outline having Slogans and Quotes.

Back-a-Thon– A rally where we walked backwards by holding posters. The message was to push back the taboos of menstruation from the society. Student’s were chanting slogan “Be Loud, be proud, Let periods be known to the crowd”

Donation and Pledge campaign– We asked the youth and the students to take a pledge that they will talk about menstruation openly and no more consider it as impure.

 Chalk art
Volunteers doing Chalk art
Chalk art by students
Chalk art by students to support the cause

All the students were wearing white Tshirts, Kurta with Red Band tied on the arm.
The spectators and the police officials also supported us with the campaign. This initiative is much needed as youth is supporting this cause, we all should change our mentality towards menstruation. It is a natural process so why one should feel shame? everyone must think about it and become aware its pros as well.


Home Centre, India’s favorite Home Décor destination

The one-stop-shop for all your interior needs, just launched a new outlet at the Seawood Grand Central, next to Seawoods railway station. This is the 30th outlet of Home Centre and the 60th store of Lifestyle in India. They have opened its first store in the year 2005 and since has become a preferred choice of discerning customers and a current footprint of 30 stores across all leading cities in India.

Ideal Home
A Dream Home Décor

Tiger Shroff, the famous Bollywood actor inaugurated the store.

The spacious 18,000 square feet store showcases the latest global trends in Furniture and Home Décor. The store is infused with a sense of warmth and replicate the contemporary Indian home living. Furnishing and modular furniture range of Home Centre which assists shoppers in visualizing how a particular furniture or home décor piece will look in their home. Ambient lighting, attractive color cues, and engaging merchandise displays imbue a relaxed and warm feeling to the store.

Tiger Shroff
Tiger Shroff at the launch of Home Centre New Store – P.C: pocketnewsalert

The store layout is customer friendly, chic and comfortable ambiance with attractive merchandise and window display.

Home Centre
Home Centre is My Favorite

At the event, Tiger Shroff shared his views saying, “I am very excited to be associated with Lifestyle. The brand offers fashion choices that are trendy, comfortable and on-point with my style statement. The displays provide great ideas and their versatile collection of home décor and furnishings, can transform any home. The convenience of Lifestyle and Home Centre being housed across floors makes is a perfect one-stop destination to shop for fashion and home needs.”

Decor Room
Angel Loved The Decor Home

The Managing Director of Lifestyle International Pvt. Ltd. Commented on the store launch, he said, “We are excited to launch Lifestyle and Home Centre in Navi Mumbai. Lifestyle offers exceptional on-trend fashion products combined with an international shopping experience. While, it brings the latest trends in home décor, furnishing, and furniture for those looking to make their house, a home. We look forward to becoming the preferred shopping destination for the fashion and home furnishing needs of Mumbaikars.”

The Navi Mumbai people seem delighted to have a new Home Centre outlet in their vicinity. You can log on to their official website

New Vivo Customized IPL Themed Look SmartPhone 

After launching the V5 Plus in India in January, Vivo launched a special edition of the device in the country on April 4. The company has revealed the price of their selfie-centric smartphone along with the announcement of an exclusive deal with the country’s leading e-commerce website Flipkart. As the company had previously announced, the newer version of the Vivo V5 Plus is the limited edition to the original V5 Plus launched back in January. Vivo’s new smartphone is the limited IPL edition version of their previously launched Vivo V5 Plus. The limited edition is to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the yearly T-20 league competition. While the regular variant of the V5 Plus comes in Gold color, the IPL Limited Edition comes in matte black color along with the Vivo IPL logo at its back.

Vivo IPL Edition Mobile
Vivo IPL edition

Commenting on the partnership Ajay Yadav, Head – Mobiles, Flipkart said, “Flipkart is delighted to partner with Vivo in celebrating the 10 glorious years of IPL in India.”

Vivo Phone
IPL Edition

Specs wise, the IPL edition of Vivo V5 Plus is similar to the original model. The Vivo V5 Plus IPL Limited Edition, like the regular variant, comes with a 5.5-inch display which has a Full-HD resolution along with the protection of Gorilla Glass, Snapdragon 625 SoC under the hood which is laced with 4 GB RAM and Adreno 506 GPU. In terms of storage, the device can accommodate 64GB of data. The highlight of this device, as was in the original,  is the dual camera setup on the front. Vivo’s V5 plus limited edition has two cameras on the front, 20 MP and 8 MP. There is also a LED flash at the front for better, brighter selfies in low light conditions. The smartphone is powered by a 3,055mAh battery, and is also equipped with Vivo’s dual-charging engine technology for fast charging.  The new V5 Plus also comes with a fingerprint sensor which is embedded on the home button. The smartphone runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow-based Funtouch OS 3.0 like its predecessor.

Vivo IPL Edition
customized IPL themed look

Given the success of  Vivo’s original V plus, launched in January, offering flagship-like specs at a rather attractive price, the IPL edition only seems to be heading for huge success on sales front. It’s a rather great option for the buyers with its impressive specs sheet and great looks. Now that it comes with a customized IPL themed look, it will lure lots of cricket fans in the country.

The Mother-Baby Bond

Johnson's baby oil
Johnson baby oil

Being a mother of a newborn is a beautiful feeling. The mother-baby bond is thus created and is there to stay forever. As our life changes from a woman to a woman with a baby, a ton of responsibilities arise.


Confusion and Answer


Lotion cream

We are confused, kinda scared, how do we give the best possible care to our tender baby. What kind of soap should we use for its skin? We take the help of Google for finding the best possible solutions for these newly arisen questions.

All the answers usually point at one particular brand ‘Johnsons Baby‘ products. For more than 125 years, they have been the only brand out there that specialise and care for our small bundles of joy.


With millions of satisfied customers, they have maintained their #BestforBaby image in the world. The use of baby-friendly contents in their products is worth a mention. Each content in their products serves a specific purpose for your baby’s development.


We remember our mothers using ‘Johnson’s Baby’ products for us, we never had to worry about it irritating in any way. The baby oils are the best way to massage the baby, make the bones stronger and for a good-night sleep.
I personally recommend all my friends and family for using the global leader in baby products and always doing what’s #BestforBaby.

Our little one deserves a childhood away from Gadgets

Smiling Angel with gadget free flintobox
No screen can give this kind of happiness

Today, gadgets are everywhere and dominate a child’s childhood, which shouldn’t be the case. Our whole idea is to provide children with an alternative to gadgets and screens.

I would like to share one of my personal experiences with you explaining the product and its application. I have a daughter named Angel, she is 4.5 yrs old. Her summer vacation just started, I was wondering what do I do to keep her away from the mobile. She’s got a bad habit of playing on the mobile all the time.

Usefulness of Flintobox 

But to my rescue I found ‘Flintobox‘, as we watched small cute videos of craft, we were excited to make them ourselves.

I started playing with her and giving her small craft ideas and she started learning so well that I got a Flintobox for her and to my surprise, she learned the whole aquatic animal and the habitat that they live in, the sea, the ocean, the water and she started learning.

Angel playing with Flintobox
beautiful submarine by angel

From day one she was super excited, and she actually made her first aquarium by her own hands, and she did it pretty well, and the best thing about that is that she used the leftovers from this aquarium to make another one. Like the plate, and the color left out, and the sand which was left out, and she gifted it to her brother. The very next day she opened another box from the Flintobox, and she made a beautiful submarine which has the photographs of family members.

How she made the submarine.

She loves playing with it and keeps asking ‘Mumma kya dikh raha hai andar‘, she learned that there are 2 reflective mirrors by which we can see the aquatic animals as we go inside the submarine.

My special message to all moms out there

The last thing about the Flintobox is that there’s a game of cards, which has the names of aquatic animals that she learned, she learned that why does the octopus have 8 legs, why do the fish have fins.

Thank You Flintobox

She learns and she explains it to her friends, and they all come together here to play with her and the cards.
I’m so thankful to Flintobox, I believe it’s the best gift for any parent to give to their children. I recommend every mom of my society that instead of wasting time on TV and mobile, use Flintobox and help your children to learn.

For more information visit Flintobox Facebook page.


Dr Fixit image
Dr Fixit

Why Dr Fixit?

Dr Fixit of Pidilite Industries that has a dedicated team of technical experts who provide site inspections and offer practical solutions. Providing you freedom from dampness and leakages, Dr Fixit is your healthy remedy for all your waterproofing problems.

Non-Destructive tests and Concrete Petrography are used for evaluating existing concrete structures to measure the strength of concrete and to determine if they need be replaced or rehabilitated. Such technologies used by Dr Fixit detect water leakages in building structures which help in recommendations for remedial waterproofing.

types of product
How you can combat it to restore your building’s health.

The Panel Discussion

A special panel discussion was held by Dr Fixit brand team on 24th February 2017.

The esteemed panellists comprised are as below

  • Mr Pankaj Shah, the CMD of S.P. Consulting Engineers
  • Mr Ramesh Prabhu, Chairman of Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association (MSWA)
  • Renowned Interior Architect Ms Kanika Bawa
  • Mr Prakash Mathur, Director-Dr. Fixit Institute.

building a Jenga tower

Jenga tower

building a Jenga tower in a minute. The first event was building a Jenga tower, the tallest and strongest tower wins.






Winning Moment
Winning moment of building tower in a minute

We won that round as we made the best tower in 1 minute.








Mr Pankaj Shah initialised the by sharing his views about structural audit & repairs for co-operative housing societies in Mumbai. As the building turns 30+, it needs a structural audit. Poor maintenance may even cause building collapse. This is the perfect time to use Dr Fixit’s products and protect the building.

Photo with Dr fixit
Photo with Dr Fixit stand

The latest trends in interiors were beautifully described by Ms Kanika Bawa. Major subjects being Vertical landscaping, using porous materials and wooden chips to enhance designs.

Lastly, the Q & A session clarified many queries on waterproofing and leakages.




The most common query was answered by Mr Ramesh Prabhu, that is bathroom leakages. They’re a major cause of leakages in construction. Products like Dr Fixit Bathseal Kit will help in waterproofing


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